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My Birthday Celebration 2015

Sendiri punyer birthday takde special entry...must have riteee! So it's a backdated entry...for my own note. We had dinner at home because i was still in confinement period. On the day itself, i got 2 cakes from loved ones heheh. One from Jeeb and the other one was from MIL. The coincidence was earlier that day, Susu asked what type of birthday cake i want because she planned to pay a visit. I said cheese cake! I didn't tell Jeeb at all so it was a very nice surprise when i saw a whole cheesecake in front of me.

Soul's Birthday Celebration 2015  Soul's Birthday Celebration 2015

PIL gave me a flower and fruit basket. This one pon was a nice surprise...they really shouldn't have to buy anything.

Soul's Birthday Celebration 2015

Jeeb gave me meaningful charms to add on to my thomas sabo bracelet. 'Mom' for the recent birth to Zafeer and 'keys' to our new house. Love it!

Soul's Birthday Celebration 2015

First photo the four of us. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for this blessing. 

Soul's Birthday Celebration 2015

Tiny buy Mighty

Some photos of baby Zafeer size when he's less than one month old. His hospital tag kaki when he was in Special Care Nursery (SCN) sama size ngan keychain.

Baby Zafeer @ HTAR

Macam pakai clown shoes hahaha. But isokay, soon his feet will fill up those spaces insya Allah.

Baby Zafeer @ HTAR

I just love it when he curl his fingers around mine. Super duper cute tiny fingers.

Baby Zafeer at HTAR

Baby Zafeer says Hello World

Can't believe now i'm a mom of two boys! Baby Zafeer is 37 days old today. Born at 32 weeks 3 days on 11 Nov 2015 at 11.06pm and with weight 1.7kg. My experience to deliver this boy is totally different than his big brother Qeeb but same old wonderful feeling. Plus terrifying jugak because of what we went through as it comes with an ambulance ride!

Home to Office
It all started since the night before as i was having small spots of blood and continued throughout the day. I know i shouldn't ignore it but i've seen spots of blood (brown, pink, red you name it) since 5 months preggy. Biler dah masuk 7 months baru ok so when i saw the spots i thought it was false alarm but it made me nervous all over again. Every few hours i went to the toilet to check and every time the discharge comes with mucus. Something is not right! I informed Jeeb to be on standby, buat kejer pon dah tak betol because kejap2 rasa saket perot. I can't differentiate saket contraction or is it saket perot nak buang air besar. Sempat gak attend few meetings and after lunch i was pretty sure it's a contraction. Told my boss that i'm leaving early and asked Jeeb to do the same because we need to avoid the traffic jam...i don't want to deliver a baby in a car! Hospital bag pon tak ready satu hapa pon lagik! On the way home, the contraction was 4 minutes apart, peloh jantan sumer kluar dah.

Some of preggy photos i've never shared before. Selfie dalam toilet....haha kenangan. 

Preggy and such  Preggy and such

Office to Home & DEMC
Reached home around 7pm and packed my stuff in case kene tahan kat spital. I had a gut feeling that my pregnancy won't last till 39 weeks and i'm going to deliver any time soon. Sob sob....sedeh pon ada sempat soh Jeeb amik gambar my baby bump before we left the house.

Sampai DEMC explained to the nurse that 'm having contraction and currently at 32 weeks. Masuk bilik dorang dok check2 and kept saying that the baby will be too small if deliver skang. Duhhh! Obviously i know that already tayah dok repeat bleh dak. They checked if there's any opening and brita yang i've been avoiding came out when they told me dah ada bukaan 4cm. My gynae, Dr. M came and checked...dia kater naper tak datang awal cam yang dia pesan hari tuh if ada rasa contraction because they need to inject me with ubat untuk kuatkan lung baby. At least twice and it must be 12 hours apart. She did the first round of injection, but lepas tuh masukkan ubat tok reduce kan contraction plak so that ada time untuk masukkan 2nd injection. Wpon ubat tok reducekan contraction might not work and it costed about RM1,000....ikhtiar namanyer. She then explained that the baby will be born as a premature baby, we have options to go to government hospital sementara baby blom kluar, if we decided to stay it will cost us a bomb like RM1,000 a day at the very least minus any medical costs or complications. So we sort of agree to go to gov hospital and Dr. M started to look for the nearest available gov hospital yang willing to accept. She came back and informed us the only place closest with a spot is Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Klang (HTAR).

