2day is nana's bday...my one and only sista! i didn't get her anything...if i buy her a cake, she sells cake, if i buy her flowers, she make flower arrangements, if i buy her card, she have tons stock-up cards. so i just give her all my love! lame...heheh, but hey i really do love her! she's the best successor after mom. and tomoro...is mom's birthdate.

i called nana around 10 tiz morning to wish her. she said, "hey, i haven't see your face!" yeah...i haven't seen her for two days! and we're still living in the same house! when she got back, i already slept, when i'm off to work, she still sleeping. the last time i spoke to her was tiz morning thru toilet door! thehehe...might drop by @ the cafe and have dinner there tonite :D


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