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Buka Puasa @ Open House, KLCC

Bulan puasa ari tuh i joined the bosses and biz partner for buka puasa at Open House KLCC. It took me about 40mins to reach KL from Shah Alam and i meetup with Seah at the entrance/exit yang facing the fountain since we arrived about the same time. We passed by few restaurants because tak sure which one and the pintu pon not exactly kat depan2. Lagik 2 orang dah sampai so we straight naik lift to 1st floor. Actually naik spiral stairs nie pon boleh jugak. Takde gang nak posing2...kalo dak mau lima sploh minit spend time kat entrance amik gambar hehe. 

Open House @ KLCC Open House @ KLCC

To save time and headache nak makan aper the boss dah tolong order kan siap2 from this menu. At first i thought dorang letak rules/SOP because siap ada jata negara (ok i baru blajar in english it is called Coat of arms of Msia)

Open House @ KLCC  Open House @ KLCC

Ada 3 types of rice and 3 side dishes. Semua sedap and dessert also sedap!

Open House @ KLCC  Open House @ KLCC
Open House @ KLCC  Open House @ KLCC

I left the bosses and excuse myself to go to surau. It was a long queue and panic because maghrib dah hujung2! Lepas tuh tetiba queue jadik laju and guard kasik masuk cepat2 and pesan jaga distance. So i guess earlier tuh memang lagik sikit orang lah dalam surau sebab nak jaga SOP. The good thing is security guard slalu masuk dalam check and bagi warning siapa yang nak bersiap make up bagai sila kluar pegi toilet. Because memang ada yang jenis ignorant tak pikir kat luar ada lagik orang beratur nak kejar waktu solat.

Open House @ KLCC

Here's KLCC raya decor at concourse area...the only spot i singgah, lol! I rarely singgah KLCC on weekends. During weekdays plak usually it's after a meeting nearby but memang tak merayau because it's always the case nak beat the traffic or dah lewat so takot nak gi car park sensorang.

Open House @ KLCC

It was just a simple decor, jadik lah amik gambar as kenangan that i was there in May 2021.

Open House @ KLCC  Open House @ KLCC
Open House @ KLCC  Open House @ KLCC
 Open House @ KLCC Open House @ KLCC

Hospital Playlist - Episode 10

So far all the series are just heart-warming and comforting! Me likey :) But in this Season 2 Episode 10, i captured some of my favourite scenes.

  • This week's playlist was Bon Jovi It's My Life sempena Ik Jun's birthday. The theme was black and chain so ada yang sibok start carik leather pants and rantai bagai. The ending of their gig serious lawak because semua mengah mencungap yelahh dah 40s kan. 
  • I want these coffee mugs because square-ish with gold handles! But tatau mana can buy, try search kat shopee tak jumpe lagik haha. Actually in the room, ada one more of mugs but i like this one because it actually has texture. 
  • You can see the texture more clearly in this pic. Ik Jun biler hujan jer mesti automatically buat coffee and ajak tengok hujan.  

  • Watching the rain through window is just so relaxing. Just love this two couple!

DR Site Visit at KL and Cyber

Lama tak pegi site visit tgk server and racks. Once in a while step out from home office is nice. First half was fully utilize to visit 2 places, one in Cyberjaya and second one in KL. Balik tuh terus sambung kejer.

DR Site Visit  DR Site Visit

Yang kat Cyberjaya, surroundings best sebab banyak pokok and tak sesak, Yang KL plak compact giler the floor, but lagik tersusun. 

DR Site Visit  DR Site Visit

DR Site Visit DR Site Visit

DR Site Visit  DR Site Visit

Stay At Home Activities with Family

Extracted this from SM's insta post and i think most of us totally can relate what's going on now:

Living in these pandemic times has been tough for everyone
Locked at home
Day in and out
Everyday is just like any other day
It can be stressful for all of us
Especially the little Ones

Some tips to stay positive during these times.
  1. Jot down things to do - Many things can be done that you never have the time before 
    Me: I love to write down almost everything because i always forget stuff! So it helps when i flipped back some of my writings especially meeting notes. I recently bought Paperang (thermal printer) so i can just screenshot whatever interesting and print it out
  2. Learn to Cook - Many Recipes can be tried out during these times . It’s a good way to test your Culinary Skills
    Me: I only cook recipe yang i find senang2 jer. I don't really enjoy cooking yang kene prepare banyak ingredients, slow cook, nak kene blend itu ini dulu whatsoever. Perhaps if my kitchen is fully airconditioned and ada island ker maybe lah boleh amik mood sket nak spend time on cooking heheh. But its interesting to try new recipes yang teringin like burnt cheesecake using air fryer, korean garlic bun, chilli butter cream clam. Memang senang, sedap and onz!
  3. Try Painting - Art is a great way to ease the mind . Get a Canvas at start doing your masterpiece.
    Me: I love doodling and recently i signed up the boys to art classes - pencil colour and water colour. It was fun!  
  4. Reading - We never have the time to read. Buy some motivational, autobiography, sci-fi Books . You will soon feel much better .
    Me: Early of the year i set a target to finish a book at least every 2 months. But kelaut sket the target. I bought some new books too, ada yang dah abes, ada yang halfway lol! Now makin ke laut dalam. I bought some new books for the kids too, so we try to read few pages every night and hopefully can finish it by end of the year. 
  5. Change the routine - Plan something that is out of the Box with the family . Camping in the garden or play board games together.
    Me: Nothing much. With the limited space we just do whatever we are comfortable with. 
  6. Watch a Movie - Have a night watching movies together at home . Get your pillows and blankets on the Sofa with a home made popcorn. The kids would love them.
    Me: Yeap, watching movies together is something the kids look forward to. If i cannot finish it the whole 2 hours, the kids just continue because tak sabar nak tgk sampai abes haha. Qeeb will remind me to continue watching and siap tolong rewindkan which part yang i stopped. Si Zafeer pulak tukang bagi spoiler, lol! Geram tapik too cute because cara dia citer tuh innocent jer soh i get ready to anticipate what's next.
  7. Sleep with your kids - The family sleeping together in one Bedroom. For old times sake . The kids would love it.
    Me: I'll pass this one because takde space, lol! I just teman the boys in their room until they fall asleep. We changed bed layout twice, memula sblah2 so that dorang tak takot and now masing2 nak own wall and they're doing great with separate beds! Finalleh they can sleep on their own, no more terbangun in the middle of the night and wake us up. 
  8. Get a Haircut - It’s okay to cut your kids hair even though the results are disastrous . It will soon grow once School reopens . Not sure when that would be.
    Me: I've tried to cut the boys hair a couple of times because Qeeb bising panjang sangat and dah geli2 masuk telinga. Yang Zafeer lak rambut tebal naw biler peluh adoii!. Dah terlupa actually cemana nak potong so this recent haircut turned out quite disastrous, lol! I trimmed Jeeb's hair once but now dia dah tanak, lol! Takut le tew. 
Mental Health is the biggest problem during these pandemic .
  • Identify them
  • Talk to your loved Ones for support .
  • Get help
  • With new cases rising up to 20K a day, it’s terrifying .
  • Get vaccinated Everyone
Stay Home and Stay Safe . Spread the love . 
Start your Day with a big Smile .