Dalam kekalutan to make a final decision, my MIL and my sis didn't like the idea of me giving birth at Klang when we told them due to their colourful reputation. But beggars can't be choosers. Everything happened rather too quickly. Tiba2 orang ambulance dah sampai to pick me up and Jeeb went to settle the bills (we only spent 3 hours there and it costed us almost RM3K). I was transferred to an ambulance around 9.30pm dan tuh laa dia my first (and hopefuli there won't be any other) neno neno ride. Actually this was the second time tapik dolu teman orang, kali nih sendiri as a patient. Contraction getting more frequent and i kept zikir and doa pada Allah untuk permudahkan urusan kami malam tuh. I called Qeeb to let him know that i'm in an ambulance because i know he'll find it cool. Tapik baru jer dia nak jawab phone, the driver dah off kan the siren...which means we have arrived at HTAR...adoiyai. The DEMC nurses handed me over to HTAR nurses like some sort of barang dagangan haha. I was asked tons of questions because i never opened buku merah before. Time tuh sempat update Jeeb via whatsapp on what's going on because he can't be around. One lady doctor checked and she said the opening was already at 6cm! Aigooo nih sebab naik ambulance takde absorber la nie begegar2 hahaha. At 10.50pm, i felt a gush of warm fluid...aaahh that musbi my water broke. I miss that feeling :)

My view dalam PAC

Baby Zafeer @ HTAR

The doctor told the nurses that i need to be in the labor room immediately. Laa i thought i'm gonna deliver kat situ rupanya kat tempat lain. While i was being pushed into ward bersalin, nurse dah berlari2 tolak katil nak cepat, i managed to update Jeeb via Whatsapp where i'm going. Nih kalo orang luar tgk mmg bughuk sangat laa pangai dah nak bersalin pon dok pegang tepon lagik. I came to know after that from Jeeb that if I did not update him he won't know what's going on or where exactly i am because most of husbands yang waiting kat situ tatau aper citer wife masing2. No wonder biler aku kluar from PAC, banyak husband yang bangun beria tgk to see if it's their wife. Depan pintu labor room saw Jeeb and PIL waiting kat situ. Sempat lambai jer tak sempat nak salam mintak maaf bagai.

HTAR PAC to Labor Room
Inside ada few katil covered with tirai untuk bersalin. Memang old school! Biler dah parked, a lady doc and nurses cakap tunggu jap dorang nak pakai scrub. Aku plak dah tatahan nak push...the feeling cam nak membuang air besar tuh dah kat hujung2 sangat, They asked me to bukak kaki ke position yang spatotnyer. No pedal or besi to hold on to, i have to pegang my own kaki instead. Heard the nurse said 'uihh berdenyut2 membrane'. First push tak cukup napas. Nurse advised me to curik2 amik napas in between the push. I took a long breath and pushed twice and baby boy dah terslide kat atas katil. Then dengar his crying. Alhamdulillah he's here, syukur ya Allah our baby is here. Our son, Zafeer was born at 11.06pm...well i almost nak tahan sampai 11.11pm tapik banyak sangat lak number 1 in his life :P Nurse showed me that baby's birdie and then took him away. Time nak kene jahit tuh sampai 3 orang bertukar ganti...because they have other emergency case. I hate the stitching part, saket giler erghh!

The same nurse yang pegang baby Zafeer came back and showed me tag kat kaki dia. She said his lung is ok, no oxygen needed and he will be warded in 6C. Alhamdulillah. After process jahit sembat and what not siap i changed to uniform spital yang bersih, tukar katil dan di tinggalkan kat tepi ward. Time tuh risau jer takot dorang terluper i was there because laluan tuh cam tak ramai orang lalu. Before i knew it, lepas tuh bersusun few other mommies yang diparked kat situ. But the difference was most mommies have babies in their arms and dah start breastfeeding. Sob sob...i felt so cold and lonely. Tekebil2 tgk deepavali decor gantung kat ceiling, tgk nurse lalu, tgk dinding, tgk lampu malap...for 2 hours!

