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Salam Ramadhan

Salam everyone,

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa. Maap kiranya ada salah silap dan tersinggung prasaan. Hoping all of you will have the best Ramadhan this year filled with Allah's mercy and the Quran. And may Allah make us amongst those who are blessed to get Lailatul Qadar.

Bersahur with the family is fun sbb tengok sumer orang kunyah makan ngan mata stok tak boleh bukak. So don't forget to bersahur sebab dapat pahala wpon sekadar seteguk air. Then look forward to berbuka puasa, confirm meriah. Lepas tuh berterawih pulak especially dapat berjemaah kat masjid. Time nak pegi tuh i admit kengkadang liat tapik biler dah sampai tuh OMG bestnyer! Banyak benda nak look forward nie :) Happy Ramadhan everyone!

Weekend in Smart Tunnel

Dolu time kejer kat Jln Tun Razak, KL this is a common view. Everyday without fail traffic jam even inside Smart Tunnel itself. But now, weekend pon jam jugak?! Aiyooo stress makcik! Wpon dah bayar RM2 just to save few minutes but sangkut jugak.

Weekend in Smart Tunnel, Kuala Lumpur

Muka toya ngadap jam. Luckily Qeeb is the type who stay seated in his car seat. Or else i will be kalut dah if he starts to get bored and trying to unbuckle himself from the car seat.

Weekend in Smart Tunnel, Kuala Lumpur

And lagik lega biler dia tidoq. I can focus on my driving, he gets a nap and tak cranky biler jenjalan.

Weekend in Smart Tunnel, Kuala Lumpur

Google Reader is Officially Dead

I am so sad that Google Reader has officially shut down today (1st Jul 2013) that I wanted to make an entry about it!

If only i can happily bye bye like that. Huaaaa, seriously Google?? How could you....sampai hati buat camneh!

I've tried 3 RSS alternatives like Feedly, Old Reader and Digg. But none of it really make me happy :( Especially when I need a search function. Apparently Google's algorithm is very complicated that's why banyak yang cannot provide that function.

Oh well, hopefully some of these RSS reader buat enhancement that can make me jatuh chenta again. Kalo tak makin kurang membaca lah iols jadiknyer.