My Birthday Celebration 2015

Sendiri punyer birthday takde special entry...must have riteee! So it's a backdated entry...for my own note. We had dinner at home because i was still in confinement period. On the day itself, i got 2 cakes from loved ones heheh. One from Jeeb and the other one was from MIL. The coincidence was earlier that day, Susu asked what type of birthday cake i want because she planned to pay a visit. I said cheese cake! I didn't tell Jeeb at all so it was a very nice surprise when i saw a whole cheesecake in front of me.

Soul's Birthday Celebration 2015  Soul's Birthday Celebration 2015

PIL gave me a flower and fruit basket. This one pon was a nice surprise...they really shouldn't have to buy anything.

Soul's Birthday Celebration 2015

Jeeb gave me meaningful charms to add on to my thomas sabo bracelet. 'Mom' for the recent birth to Zafeer and 'keys' to our new house. Love it!

Soul's Birthday Celebration 2015

First photo the four of us. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for this blessing. 

Soul's Birthday Celebration 2015


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