Have a Lovely Weekend

I've spent the last few weekends feeling fatigued. I just stayed at home for 22 hours and lagik 2 hours tuh paksa diri kluar amik some-not-so-fresh-air (since we are having haze phenomenon obviously). Also because kesian Qeeb looked bored. So when we were out, usually we go makan2 and then straight balik rumah tak singgah mana2! Sounds boring but works for me haha! Because this round of pregnancy i can't sit, walk or stand too long. Nanti jadik lain macam >.<

Dinner @ Macaroni & Coffee

One of the nights we went out for dinner. Qeeb muka happy dapat kluar from rumah for a while. Hehe no lahh...he just loves pizza sbb tuh leh senyum time amik gambar nie.

Dinner @ Macaroni & Coffee

I have so many things in my mind that i wanted to do like getting a haircut, sort the drawers and baju lama, Qeeb's birthday thingy and newborn stuff which i know i can get a good deal if i window shop around. But due to kelemauan yang melanda tambah plak dengan haze lagik laa rasa liat nak kluar, so i shopped online instead tapik x brapa pueh because some stuff kene beli depan mata jugak. While Qeeb's party packs i outsourced to my sis. Mintak tolong dia belikan aper yang sesuai.

Haze in Shah Alam

Hari tuh gigih nak  pegi KL Calling dengan cuaca berjerebu. I know Jeeb hates crowded place tapik dia layan jugak laa my request hew hew. Apparently Qeeb hates it more so we had to listen and watched his drama time tgh tunggu our food siap. Aper benda baju2 yang ada kat situ tak dapat browse pon. But i was happy dapat rasa Kidz & Creme punyer nutella cheese tart yang orang dok cakap sedap tuh! Beli 2 pcs trus sbb tgh harga promotion, RM7 per piece.

KL Calling @ Shah Alam
KL Calling @ Shah Alam  KL Calling @ Shah Alam
KL Calling @ Shah Alam  KL Calling @ Shah Alam

Next nak kene plan my annual leaves. Balance skang tinggal 10.5 days. Compulsory/blocked leaves (5 days) blom amik lagik *cries* Tolak few more checkups and save for emergency tinggal cipot jer. Aigooo!


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