okay...i'm back! since i dunno how to turn on my modem @ home, had to wait till i start back to work today. Everyone is asking how am i doing...is nice but asking me if i come across anything weird is silly. Alhamdullilah, niat nak buat umrah tok arwah mom dah terlaksana. I felt happy and contented. Murah rezeki, insya-Allah i wanna go there again and again.

Catch couple of movies during the flight...Down with Love and Italian Job. Heheh...Finally dapat gak tgk I.J.

I’m still in holiday mood. Tons of workload waiting at my table. sampai dah takder tempat nak letak. fening paler gua...dengan banyak tangan becampur2 kejerkan buku aku, kena keep track balik. 2 books due 2moro. 6 books in the list. Sib baik KY asked for revises...i’m glad to get rid of it. amik...amik sumer pon takper. takmo kejer!!! miss my buddies! biler leh jumpe korang? especially Toad yang dah bertahun aku x jumpe!! ye toad??


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