The Birthday Boy Who Turns 1yo

I've posted many pics of peeps and birthday stuff, so i made this one special entry for Qeeb only. Qeeb's birthday falls on Sunday so it was perfect to celebrate on the birth date itself. The not so great part was his mood. He was overwhelmed with all the attention that he decided he didn't want to all. On the bright side he did not smashed his own birthday cake in spite of the resistance. And guess who blew the candle? The parents obviously hehe.

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party  Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party
Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

I'm not sure how we suddenly came to another round of birthday song. But i was hoping Qeeb dah warm up  by this time and look at the cake with glee.

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party   Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party
Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

Tettttt it's the other way round. Qeeb ended up bursting into tears egegege. One of Qeeb's trait is he do not like loud sound including gelak kuat2. Jiwa sentimental oh budak nie wpon muka serious....kenot talk or laugh too loud in front of him.

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

I had one or two proper potrait photos with Qeeb. Not much because nak posing at that time seems so time consuming.

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

Our family photo nampak view reban arnab huarghh!

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party   Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party   Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

When all the guests dah balik, we wind down and chilled with Qeeb. With a little help, Qeeb unwrapped the presents by himself. Sangat seriously excited dapat hadiah sampai tatau mana satu nak main dolu. Hehe thanks everyone yang bagi hadiah in any form :)

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party  Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party  Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party
Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party  Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

Btw, I have a confession...i did something silly on Qeeb's birthday. It even started the night before where i observed Qeeb's behaviour looking for similarity or clue before he popped out one year ago. When me and Cheep watched Desperate Housewives last year frm midnight till Suboh, Qeeb wasn't really active dalam perot. This year he was asleep through the night. Around 12pm last year Qeeb was busy wiggled his way out to see the world, but this year he took a nap from 12pm till 2pm! So kesimpulannyer, mana de orang buat benda yang sama pada time yang sama the year before. Haih silly me! Unless it's a movie...a dejavu movie.


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