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Huweeeee!!! We have an outdoor session today with WOW! Around 8.15am, me and cheepster rushed to KTM to meet up with our photographer hafiz. Unload our stuff into his car and hit the road. I was waiting anxiously in the car wondering where he would stop for our first shot while cheepster and hafiz crack jokes and annoy each other. When he stopped at jalan aper tah, i was like 'wow! i never been here before'. i love the street in an instant!

I bought a dress the night before just for this photoshoot and it cost me a bomb. But ya know the feeling when you had to buy something in a hurry? So much pressure! I knew my choice is shucks because i hesitated...but tak beli kang balik umah bengang tada baju baru nak pakai. skali mmg nyesal beli because i decided to pakai my old baju haha. now i dunno when lah i'm going to wear that new baju miahahaha

Saat-saat Genting

2nd days we checked out from the hotel and had breakfast at the cafe.

The spicy teriyaki sandwich

since we don't have intention to mabuk2an diri naik roller coaster, we spent our time cam-whoring huhuhu

With pashmina, jacket and hanbag...byk tol pegang barang

Instead of normal genting background of ferris wheel and roller coaster, we make used of aper2 jer background yang ada kat luar theme park tuh.

Cheepster in Atari

That would be all for genting trip. We really enjoyed the stay @ Awana and the also the perfect weather. Wpon the nite we were so cuak when we got lost because of the thick fog hehe...sampai ke taman cendawan peginyer. luckily there's other car who was lost too so sama2 pusing2 carik jalan kat roundabout. Am looking forward to Redang soon!

Trip to Genting

2 days after the reception, we went to Genting for our little escapade. Cheepster recommended Awana Hotel and i love it so much! Knowing how genting's rooms aren't known for being well maintained.

There's wifi connection in the lobby and in the room. Me got excited to use my ipod for the first time hak hak ;)

After checked in...we hit the road to theme park. Dah lapar giler time nie!

More corny photos after this....heheh

Solemnisation 10.01.09

Alhamdulillah the nikah and reception went smoothly. Few minor hiccups here and there but manageable. Can't thank enuff ppl who have helped me but the big credit goes to my sister dia lah wedding planner, runner and make sure everything takes place (Not too mention tukang bising hehe). I'm so lega that things that we have planned for months and yang last minit menjadik on that baju xde faulty, the food was great, make up artist arrived on time, the DJ and bebudak kompang showed up and the guests poured in.

3 days before the nikah, I was frantically looking for a tudung because the ustaz pesan soh tutup aurat. Somehow I've predicted this is going to happen but biasalah ketegaq. Sib baik jumpa the simplest tudung that match the color and my feature. So here are few pixies from Cheepster's still waiting from our very own professional photographer ;)

Cheepster tgh adjust body temperature time duduk atas chior surrounded by relatives, jurunikah and sa…

Wishin and Hopin