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Jeeb's Birthday 2013

Early of the month was Jeeb's birthday! We had dinner just the of us at Ben's BSC after work. Earlier that day, during lunch i went to BSC jugak to grab a cake. Kalo tau he chose to eat there, tayah iols hangkut cake balik office keh keh keh!

Jeeb had home made salt beef sandwich and i had soft-shell crab spaghettini. The last time i had it, i almost threw up because of the too-much-oil...maybe because i wasn't feeling well at that time. But i remembered it was good, so i took my chances and yeap i managed to finish it without feeling sick hehe.

Kat rumah we nyanyi2 and potong cake (chocolate banana by Just Heavenly) but too full to eat banyak.

Qeeb was excited looking at the lit up candles but still takot2 nak dekat. Last year on his birthday he got slightly burnt when a candle terbang ke muka dia...oh well panjang citer you can read it here. So saja nak try tgk whether he was still afraid or not, we lit the candle again....but he just stared at it. Lol! Takpelah kita cub…

Trip to Aquaria KLCC

The intention was nak bagi Qeeb experienced tengok water life because asyik layan cars jer, mama dia pon boring gak. It was a first time for Jeeb as well and 3rd time for me. Ticket price for adult is RM38 (with MyKid) and free for Qeeb because less than 3 year old.

The journey starts with piranha tank, touch pool & electric eel.

Got the chance to touch starfish (Chocolate Chip Starfish) and sea cucumber (gamat). Starfish memang nampak macam tipu until it moved a lil bit...geli dowh! There was also a Bamboo Shark that we can touch because it only eats shrimp, squid etc. But nama shark jer dah buat takot nak pegang even though it's harmless. Huhu takpelah i'll pass.

Then we went through the Stream and Jewels of the Jungle. There was an Asian Small-Clawed Otter show. Cute jer tgk dorang pegang bola. Other than that, ada giant water rat, bugs, insects and butterflies.

After that we arrived at Level 2.

The Amazon Flooded Forest where there is a tall aquarium with loads of fish…

13th General Election

Today is Malaysia's 13th General Election. Nervous jugak whats the result gonna be. But anyways, let's do our job and vote with respect and peacefully. I'll be going back to my 'hometown' pagi nanti to buang undi.
Use Head, Not Hate. Vote Wisely. Selamat mengundi Malaysians! And remember 'pangkah' yer bukan tick (a note to myself) keh! keh! 

New IBG Fee!

It's a public holiday today! Yehaaa!

Anyways would like to share with you a good news. Effective tomorrow 2 May 2013, Interbank GIRO (IBG) fee will be reduced to 10sen per transaction. If some of you are not sure what IBG is, it means you can transfer money from your account at Bank A to another account at Bank B.

With IBG you can... 1. Transfer money to any SA/CA 2. Pay your loan/ car/ credit card
As you can see some major banks have published the new IBG fee. There are actually more participating banks that offer IBG service. 29 banks in total!

Let's say tomorrow you guys tengah browsing online shopping blog. Terbekenan plak satu shawl nie and tatahan nak beli! Lepas dah place order, seller pon soh transfer duit to her Public Bank account. Since you are a Maybank account holder, click click and transfer jer with additional 10sen on top of your shopping amount.

Or maybe for some of you yang ada credit card account kat Bank X, nak bayar loan kereta kat Bank Y, nak bayar loan …