Kumon Class

We signed up Zafeer for a Kumon class to prep him for standard 1 next year. School these days expect the kids dah able to read, can do calculation and fast. Even preschool skang pon bukan main number kecik2 dah...tambah tolak main ngan number besar2. 

Since banyak kids yang dah advanced so saper yang slow2 tuh boleh tercicir especially dalam skolah kebangsaan yang ramai kids in one class. So we’re hoping with Kumon, it will help Zafeer to be more focus and at par.

Lunch @ MinMax, Darby Park Kumon Class

Since we signed up Qeeb as well so ada lah motivation Zafeer to do it. But at times dia mengamok gak sbb penat banyak pages per worksheet. Ada times i plak yang terciduk skip hari padahal kumon has to do every day to develop the skill.

I was inspired tengok Mai yang discipline buat every single day with her daughter and anak dia plak highly motivate to complete kan her worksheet.Masalahnyer i'm not as disciplined, lol! Padahal it’s just 20 mins jer max with zafeer, Qeeb can do on his own and usually he takes less than 8 minutes. So this is a training for myself lah jugak to be more consistent and better manage the timing every day. 

Kumon Class

Weekend in Klang & Lunch @ D'Network

It's a rare occasion to go to Klang. But k.Sue nak pegi visit her mom yang in transit before balik IDN. We were so reluctant to go there, what's with Covid case tgh tinggi, each keta plak max 3 orang so we had to bawak 2 keta. If i hantar dia sorang i'm not familiar with the area and somehow rasa nervous plak nak gi situ, nak soh Jeeb yang send klakar plak berdua jer laki pompuan, nak pegi bertiga sapa pulak nak jaga the kids kat rumah. Stress betoi that weekend nak kene layan her request to stay overnight kat rumah yang kitowang tak kenal. But we insisted she can only spend few hours there and we will send Grab to pick her up. 

Weekend @ Klang Apple Strudel Fruity Cake, Klang
Weekend @ Klang Weekend @ Klang

The road to that house is very narrow and dead end pulak tuh, so i doubt Grab driver can reach there sendiri and if i kene navigate from a phone call pon i tak reti. So ended up, petang tuh we went to Klang again. Few weeks later we went there again because the mom still stranded there. But time tuh reported case kinda stabil so we are ok with it. To make the trip worth it, we ordered the famous apple strudel from Fruity Bakery online and then pegi collect on the way back. Tapik before balik tuh singgah lah kejap makan kat area D'Network Setia Alam sbb semua dah kelaparan. 
D'Network Setia Alam  Lunch @ D'Global Cuisine, D'Network Setia Alam
Lunch @ D'Global Cuisine, D'Network Setia Alam  Lunch @ D'Global Cuisine, D'Network Setia Alam

The place is quite new and panas lit lit betoi time tuh. As usual biler panas camnie, semua takde mood nak amik gambar. Before makan emo lapar, after makan emo nantok plak. Ishh rugi betoi sbb lighting onz wey! 

Lunch @ D'Global Cuisine, D'Network Setia Alam D'Network Setia Alam

We had lunch at D'Global Cuisine. We had a peaceful (because tak ramai orang) and scrumptious lunch. 

Lunch @ D'Global Cuisine, D'Network Setia Alam  Lunch @ D'Global Cuisine, D'Network Setia Alam
Lunch @ D'Global Cuisine, D'Network Setia Alam
Lunch @ D'Global Cuisine, D'Network Setia Alam Lunch @ D'Global Cuisine, D'Network Setia Alam Lunch @ D'Global Cuisine, D'Network Setia Alam  Lunch @ D'Global Cuisine, D'Network Setia Alam
Lunch @ D'Global, D'Network Setia Alam Lunch @ D'Global Cuisine, D'Network Setia Alam Lunch @ D'Global Cuisine, D'Network Setia Alam Lunch @ D'Global Cuisine, D'Network Setia Alam

Quick grocery shopping at the supermarket. Jumpe a box of yee sang macam jumpe treasure gituh. 

Garden Grocer @ D'Network, Setia Alam Garden Grocer @ D'Network, Setia Alam 
Lunch @ D'Global Cuisine, D'Network Setia Alam