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GLC Nov @ Coffee and Spice

November meetup took place at Coffee & Spice at KLCC. The place was formerly run by Delifrance. Basically i noticed a lot of new shops open in KLCC! I was surprised to see banyak pulak lagik space2 yang before nih tak penah wujud. I was the last one to arrive because i can only go out after 6pm itu pon mencicit lari takot tetiba ada kejer datang and driving from Bangsar South took 40mins termasuk jam. So not bad lah jugak tuh ;)

My food and drink sampai lambat because the waiter forgot to place my order ghhrrr. Sib baik tgh busy borak so takdelah rasa lama giler tunggu sambil telan ABC D punye (kelakar tak kelakar tak hehe). I had nasik lemak bungkus and white coffee btw. I wonder why there's a huge price difference between nasi lemak bungkus yang ada rendang ayam (RM4.80) dengan nasik lemak ayam rendang on the plate (RM9+). Of course i opt the cheaper nasi lemak besides makan alas daun pisang lagik sedap. The white coffee was nice and thick! Nyummm!

Kak Fara tolong belikan cu…

Playdate with Ali

Subsequent entry from Bubs Art Attack. After the coloring session, Qeeb and Ali explored other things together (in their own world).

Kutip bola....baling bola

Outside main buaian and slide pulak. Qeeb's expression macam kene paksa duduk situ :P But yeah literally we 'forced' him to sit on the swing.

And then main tricycle.

Muka semangat nak main wpon tatau nak cycle hehehe.

It's quite hot that day and we started to sweat like mad, that's when we decided to call it a day. Sorry boys, next time dah pandai kayuh you can play on your own while mommies watch from under the shade heheh.

The Birthday Boy Who Turns 1yo

I've posted many pics of peeps and birthday stuff, so i made this one special entry for Qeeb only. Qeeb's birthday falls on Sunday so it was perfect to celebrate on the birth date itself. The not so great part was his mood. He was overwhelmed with all the attention that he decided he didn't want to all. On the bright side he did not smashed his own birthday cake in spite of the resistance. And guess who blew the candle? The parents obviously hehe.

I'm not sure how we suddenly came to another round of birthday song. But i was hoping Qeeb dah warm up  by this time and look at the cake with glee.

Tettttt it's the other way round. Qeeb ended up bursting into tears egegege. One of Qeeb's trait is he do not like loud sound including gelak kuat2. Jiwa sentimental oh budak nie wpon muka serious....kenot talk or laugh too loud in front of him.

I had one or two proper potrait photos with Qeeb. Not much because nak posing at that time seems so time consumi…

The One Who Celebrated Qeeb's Birthday

Citer birthday tak habis lagik because i feel like sharing all the photos hehe. Lebey kurang cam nak post entry kenduri kawen lah, start with the preparation, then citer psl nikah, last skali baru masuk citer reception :P So that's a hint ada one more entry lepas nie ekekeke!

These are the wonderful peeps yang datang to Qeeb's birthday party. My sis and family came with complete package. No rugrats were left out this time. Because time Aqiqah ari tuh Didi and Adly demam. I also invited cousins, aunts and uncles to come over. Glad they made it :)

The aunts and uncles Karen and her boys, my sis and her lil girl
Geng2 UTM yang dah berzaman tak jumpe! I invited them via email and they didn't exactly confirmed that they're coming but when suddenly nampak muka dorang depan pagar trus teruja gila rindu2an hehe.

Me with Zect and Wawa + Din. I cannot help to mention yang Din lost weight gila2! He looked like a different person or more like zaman mudamudi kat UTM dolu.


Qeeb's Yellow & Blue Birthday Theme

We survived the preparation for Qeeb's 1st birthday party *hurray*. It was a big deal for me because it was my first time to organize a theme birthday party. Lemme share the preparation part because biler tingat balik mmg kelako sbb duduk sampai kebas2, tangan melecet2 asik menggunting. And the day before I have to be in the office for group discussion until 6pm...of all days! Only few hours left to run around to get some staff. But it was all worth it! Let the madness of DIY-ing begin.

1. Theme Cheep chose car theme so he designed this and i got it printed. Sangat kiut and i love the car design because i can do macam2 with it!

Design service RM60 front and back  by bem69
2. Location The party buat kat rumah jer considering the fact Qeeb boleh tido and bangun sukati. Kalo buat kat tempat lain susah nak kene ikot his nap time. Besides kalo nak decorate kene pegi that place in advance ulang alik. Im not sure about cost though maybe next time can check out place like mcD, A&W, KFC. I…