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On 2nd Sept, went to watch Fireworks Final Competition. I ekceli got the ticket to enter the PICC instead of duduk luar!! hehe. Since its a musical firework, its a bonus jugak dapat dengar music they played during the performance.

On 1st and 2nd Sept me went to Genting Highland. Stayed at Th*me Park Hotel, one day outdoor pass and catched a movie wif Osim seats. Haha more like enjoying the massage than the movie.

And then try lah naik Space Shots. Gilos that'll be the first and last naik kot. But the most enjoyable ride was Flying Coaster. Naik 2 kali tuhhh wpon dah mabuk...tih tih.

Celebrating our 50th year of independence

Selamat Hari Merdeka, Malaysia