[Articles of the Week] Part 2

Interesting articles for this week. Ada yang i dah shared kat FB, but i wanna post it here lagik senang nak access.

1. It is always interesting to read about parenting in different culture. This is an article of a mom who shared her experience raising a kid in Sweden. About maternity/ paternity leaves, schools, educations, kids activities, weather and all! But one thing for sure kids and life balance are priorities! Read more here.

2. I wish i can draw like this. Nampak simple and senang jer kan? But tangan kene steady for sure to draw on uneven surface. Sure penoh my moleskine with drawings and can color summore, cewah feeling2 jer lebey i don't know how to draw pon in the first place.

3. A sensory play for 2yo kids and above to practice coordination skill. Usually the kids will love to play with any thing yang ada air. So make sure to prepare large plastic tub and cover the floor with towel. Confirm ada tumpah2 punyer. Yang buat mommies malas nak buat biler time nak kene kemas laaa hahaha. So basically the kids can practise to scoop, mix, pour and experiment. Also helps to improve vocabulary by using words like pour, tip, mix, dissolve, cloudy, float, sink, combine. I've tried this before with Qeeb and yeah he enjoyed it alright by splashing the water beyond the plastic mat area. Seriously, the outcome tak penah sama as calm as dalam gambar nie hahahaha. But still fun to try *wink