New IBG Fee!

It's a public holiday today! Yehaaa!

Anyways would like to share with you a good news. Effective tomorrow 2 May 2013, Interbank GIRO (IBG) fee will be reduced to 10sen per transaction. If some of you are not sure what IBG is, it means you can transfer money from your account at Bank A to another account at Bank B.

With IBG you can...
1. Transfer money to any SA/CA
2. Pay your loan/ car/ credit card

As you can see some major banks have published the new IBG fee. There are actually more participating banks that offer IBG service. 29 banks in total!

Let's say tomorrow you guys tengah browsing online shopping blog. Terbekenan plak satu shawl nie and tatahan nak beli! Lepas dah place order, seller pon soh transfer duit to her Public Bank account. Since you are a Maybank account holder, click click and transfer jer with additional 10sen on top of your shopping amount.

Or maybe for some of you yang ada credit card account kat Bank X, nak bayar loan kereta kat Bank Y, nak bayar loan rumah kat Bank Z. Fret not, tayah dah susah2 nak pegi carik ATM and carik parking to bank in the money. Just bayar all the utang via internet banking with additional 10sen for each transactions. Jimatttt banyak tuh!

Kalo dolu maybe hesitate sket nak bayar sbb kene extra charge e.g RM2 kannn. Soooo tell your family and friends and make LOTS of IBG transactions ok? Muaaah!

Note: Please refer to banks website for IBG cut off time and fund availability yea.


  1. 10 sen is so cheap. We should be happy - hahaha. Why do we still use cheques?? It's so uncool and troublesome. We are so backward compared to other more advanced countries - we must change for the better

    1. yeap 10sen is super cheap. Cheque is still important for some industries, but let's start to make more e-payment :)


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