Labor Room to Ward 1B
Then all mommies yang parked kat walkway tadik were pushed beramai2 to ward 1B. Sampai jer ward...i was like wow...this is a totally new experience. There are about 80 beds kot kat situ. Finally dapat jumpe happy got to see him...tak cukup napas nak citer kat dia sumer benda. I got a bed by the window but unfortunately kipas berdekatan rosak plak. Nurse advised me to eat something and then if rasa ok sket tak pening2 try to go shishi within 4 hours. I ate buns yang Jeeb bought. And lepas settle down tuh baru lah Jeeb balik. Suasana malam yang agak damai.

Baby Zafeer @ HTAR  Baby Zafeer @ HTAR

Sungguh laa tak rasa cam baru lepas bersalin, just a bit tired and no baby bump. Around 5am i walked to the other end of the ward sbb nak gi toilet to shishi....saper yang tak shishi nanti nurse marah. Time tuh toilet yang available cuma squatting toilet. Termenung jap depan pintu nak proceed ke tanak. Then toilet sblah orang baru kluar...i checked it out and there's a toilet bowl! Phew!! Menggeletar nervous la jugak time nak start the 'business'.

Much later, a nurse informed me that if i larat jalan at 7am tomorrow i can go and visit my baby at Ward 6C. Tried to sleep tapik x berjaya. Sonot jer tgk other mommies yang dapat tido ngan baby kat sblah...

Ward 1B to Ward 6C (Nursery 1)
Around 7am i was feeling dizzy2. Can't wait to see baby Zafeer. A nurse accompanied me to 6C and left me there. I found out that babies yang kat ward 6C means they are stabilizing and not critical. And there he was...inside an incubator with tube feeding. Kaki connected to heart rate machine. Tangan pon bertampal...dorang amik darah for test kot. Huuuu kesiannyer! He is fully formed in a small size with a weight of 1.7kg. The nurse asked me to breastfeed him but takde susu. A nurse yang expert in lactation brought me to a nursing room and taught me how to perah susu, siap tolong massage2 kan but unfortunately tak kluar pape yet. Time tuh i dah noticed all the kerosi kat nursery and nursing room sumer keras2 belaka because saket time duduk haiyayaya. Then the same nurse yang sent me to 6C came to pick me up because she said doctor tgh round for checkups. So back to my bed in 1B and then a doctor checked my stitches...terkluar jugak laa ayaq mata biler dia tekan sampai dalam nak tau brapa panjang stitches tuh. Around 12pm, nurse said i can go home. So when Jeeb arrived, he went to settle the bill which cost us RM38. Ok since this is our first time at gov hospital memang nganga kagum kejap laa how affordable it was. Nurse handed over some documents to register anak kat JPN.

Time nih baru start waktu melawat. Tetiba ward penoh ngan orang...mak aih. Terlebey meriah!

Baby Zafeer @ HTAR

We went to Nursery 1 again to check out Zafeer before we went home...empty handed :( Gifts from our office cheer us up a bit.

Baby Zafeer @ HTAR  Baby Zafeer @ HTAR

Some of the things happening while Zafeer was in Nursery 1 were kene duduk bawah phototherapy because of jaundice, tube was removed after dah established breastfeeding, his weight dropped to 1.68 which the nurses said it's normal to lost weight in first few days. Time nih i've learned a new skill which is perah susu manually pakai tangan. Susu pon dah start kluar alhamdulillah.

Nursery 1 to Nursery 3
After few days spent at Nursery 1, baby Zafeer was then transferred to Nursery 3. Most babies kat N3 nih usually dah stabil and can stay in an open crib. I requested for a bed at bilik Rakan Bayi so i can have a rest biler dah abes menyusu. Tak larat nak duduk lama2 kat kerusi tuh one whole day sampai malam until Jeeb came to pick me up. Bilik Rakan Bayi is simple but cosy enough because it is air-conditioned and isolated. No guys or sedara mara can enter the room at all.

