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Down With Love...the movie looks strikingly bright, fresh and pinkish, the costumes are well-matched but then again...between Barbara Novak and Catcher Block (kewl name eh..) doesn't create any spark. but i really admire the looks artificial, perfect and soo 60s.
First day of Ramadhan:D getup @ 4.30 for sahur. currently in terribly sleepy mode. and those smells from downstairs...gosh. dahler bersepah restaurant kat bwh opis nih. macam2 bau yang bleh meleleh dibuatnya. isk...hampes tol!

some pix from Helen's farewell lunch. she's the one in red baby-t. she's soft-spoken and real sweetheart!

Happy Deepavali! Got some muruku in the house...Sarjeet yang bwk. haha! So what did ya guys do on Deepavali. I did some serious potato-couch thingy...and that include couple of tamil + hindi movie. :D oh yeah i did watch primavale...aper ntah aku pon tak ingat, Run (half-way though) and j2m2. but nothing beats Padayappa! huhu! j2m2 is unique i must say from other typical hindi movie for its special effects and storyline which based on gujarati fable. the giant, Jhamanda reminds me of someone....thehehe! Okie dokie...gotta back to work. Jajantaram!! Mamantaram!!
had lunch @ KFC today...sempena menyambut bulan posa bak kater bebudak opis. ahakz...orang wat kenduri nih melantak kentaki! will post the pix later!

most probably fasting month will start on Monday. how fast time flies....*sigh*
wakakaka...aku pon tak pasan daaa ader 3 post. hang mention baru aku scroll bawah. biler la aku nak clean up the archive. panjang meleweh. tomoro or the day after, i'm planning to go to Sogo. there's a warehouse sale...something like dat but all i see is SALE!! 70%, 50% sign. yehaaa...i lurve sale! now...where did i put dat Bee Dees card?
okay...i'm back! since i dunno how to turn on my modem @ home, had to wait till i start back to work today. Everyone is asking how am i nice but asking me if i come across anything weird is silly. Alhamdullilah, niat nak buat umrah tok arwah mom dah terlaksana. I felt happy and contented. Murah rezeki, insya-Allah i wanna go there again and again.

Catch couple of movies during the flight...Down with Love and Italian Job. Heheh...Finally dapat gak tgk I.J.

I’m still in holiday mood. Tons of workload waiting at my table. sampai dah takder tempat nak letak. fening paler gua...dengan banyak tangan becampur2 kejerkan buku aku, kena keep track balik. 2 books due 2moro. 6 books in the list. Sib baik KY asked for revises...i’m glad to get rid of it. amik...amik sumer pon takper. takmo kejer!!! miss my buddies! biler leh jumpe korang? especially Toad yang dah bertahun aku x jumpe!! ye toad??
Monday meet up with Susu and BB @ Suria. We had quick dinner at Burger King. And yesterday...i took a day off for injection and buy few things. Also...yesterday i got myself a new Digi Cam. huhu! Bought it with my very own money. Not exactly my money but its from my account tho. hehe whateva! At first i was guilty for spending unnecessarily...but when the word investment pop up, i was feeling lil more okay. okay back to my ‘investment’...its not some flashy and hi-tech camera. i get the 2nd cheapest one of all camera on display. its Kodak-easyshare. i kinda hate the design @ first but after some evaluation with the sales asst...the price, features and everything i settled with this one with big grin :) luckily susu volunteered to accompany for camera-hunt. tq! tq! you’re such a darling!
saturday, big lunch at CG with irma, fad, kwn fad, ais, rok, rini, wawa, zet n rina. stayed there couple of hours...and then headed to rina’s house @ KD. dok lelepak jap...kidnap couple of cds, pastuh balik...i’m totally flat. i slept around 10 p.m. sunday me, bapak and nana went out to buy few stuff for this friday. pastuh ader la lagik...maleh nak citer dah.

p.s: naper chatterbox aku melahu eh? dahler aku sndri tabley nak post apa-apa...heh!
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An instant classic!

hmmm...i never use this one before.
2day is nana's one and only sista! i didn't get her anything...if i buy her a cake, she sells cake, if i buy her flowers, she make flower arrangements, if i buy her card, she have tons stock-up cards. so i just give her all my love! lame...heheh, but hey i really do love her! she's the best successor after mom. and mom's birthdate.

i called nana around 10 tiz morning to wish her. she said, "hey, i haven't see your face!" yeah...i haven't seen her for two days! and we're still living in the same house! when she got back, i already slept, when i'm off to work, she still sleeping. the last time i spoke to her was tiz morning thru toilet door! thehehe...might drop by @ the cafe and have dinner there tonite :D