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Qeeb turns 5

Alhamdulillah Qeeb turns 5 today. Moga dia membesar jadik anak yang soleh and of course my doa yang baik2 dan terbaik for him.

Birthday Qeeb 2015

Today im gonna send him to school together with some party packs and brownies for his friends. Hope they will like it. He seems excited and already told his teacher about the party packs. Hope he'll have a good day.

Caffeine Dosage

Coffee @ San Francisco Coffee, BS

At the moment, I have reduced my caffeine intake (dalam once a week gituh) and even teringin pon i managed to control myself not to drink coffee after 6pm. Sometimes i have low blood pressure, so kalo rasa cam low sugar and kepala dah pening2 lalat i just take teh o instead. Teh pon caffeine jugak but for me rasa dia tak seheavy minom coffee. Another tips that i read was if you have coffee or tea, drink it between meals so it'll have less of an effect on your iron absorption.
"You don't have to give up caffeine while you're pregnant. However, you should try to cut down if you usually have more than 200mg of caffeine a day. Drinking two mugs of tea, two mugs of instant coffee or one mug of filter coffee a day will keep you within the recommended daily limit of 200mg."
Source: BabyCentre
Oh btw, San Francisco Coffee's notebook is out! They have 3 colors - green, blue and red. Tapik red dah abes kat outlet sini so i chose blue. RM10 if you purchased any thing more than RM50. Covers from previous years punyer best because ada funny statement. This year cuma ada tulis I *heart* SF. But i still bought it because of the size especially...wpon dolu punyer tak abes isik lagik heheh. Pantang tengok!

Coffee @ San Francisco Coffee, BS

Have a Lovely Weekend

I've spent the last few weekends feeling fatigued. I just stayed at home for 22 hours and lagik 2 hours tuh paksa diri kluar amik some-not-so-fresh-air (since we are having haze phenomenon obviously). Also because kesian Qeeb looked bored. So when we were out, usually we go makan2 and then straight balik rumah tak singgah mana2! Sounds boring but works for me haha! Because this round of pregnancy i can't sit, walk or stand too long. Nanti jadik lain macam >.<

Dinner @ Macaroni & Coffee

One of the nights we went out for dinner. Qeeb muka happy dapat kluar from rumah for a while. Hehe no lahh...he just loves pizza sbb tuh leh senyum time amik gambar nie.

Dinner @ Macaroni & Coffee

I have so many things in my mind that i wanted to do like getting a haircut, sort the drawers and baju lama, Qeeb's birthday thingy and newborn stuff which i know i can get a good deal if i window shop around. But due to kelemauan yang melanda tambah plak dengan haze lagik laa rasa liat nak kluar, so i shopped online instead tapik x brapa pueh because some stuff kene beli depan mata jugak. While Qeeb's party packs i outsourced to my sis. Mintak tolong dia belikan aper yang sesuai.

Haze in Shah Alam

Hari tuh gigih nak  pegi KL Calling dengan cuaca berjerebu. I know Jeeb hates crowded place tapik dia layan jugak laa my request hew hew. Apparently Qeeb hates it more so we had to listen and watched his drama time tgh tunggu our food siap. Aper benda baju2 yang ada kat situ tak dapat browse pon. But i was happy dapat rasa Kidz & Creme punyer nutella cheese tart yang orang dok cakap sedap tuh! Beli 2 pcs trus sbb tgh harga promotion, RM7 per piece.

KL Calling @ Shah Alam
KL Calling @ Shah Alam  KL Calling @ Shah Alam
KL Calling @ Shah Alam  KL Calling @ Shah Alam

Next nak kene plan my annual leaves. Balance skang tinggal 10.5 days. Compulsory/blocked leaves (5 days) blom amik lagik *cries* Tolak few more checkups and save for emergency tinggal cipot jer. Aigooo!

Lunch @ Ripos*nte Cafe, BS

These pics were taken in month of May where I had lunch at Ripos*nte Cafe @ BS. Resides in one of the buildings here.

Lunch @ Riposante Cafe, Bangsar South

Lunch set menu and coffee. All labeled with prices.

Lunch @ Riposante Cafe, Bangsar South  Lunch @ Riposante Cafe, Bangsar South

Suker colored bowl and cups tuh

Lunch @ Riposante Cafe, Bangsar South

Zoom in to my sandwich + salad, mushroom soup and coffee.

Lunch @ Riposante Cafe, Bangsar South

Mmmm lovely swirl of milk in my cappuccino.

Lunch @ Riposante Cafe, Bangsar South

Simple and nice. But quite pricey to have this kind of lunch every day. Heheh!

[Articles of the Week] Part 2

Interesting articles for this week. Ada yang i dah shared kat FB, but i wanna post it here lagik senang nak access.

1. It is always interesting to read about parenting in different culture. This is an article of a mom who shared her experience raising a kid in Sweden. About maternity/ paternity leaves, schools, educations, kids activities, weather and all! But one thing for sure kids and life balance are priorities! Read more here.

2. I wish i can draw like this. Nampak simple and senang jer kan? But tangan kene steady for sure to draw on uneven surface. Sure penoh my moleskine with drawings and can color summore, cewah feeling2 jer lebey i don't know how to draw pon in the first place.

3. A sensory play for 2yo kids and above to practice coordination skill. Usually the kids will love to play with any thing yang ada air. So make sure to prepare large plastic tub and cover the floor with towel. Confirm ada tumpah2 punyer. Yang buat mommies malas nak buat biler time nak kene kemas laaa hahaha. So basically the kids can practise to scoop, mix, pour and experiment. Also helps to improve vocabulary by using words like pour, tip, mix, dissolve, cloudy, float, sink, combine. I've tried this before with Qeeb and yeah he enjoyed it alright by splashing the water beyond the plastic mat area. Seriously, the outcome tak penah sama as calm as dalam gambar nie hahahaha. But still fun to try *wink

[Articles of the Week] Part I

Some of random articles i found interesting. If rajin I will post more. And also some Instagram accounts yang menarik (dari mata hitam ku lah).

1. A book shop in Ginza, Japan with one single book only. Read more here.

2. A minimal sushi shop. With truly minimal dining experience. It's like a relationship between sushi and space. Even the artwork hangs on the wall pon nampak kosong. Read more here.

3. A minimalist handphone. All you can do on this phone is call people, send an SMS, save your contacts, mark appointments in the calendar, or set an alarm. Macam calculator kan? No other distractions if pakai this phone, can you live with it? Harga mahal pulak tuh. Read more here.

Infographic on Swaddle

How to swaddle a baby? Ingat2 luper dah cemana nak swaddle. Dolu lepas bedung Qeeb pon kejap jer dah terbarai kainnyer. Biler ketat sangat rasa kesian ler pulak. Lepas kene bedung tuh mmg kiut jer rupanyer...macam ulat beluncas laidat.

Swaddling is an age old remedy used to calm newborn babies. Swaddles can also be used as an impromptu nursing cover, stroller cover, blanket, or soft place to lay your baby. Infographic from DoktorBudak.