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Beetle that Stings

Over dinner we were talking about WASP and BEES.

Later, Zafeer casually asked why VOLKSWAGEN sting orang? It took me few seconds to realise he was talking about the WASP. 


He was embarrassed because all of us tergelak. But we quickly said the name WASP-WAGON is too cute! It is sort of beetle gak hahaha!

Take Away

The takeaway because we can't dine in cafe or restaurant. Thankful for the free delivery promotion, slashed price on some menus and points redemption. 

McDonald's BTS Meal comes with cajun sauce and sweet chilli sauce

McDonald BTS

Burger King - Seoul Pedas, Whopper Jr, Mushroom and Cheese burger 

Burger King

Nippon Sushi

Lunch Shin Nihon Takeaway

Tea Live Bang Bang Milk tea and Eats Cookies and Nestum Shrimp

Tealive Drink and Cookies


Lunch Nandos Takeaway

Virtual Tahlil & Bacaan Yasin for Arwah MSB

Arwah MSB was my boss in current company. Kenal dia few years before zaman Pernec and we worked in a same project for a while. Tak work directly with him yet time tuh but penah satu team ngan dia main bowling. He was a good bowler btw. Then he tukar kerja masuk MEPS, skali ngan kak Ita and few years later i joined his team under IBG. Seorang yang calm and wise, slalu aper yang dia cakap tuh well thought and tersusun. Everyone in the company yang kenal arwah rasa sedih when we got the news. 

Tahlil & Bacaan Yassin Arwah MSB

Alhamdulillah dapat joined this virtual tahlil and bacaan Yasin untuk arwah En. Mat Saad

Seeing old names and faces of ex colleagues in Pernec, rindu zaman kejer kat PNB dulu. Since ada yang shared the link, so ada kengkawan from MEPS, MYC and PYN also joined. Even yang dah resigned from PYN pon ada. 

Ramai hormat and remember him as a wise boss, a good mentor and friend. Murah rezeki En. MSB time hembuskan nafas terakhir family disisi, dapat minta maaf, and people remember him benda yang baik2 jer. He will be missed!