Baby Zafeer @ HTAR

When Zafeer's weight dah cecah 1.6, i started to room-in dengan harapan dapat breastfeed him banyak2 and dapat balik cepat. Boy i was wrong. The first night i stayed there, besok tuh kene timbang berat and his weight turun banyak to 1.51. I was really upset and rasa cam a total failure. Because of that Zafeer kene masuk incubator balik. Iols pon gigih laa ulang alik from Room 6 to Nursery 3 every couple of hours to breastfeed him sampai dia cecah 1.62kg balik. Biler dapat room-in again pressure le jugak takot berat turun lagik. Alhamdulillah his weight naik slow and steady and on the 28th days his weight was 1.82kg. Memula tuh Zafeer mmg banyak tido maybe because maybe he still thinks he's still dalam perot. Jenuh nak kejutkan dia bangun tido nak soh minom susu. Slalunyer biler ada masalah cemnie, bitau jer lactation nurse or Sister (matron) and they are always there to help...tolong massage and kejutkan baby, tolong betolkan nursing position etc. Tak lama lepas tuh ada good progress where Zafeer wakes up (wpon mata pejam) carik susu more frequently.

[Left] Daily stuff for baby i.e appeton, folic acid and ammonium aper tah tak ingat. [Right] Stok ebm mommies including mine. From zero to something i can be proud of myself.

Baby Zafeer at HTAR  Baby Zafeer @ HTAR

Every day ada 3 rounds of checkups. First round by housemen, second round by medical officer (MO) accompanied by housemen and third round by specialist accompanied by MO+housemen. Nih tak campor lagik nurse punyer round of checkup every few hours, even time kiter tidoq pon kene kejut if they wanted to ask anthing. Zafeer kene prolonged jaundice because dah more than 21 days still x hilang2 lagik, They did another round of test to rule out other causes. So far so good and we need to attend ultrasound appointment to scan his liver and kidney.

Baby Zafeer at HTAR

[Left] My daily view from the bed facing toilet. See that door remains open and cannot be closed. So imagine parents yang lalu lalang depan pintu mmg boleh tgk trus mommies yang dalam bilik nie tanpa filter. Kalo tgh breastfeeding if tak properly show. Nak cover aurat all the time was also challenging. It also can be very warm in here because kipas rosak sket takleh nk pusing2. [Right] My gadget at the hospital. I pump susu while facing the advantage for me duduk corner.

Baby Zafeer at HTAR  Baby Zafeer @ HTAR

Nursery 3 to Cheras
On the 28th days, the specialist said we can go home! Weeee i'm so happy and nervous at the same time. Hari sebelom tuh 4 of my roomies dah discharged...sedeh tak dapat kluar sesama because ada one result Zafeer tak kluar lagik that's why i had to stay one more day. So the next day tuh ingatkan dapat ler discharge sama2 dengan roomies next to my bed. Tapik result baby dia plak sangkut so she had to stay. So tak dapat laaa celebrate sesama. Jeeb came with baju persalinan baby Zafeer...i asked him to bring baju yang paling kecik he can find dalam wardrobe. And yet still too gedebeh biler dah pakaikan hehe kesian...tapik takper sebaik swaddle helps to cover. Jeeb went to settle the bills which costed us about RM114. Lega that we did not have to berhutang cam gila to pay the bills if we opt for private.

Initial plan lepas discharge was balik rumah Shah Alam. But Qeeb dah batuk for few days, so we had to change plan because risau jangkit2. I asked my sis if i can crashed her place for few days sementara Qeeb recover. She said ok so we chill out at her place for almost a week. Time to rejuvenate and recuperate.

Baby Zafeer @ HTAR  Baby Zafeer @ HTAR

Cheras to Shah Alam
Today dah 2 days we are at SA. I miss Qeeb so much...batuk dia pon dah makin surut, i hope he will fully recover soon. So he can kiss2 his adek...if he wants haha. So far he's such a gentle and loving towards his baby brother. If batuk dia cover his mouth and gi cuci tangan. Sometimes dia belek2 muka adek dia and he even peek tgk Zafeer's poop. When Zafeer cried his lungs out at night, Qeeb just ignored it wpon dia terjaga and he didn't mind i switched on the light to clean up Zafeer at night. Kalo dolu dia bising saket mata. Like i said so far so good :)

We also gonna bring Zafeer to series of appointments for health checkup like timbang berat every week at Klinik Kesihatan, scan etc. I was informed that for preemie baby, their progress kene monitor sampai umur 5-10 years old. Fuhhh...we keep on doa smoga baby Zafeer membesar dengan sehat walafiat, insya Allah.

