The One Who Celebrated Qeeb's Birthday

Citer birthday tak habis lagik because i feel like sharing all the photos hehe. Lebey kurang cam nak post entry kenduri kawen lah, start with the preparation, then citer psl nikah, last skali baru masuk citer reception :P So that's a hint ada one more entry lepas nie ekekeke!

These are the wonderful peeps yang datang to Qeeb's birthday party. My sis and family came with complete package. No rugrats were left out this time. Because time Aqiqah ari tuh Didi and Adly demam. I also invited cousins, aunts and uncles to come over. Glad they made it :)

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party
Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party
The aunts and uncles
Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party  Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party
Karen and her boys, my sis and her lil girl
Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party  Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

Geng2 UTM yang dah berzaman tak jumpe! I invited them via email and they didn't exactly confirmed that they're coming but when suddenly nampak muka dorang depan pagar trus teruja gila rindu2an hehe.

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

Me with Zect and Wawa + Din. I cannot help to mention yang Din lost weight gila2! He looked like a different person or more like zaman mudamudi kat UTM dolu.

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party   Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party
Zect's gegurls. Me with Hani
Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party   Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

And last but not least kengkawan GLC dearest that i always can count on. Wpon tak cukup korum, i'm so happy kak fara, D and k. Moji sudi datang. Yang lain tak de coz Shara baru balik from Surabaya, Jannah kat Mekah, Mas ada konvoi moto, Dani saket mata and Zaza mmg takde kat KL. Tapik takpo kowang tetap dalam ingatan time posing2 nie.

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

GLC families and expanding...
Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party
Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party  Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party
Me and mommy to be, D + Qeeb and future friend hehe
Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party


  1. Wah meriahnye besday party ni, Happy Birthday Qeeb! Your sister and you look alike! :)

  2. Thanks for the bday wish Marzie! Wahhh really... me and sis used to look so different. but now dah makin tua baru nampak sama sket hehe


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