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My Birthday Celebration 2015

Sendiri punyer birthday takde special entry...must have riteee! So it's a backdated entry...for my own note. We had dinner at home because i was still in confinement period. On the day itself, i got 2 cakes from loved ones heheh. One from Jeeb and the other one was from MIL. The coincidence was earlier that day, Susu asked what type of birthday cake i want because she planned to pay a visit. I said cheese cake! I didn't tell Jeeb at all so it was a very nice surprise when i saw a whole cheesecake in front of me.

PIL gave me a flower and fruit basket. This one pon was a nice surprise...they really shouldn't have to buy anything.

Jeeb gave me meaningful charms to add on to my thomas sabo bracelet. 'Mom' for the recent birth to Zafeer and 'keys' to our new house. Love it!

First photo the four of us. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for this blessing. 

Tiny buy Mighty

Some photos of baby Zafeer size when he's less than one month old. His hospital tag kaki when he was in Special Care Nursery (SCN) sama size ngan keychain.

Macam pakai clown shoes hahaha. But isokay, soon his feet will fill up those spaces insya Allah.

I just love it when he curl his fingers around mine. Super duper cute tiny fingers.

Baby Zafeer says Hello World

Can't believe now i'm a mom of two boys! Baby Zafeer is 37 days old today. Born at 32 weeks 3 days on 11 Nov 2015 at 11.06pm and with weight 1.7kg. My experience to deliver this boy is totally different than his big brother Qeeb but same old wonderful feeling. Plus terrifying jugak because of what we went through as it comes with an ambulance ride!
Home to Office It all started since the night before as i was having small spots of blood and continued throughout the day. I know i shouldn't ignore it but i've seen spots of blood (brown, pink, red you name it) since 5 months preggy. Biler dah masuk 7 months baru ok so when i saw the spots i thought it was false alarm but it made me nervous all over again. Every few hours i went to the toilet to check and every time the discharge comes with mucus. Something is not right! I informed Jeeb to be on standby, buat kejer pon dah tak betol because kejap2 rasa saket perot. I can't differentiate saket contraction or is it saket…

My Preemie Baby Boy

So many things happened for the last one month. One major milestone was I have safely delivered a baby boy 2 months early! Alhamdulillah syukur to Allah. The estimated due date was on 3 Jan 2016 but my baby decided to show up on 11 Nov 2015. I'll post the details in a different entry because his arrival deserves a special post :) We called him baby Zafeer.

I was discharged the next day after bersalin but I went home empty handed because baby Zafeer born as premature baby need to stay at the Special Care Nursery (SCN) for monitoring. I started ulang alik to hospital and then after 1 week plus i stayed in the hospital trus because ada katil kosong for ibu2 yang nak jaga anak. Staying at the hospital was totally stressful, mood ke laut, asik 'banjir', depress etc.

After seems like forever, on the 28th days, baby Zafeer graduated (discharged) from the hospital. Biler dah dapat confirmation that we can go home, i have a mixure feeling of joy and worry plak. I have waited  days…

Le Choutte Macaron Studio

Now we can collect the Le Choutte Macaron's cake directly at their shop/ studio in SOHO Empire. Kalo dolu pickup kat bawah are shopping mall.

I love this vintage look signage.

From the entrance ada small counter. Behind the counter ada chiller with cakes yang ready to be collected. Wall decor of owl paintings, owl merchandise and other stuff. One thing i noticed that the studio takde bau cake but bau aromatic oil instead hehe. But Farhad sure knows how to decor every nooks and corners.

This was the cake we collected hari tuh for Qeeb's birthday. The cake and macarons mmg awesome. 

Tea at Cafaeyen, BS

My current favourite drink is 2-Tea from Cafaeyen. Tapik skang 2-Tea slalu not available at BS outlet so the other 2 options that i like are signature cha or chafae-yen (coffee and tea). Signature coffee dorang pon sedap gak btw but now tgh phase tea-addict.

If i tapau, dah pesan soh less kan the ice but hard for them to do so. Usually when i reached the opis, i will take out all the ice cecepat. Kalo tidak nanti jadik cair jer air tuh. Konon nak minom lek lek sambil wat kejer khannn. Wpon quantity jadik sket but still can enjoy the taste of the drink :)

Qeeb's 5th Birthday Celebration

Qeeb and Irina share same birthday month. In fact, my sis and my arwah mom birthdays are in Oct too! We had a simple and quick celebration. Food pon mostly tapau and instant. Except for spaghetti bolognaise home made punyer. Pagi tuh we run some errands like collect cake kat studio Farhad, beli sandwiches and donuts. We love the cake btw! The custom part was macarons with rims.

Next pit stop was Macaroni Food & Coffee. We bought 5 different pizza toppings altogether.

Sampai rumah, i setup the table nak letak cake. Wpon takde orang lain yang datang except siblings, gigih gak nak decor siket for album purpose. So the cake won't look so lonely i guess heheh. The cake was a hit again this year. 3 layers of red velvet, salted caramel and chocolate. The cream cheese and fresh cream compliment each layer of the cake. Memang totally worth it!

Just like last year, time part amik gambar depan cake mmg kitowang nervous and kene rushing. Because we know Qeeb can bertahan and senyum for fe…