Wish us luck as a new parent of two. Sesungguhnya kami bersyukur dengan anugerah & amanah dari Allah ini.

My Preemie Baby Boy

So many things happened for the last one month. One major milestone was I have safely delivered a baby boy 2 months early! Alhamdulillah syukur to Allah. The estimated due date was on 3 Jan 2016 but my baby decided to show up on 11 Nov 2015. I'll post the details in a different entry because his arrival deserves a special post :) We called him baby Zafeer.

I was discharged the next day after bersalin but I went home empty handed because baby Zafeer born as premature baby need to stay at the Special Care Nursery (SCN) for monitoring. I started ulang alik to hospital and then after 1 week plus i stayed in the hospital trus because ada katil kosong for ibu2 yang nak jaga anak. Staying at the hospital was totally stressful, mood ke laut, asik 'banjir', depress etc.

After seems like forever, on the 28th days, baby Zafeer graduated (discharged) from the hospital. Biler dah dapat confirmation that we can go home, i have a mixure feeling of joy and worry plak. I have waited  days and weeks to take my baby home. But when the day finally arrives it was kinda frightening to walk away from the security of the hospital nursery. But i reminded myself that the doctors won't send preemie baby home until he is ready. I read some articles on preemie and found some similarities with HTAR's requirement before they release the baby.
  • Can the baby maintain body temperature in an open crib for at least 24-48 hours?
    At first baby Zafeer had a weight loss sampai kene masuk incubator balik. After cecah 1.62kg, kluar incubator baru lepas tuh stabil. 
  • Can the baby take all feedings by bottle or breast without supplemental tube feedings? Doctors insisted on fully breastfeeding. Even nak top up with our own ebm pon not encouraged because they will evaluate from different perspective plak. Alhamdulillah after a while baby Zafeer dah pandai sucking and i'm able to breastfeed him on demand.
  • Can the baby gain weight steadily? At HTAR, baby yang born more than 1kg can go home once achieved 1.8kg weight. For babies yang born less than 1kg have to wait until 2kg baru boleh balik. Since baby Zafeer was born at 1.7kg, when he reached 1.82kg the doc said we can go home. Every time timbang berat baby, debaran nyer ya Allah macam tunggu result SPM. 
  • Spend time with baby
    Biler room-in dengan baby, i get to know him better without any other distraction. Cuma focus kat dia only. Check his diapers, update nurse dia shishi and yak ke tak, Kalo yak color aper. Bagi ubat & vitamins pakai syringe. Learn his feeding patterns. Burp kan dia after each feeding, it's important because preemie baby very sensitive and ada yang bleh turn to blue kalo tersedak. Cuddle and talk to him. And also pump susu for stock, cuci breastpump. Rasa cam takde lah banyak sangat kejer nyer kan but still rasa tak cukup time. I sleep with my phone yang dah set timer every 1 hour. Tahap nervous sampai cenggitu, every minute is precious, even pegi makan and mandi pon terkejar2. 
  • Lab Test If all test sumer ok especially blood test to check organs, mmg lega lah. Kalo ada problem sket, dorang akan tahan for few more days to monitor. If nothing serious they can treat it as out patient and prescribe some ubat. Ada yang kene buat test mata and telinga. 
Family and friends banyak advised to take a good care of myself. Sometimes i can't help but to feel annoyed but sometimes it does help. Nih laa namanyer emotionally tak stabil. Yes it is important to stay healthy because kalo saket saper nak jaga and breastfeed the baby? So mintak maap when I replied whatsapp generally to anyone yang tanya kabar berita, it's just that i get the same questions a lot. Penat jugak nak type benda yang sama kan. 
