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On 2nd Sept, went to watch Fireworks Final Competition. I ekceli got the ticket to enter the PICC instead of duduk luar!! hehe. Since its a musical firework, its a bonus jugak dapat dengar music they played during the performance.

Fireworks @ PICC
On 1st and 2nd Sept me went to Genting Highland. Stayed at Th*me Park Hotel, one day outdoor pass and catched a movie wif Osim seats. Haha more like enjoying the massage than the movie.

@ Genting Highland

And then try lah naik Space Shots. Gilos that'll be the first and last naik kot. But the most enjoyable ride was Flying Coaster. Naik 2 kali tuhhh wpon dah mabuk...tih tih.

Space Shot @ Genting
Celebrating our 50th year of independence

Selamat Hari Merdeka, Malaysia