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Stayed late in the office, when my Project Director (PD) said "lets have a drink". We agreed to join if its at 39th *wink* and he said no problem *yesss! hehe*. 39th restaurant is the name of a restaurant at Darby Park's rooftop level 39 with KLCC view. Been wanting to go there since Ramadhan last year but the buffet was a lil bit pricey.

The weather was nice, the view was perfect and the food was ok. We had udang harimau and sotong grilled, sate and otak2. I brought my ixus, but no memory card...bijak! bijak! we had to use our handphone to take pixies. Of course no satisfaction with the result as you can see :( but then we can't miss the opportunity to snap photos rite? first time always count even you can go to that place any other time.

@ 39th Restaurant
Happy Valentine's Day!

I made this silly collage for Cheepster

And then he drew me this! Hehe now i really think mine is very silly :P
Surprise! Happy Valentine's Day Choul!

A fashion show in Hong Kong, Disneyland with Mickey Mouse-themed outfits in conjunction of CNY, year of the rat. I like the black outfit...3rd from the right.
Gong Xi Fa Cai! 7-8th February 2008

Happy Chinese New Year or izit Happy New Chinese Year? Hak hak! Went for pai lin at pat yee's house in Mont Kiara. The usual menu is definitely yee sang :D 2 of my aunts can't make it, Adly and Didi oso werent there because they followed opah balik kampung. Rasa cam x cukup crowd.

chinese new year 2008

I loikee Lily's pink cheongsam! Hehehe and i oways like to see Cavan's expression whenever Lily is around.

chinese new year 2008

Cheepster was also present hehehe. Later petang tuh, we meet up with Zet and Samsul @ Ikano. Love the kain they bought for me so so much!

chinese new year 2008

Looking back...glad that we have gone through few things that day. *happy* Have a Rat year everyone! Mmuaahhh!
Went to Jusco, Maluri on Saturday. Guess what....power shortage!!! Only half of the building ada lampu, no air-cond running, and most of the restaurants and cafes were closed for business. I planned to go to MPH but it was closed as well....eeeks drove thru the rain for nothing!

Went to International Cat Show @ Midv the other day. RM3 for entrance fees. The cats displayed are so darn adorable! However the display method were not very audience friendly.

And this one looked just like a tissue box cover hehehe. Aihhh so cute!

Burger King dessert...Butterfingers! Yummeh!