Qeeb's Yellow & Blue Birthday Theme

We survived the preparation for Qeeb's 1st birthday party *hurray*. It was a big deal for me because it was my first time to organize a theme birthday party. Lemme share the preparation part because biler tingat balik mmg kelako sbb duduk sampai kebas2, tangan melecet2 asik menggunting. And the day before I have to be in the office for group discussion until 6pm...of all days! Only few hours left to run around to get some staff. But it was all worth it! Let the madness of DIY-ing begin.

1. Theme
Cheep chose car theme so he designed this and i got it printed. Sangat kiut and i love the car design because i can do macam2 with it!

Qeeb's Invitation
Design service RM60 front and back  by bem69

2. Location
The party buat kat rumah jer considering the fact Qeeb boleh tido and bangun sukati. Kalo buat kat tempat lain susah nak kene ikot his nap time. Besides kalo nak decorate kene pegi that place in advance ulang alik. Im not sure about cost though maybe next time can check out place like mcD, A&W, KFC. I wanted to utilize the outdoor area but a risk jugak lah because it's a rainy season. Alhamdulillah hujan stop right before we start the party and hujan again heavily when everybody dah balik. 

3. Decor
It was tough to refrained myself from buying all the things in the market yang i can match here and there. But biler pikir balik mana nak letak mendalah tuh sumer after party? soo terpaksa lupakan saja. I decided to make use of the garden so I made this :) I used marker pen and draw beso2 the words, thicken the outline, potong sket ikot shape and siappp. Then i need a place to tampal this thing, maka garden fence FIL jadik mangsa. Abes inovatip dah rasa hahaha. I actually visualize more balloons...helium balloons ekceli so it can stand but heck...nak singgah pegi beli belon pon tak sempat. Sempatlah gantung dua belon cipot itu to add some colors. 

DSC_4391 [Desktop Resolution]

All the balloons were tiup by Cheep the night before...in the bathroom. Bilik lak fully occupied by me yg tgh prepare the goodies bag. Coincidentally the whole day takde air so the bathroom totally kering and make it the best place to gather balloons in the bath tub :P Gilos pump belon sampai kol 3 pagi. 

4. Props for Photobooth
Found this template kat tenet and printed it out. Gunting2 ikot shape and i used chopstick as handle. Why? Because it's cheap, sturdy and safer than batang sate yang tajam. Eventhough the size is short but it serves the purpose.

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

5. All the Small Small Things
Custom mineral water label. Buang the original label and replaced with Qeeb's own tag.

DSC_4380 [Desktop Resolution]

I also cut the car shape for topper. Just wanted to make use all the tags because we still got tons of it! 

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

Topper on apams

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

Martha Stewart's cardboard cake tier pinjam my sis punyer. Takdelah ngeri kalo this thing toppled compared to pakai kaca. 

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

Lollipop bouquet arranged by my sis. Mmmg buat meja nampak colorful! If you're interested just pm me and i can refer you to my sis. The price is depends on type of lollies plus kos upah sket :)

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

6. Goodies Bag
So happy managed to jumpe this bag yang ikot color theme. I put one snacks, bubbles, coloring sheet and crayon. Then the guests can collect lollies from the candy buffet table and put inside the bag. I prepared this with only night lamp on because i dowan to disturb Qeeb's beautiful sleep *roll eyes*. Kang dia terbangun takleh buat kejer. Memang agak kegelapannn lah buat kejer time tuh. 

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

The coloring sheet yang Cheep lukis special for Qeeb's birthday. x sempat take pictures of bubbles and crayon.

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party    Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

7. Food
Since i don't know how to cook let alone nak masak banyak2 tok guests so we have to opt for caterer. Kalo terel masak mmg jimat lah. On the day itself, the caterer sampai lambat! Omg, at first i tried to relax because baru habes hujan. But when the guest started to arrive and the caterer tak nampak2 lagik i started to panic and called uncle yang i liaised with. The staff  arrived almost 30mins later when i was just about to come out with mitigation plan to call Dominos Pizza. I ordered minom petang punyer food like mihun goreng, roti jala, fried chicken, sosej and kuih2. My MIL also tolong tambah pasta.

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

8. Birthday Cake
One of the most important thing in birthday party - Birthday Cake for birthday boy of course! This one ordered from my SIL's mader in law, aunty Merlin. I just mentioned it's a car-theme birthday and she baked this! Wowww surprisingly it matched with the color yang Cheep designed on the card. And this car ada black rim...how cool is that!

Qeeb's 1st Birthday Party

Thanks to hubby Cheep yang melayan kerenah wifey mintak itu ini, pump and gantung belon sampai hilang few kilos, menampal props bagai eventhough he don't understand why i wanna do it in the first place. Yang penting layaaaaan and support jer :) Glad Qeeb got his 1st birthday run smoothly.

p/s: Some of the photos were taken by Azhar Poji. Timer kasehhhh!


  1. WOWWWWWWWW!!! Meriahnyaaa!! :)

    Congrats Jeeb and Soulie for surviving your 1st year as parents and Happy Birthday to baby Qeeb yang skejap je dah tetiba 1 yr old! OH MY!

    You and Jeeb did a wonderful job with the party.. mmg cun giler! :) LOVE the decor and if I were you, tak nampak caterer tu, memang dah panic bukan2.. Nasib baik you cool je.

    You're right lah.. kalau nak buat kid's 1st birthday party.. buat kat rumah paling best. Sbb baby is most comfortable.. tunggu besar sikit baru boleh buat kat luar.

    Cantik lah korang buat birthday Qeeb.. great job awesome mama and papa!

  2. Happy Birthday to Qeeb! (again) :D
    it was an awesome party and we enjoyed ourselves... do more and you'll get used to the DIY-ing kekekeke....

    Ahh now i know the actual reason of the baloon pumping in the bathroom! hehe..

  3. huh, impressd gila! ko dh boleh jadi party planner la sol! serioussssssss

  4. shemah, tengkiuuuu for the wonderful wish! time x nampak caterer tuh mmg dah pikir bukan2....asik pikir what if what if!

    buat kat rumah mmg paling best sbb budget friendly also hahaha.

  5. karen, thanks for the wish (again) lol! glad to hear you guys enjoyed yourselves.

    aaaah more DIY-ing means more kaki kebas and tangan lecet. next year perhaps hehe. now u're sure that the balloon is clean ekekekee.

  6. yulie, fuuuhh party planner? hoho maunyer aku asik kecot perot pening paler pikirkan risks2 yang kemungkinan terjadik.

    nih baru experienced caterer lambat lah, ari ujan lah dahhh cuak giler.

  7. sol,
    cuak tu mmg laa.. tp serious cun + lawa sgt

  8. Wow so nice la your goody bags sweetie, pas tu so much effort into Qeeb's first birthday, bertuahnye Qeeb his parents so loving! Hugs for the birthday boy!

  9. Thanks Marzie *bear hug* If we meet up i'll give you the bag! Still got some extras :)


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