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CNY Celebration 2014

With Family

Went to Karen's house for makan-makan. Pat Yee, Uncle Wim, Tai ma, Yee Cheong, Vincent's family, Audra + mom were also there. Some of the scrumptious food we had on that day.

We had different kind of yee sang...fruits and veggies. Lou hei together2, continue eating and chit chatting. While the kids busy playing.

Checking out cute cakes by pat-isserierui as claimed by Pat Yee, she made it with love hehe.

With Colleagues

The company also made a small do for CNY celebration. We had a lion dance in the office area. The staff were encouraged to put some oranges at their workstation if they wish the lions to come over. So ada lah yang try gantung sana sini just to see how good the dancers were kat narrow areas. The finale performance was at the lobby.

And we had a group photos from each department. It was fun!