  • Allow plenty of time to heal. You might need more time to recover from the rigors of childbirth than you imagined. Eat a healthy diet, and get as much rest as you can. Not exactly kind of confinement i had in mind. But one has to adapt the situation and redha. Makanan kat hospital mana de ikot pantang sangat. Lauk pon sama jer...ayam for lunch and ikan sardin for dinner. After one week bersalin tuh baru dapat chance to berurut twice. Later2 lah biler dah settle down baru arrange for another session of urut.
  • Acknowledge your emotions. Expect to feel joy, sadness, anger and frustration. You might celebrate successes one day, only to experience setbacks the next. Give yourself permission to take it one day at a time. Remember that you and your partner or spouse might react to stress and anxiety differently, but you both want what's best for your baby. Support each other during this stressful time. This is sooo true. But since i'm the one who experienced everything directly so my emotions yang slalu spiked or merundum jatuh hahaha. Luckily Jeeb always motivated and consoled me. He tried his best to cheer me up and i really appreciated that. And knowing the facts that i have family and friends yang caring and supportive keeps me going. 
  • Take a break when you need it. If you leave the hospital before your baby, use your time at home to prepare for your baby's arrival. Your baby needs you, but it's important to balance time at the hospital with time for yourself and the rest of your family. I was really exhausted time baru2 lepas bersalin hari tuh because i spent one whole day at the hospital duduk kerusi keras2 belaka and then balik rumah late at night. Wpon bukan sendiri yang drive, the trip takes about 20-30 minutes. Time kat hospital, risaukan Qeeb because he was too manja with me. Biler sampai rumah malam2, risaukan baby Zafeer pulak. At the same time I needed the rest and busy pump susu (kalo x cukup stok nanti nurse akan call soh hantar susu wpon odd hours). I was frustrated because susu siket time tuh and I feel like i'm neglecting Qeeb. When i decided to stay in the hospital lepas tuh, Alhamdulillah ada part yang Allah make it easier for us to get use with the new routine. 
  • Be honest with your baby's siblings. If you have other children, try to answer their questions about the new baby simply. You might explain that their baby sister or brother is sick and you're worried.We showed Qeeb some pictures of his baby brother. Dia ingat dah nama adek dia siap dengan spelling. We also explained to him why I had to be at the hospital and spend more time with the baby. Classic sample was when Qeeb got admitted kat hospital, mama will accompany him sampai sehat and kluar from hospital so now mama had to do the same for adek. Dia paham and once Jeeb brought him to hospital to visit the baby. Tengok dari luar jer, muka malu2 and his first remark biler tgk his baby brother was 'keciknye!' lol! 
  • Accept help from others. Allow friends and loved ones to care for older children, prepare food, clean the house or run errands. Let them know what would be helpful. I totally rely on Jeeb to pack my stuff yang nak pakai kat hospital. And once in a while if time permits, Jeeb will send over home cooked food. Baju2 kotoq plak mintak tolong helper cucikan. Also glad to know that Qeeb is accompanied by his Tok Wan and Tok Mama so takde lah dia lonely sangat.
  • Seek support. Join a local support group for parents of preemies, or check out online communities. Seek professional help if you're feeling depressed or you're struggling to cope with your new responsibilities.
    I made new friends at HTAR. All mommies kat situ sumer friendly. We also ada whatsapp group to know each other updates, progress baby, appointments with specialist etc. 
So now i can relate myself with all the articles i've been reading online. Dolu tak cukup knowledge about premature baby, i always thought it's about weight gain. But it's way more than that because they are very delicate and fragile. I totally respect my friends yang their babies dah berbulan kat NICU and yet they are still full of positivity and cheerful. They are really tough mommies because each babies yang kat NICU have their own special challenges.

I'm also unable to accept any visits at the moment. Because a cold or quick illness to your kid may be a major setback or even a hospitalization for mine. Because when you sneeze, all I see are those thousands of germ particles hurtling toward my baby's face. Doctors said it could take a month of recovery for preemie baby if infected. And, if we’re unlucky, a hospital stay. So i'm sorry and please don't judge me as overprotective if i have to turn down whenever you said 'can i come over?' or 'when i can visit?' Because i do not have the answer yet. I’m just trying to keep my preemie healthy and it's better to be safe than sorry.

Update: I've posted an entry about my experience delivering baby Zafeer here

Le Choutte Macaron Studio

Now we can collect the Le Choutte Macaron's cake directly at their shop/ studio in SOHO Empire. Kalo dolu pickup kat bawah are shopping mall.

Cake Studio Le Choutte Macaron

I love this vintage look signage.

Cake Studio Le Choutte Macaron

From the entrance ada small counter. Behind the counter ada chiller with cakes yang ready to be collected. Wall decor of owl paintings, owl merchandise and other stuff. One thing i noticed that the studio takde bau cake but bau aromatic oil instead hehe. But Farhad sure knows how to decor every nooks and corners.

Cake by Le Choutte Macaron

This was the cake we collected hari tuh for Qeeb's birthday. The cake and macarons mmg awesome. 

Cake by Le Choutte Macaron

Tea at Cafaeyen, BS

My current favourite drink is 2-Tea from Cafaeyen. Tapik skang 2-Tea slalu not available at BS outlet so the other 2 options that i like are signature cha or chafae-yen (coffee and tea). Signature coffee dorang pon sedap gak btw but now tgh phase tea-addict.

2-Tea at Cafaeyen, BS

If i tapau, dah pesan soh less kan the ice but hard for them to do so. Usually when i reached the opis, i will take out all the ice cecepat. Kalo tidak nanti jadik cair jer air tuh. Konon nak minom lek lek sambil wat kejer khannn. Wpon quantity jadik sket but still can enjoy the taste of the drink :)

Qeeb's 5th Birthday Celebration

Qeeb and Irina share same birthday month. In fact, my sis and my arwah mom birthdays are in Oct too! We had a simple and quick celebration. Food pon mostly tapau and instant. Except for spaghetti bolognaise home made punyer. Pagi tuh we run some errands like collect cake kat studio Farhad, beli sandwiches and donuts. We love the cake btw! The custom part was macarons with rims.

Birthday Qeeb 2015

Next pit stop was Macaroni Food & Coffee. We bought 5 different pizza toppings altogether.

Birthday Qeeb 2015  Birthday Qeeb 2015

Sampai rumah, i setup the table nak letak cake. Wpon takde orang lain yang datang except siblings, gigih gak nak decor siket for album purpose. So the cake won't look so lonely i guess heheh. The cake was a hit again this year. 3 layers of red velvet, salted caramel and chocolate. The cream cheese and fresh cream compliment each layer of the cake. Memang totally worth it!

Birthday Qeeb 2015
Birthday Qeeb 2015  Birthday Qeeb 2015
Birthday Qeeb 2015

Just like last year, time part amik gambar depan cake mmg kitowang nervous and kene rushing. Because we know Qeeb can bertahan and senyum for few minutes jer. So it was like snap2, quick change pose, snap2, and before we can get enough of it dia dah sibok nak turun from the kerosi. But i'm happy enough dapat gambar dia senyum cemnie hehe. Oh before tuh I had to sadly agree with Qeeb's terms and conditions that there will be no birthday song, no blowing the candle (display jer takpe), and no cake cutting. So I had to inform every body else the same and they were like 'awwww not again?!' lol! 5th year pon sama jugak...he doesn't like to be in the spotlight.

Birthday Qeeb 2015

The cousins. 

Birthday Qeeb 2015  Birthday Qeeb 2015

Petang tuh we went to Empire Shopping Mall for the second time. Qeeb gets to choose his own birthday pressie. At first dia mintak 2 bijik tomica diecast car. Haha i'm more than happy to buy that (jimat sket duit) but kasik chance laa birthday boy. So i asked him to get something bigger. Ke depan ke belakang dia carik and punggah boxes sampai jumpe yang berkenan. 

Birthday Qeeb 2015

Finally he chose this black mustang. One of the reasons was rim dia ke dalam (i dunno if there's any term for it)

Birthday Qeeb 2015

Choosing a birthday car is a hard work, really! So we treated ourselves for a cup of tea and coffee at Tous les Jours before heading home. 

Coffee and tea @ Tous le Jours, Empire Shopping Mall  Coffee and tea @ Tous le Jours, Empire Shopping Mall
Coffee and tea @ Tous le Jours, Empire Shopping Mall  Coffee and tea @ Tous le Jours, Empire Shopping Mall

The day before tuh, for his school friends we brought 2 boxes of brownies and some party packs yang my sis tolong belikan. She saves the day! :D

Birthday Qeeb 2015  Birthday Qeeb 2015

I made a last minute tag. Sebaik sempat sampai on time, but im not happy with the font. Oh well nak tukar sangat pon takde idea time tuh. Gambar keta Ferrari si Qeeb yang pilih. Layan jelahhh :)

Birthday Qeeb 2015  Birthday Qeeb 2015