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Big Bad Wolf Books Sale 2009

All i can say the BBW book sale is awesome! It's like a book paradise ai tell you! The price range were from RM8 to RM20. And i found tons of book i wanna buy. At first i was holding a box with 13 books in it, but in the end i chose only 3...tough decision wohhh :( If only i have extra money to burn, i'll definitely grab the hardcovers because the feeling of displaying hardcover on the book shelf is precious regardless of its content =P
Interesting cover always catch my attention...well that's what designers are for right? Besides i'm the type who judge the book by it's cover hahaks (^.^)

More books! I was so green with envy looking at other peeps who walked out with boxes bursting with books. Boleh buat reading stock stahun tuhhh!

Browsed kids section as well if there's any interesting book i can buy for my nephews and niece. But i seriously don't know what to buy.

Oh lots of DIY and recipes books too! How i wish i can buy all of em! But knowing that i can get lots of tutorial and samples online so isokay.

Soo kesimpulannyer, sangat lah tak sia2 i've made a wrong turn when i was about to reach Amcorp Mall then i had to make a big turn at the PJ area, waited for parking space patiently, parked tetengah panas, and saket kaki sbb pakai heels. Hohhh it's all worth it even though all i bought was 3 books because it made me happey =)

Fun walk @ Dukethon

On 22nd Nov, we participated the Dukethon (marathon) organized by Duke Highway. It's the nation's 1st ever 1Malaysia run on KL's newest highway. We signed up the easiest category of course, the Fun Walk because nak lari 5km macam tak larat jer lol! We arrived at the scene around 7.15am and the highway has already closed for the event. Cool eh! It's not like everyday you can walk, sit and posing around on a highway.

Dukethon 2009

Somehow the weather is a bit gloomy that day. No blue skies, no clouds hence the photos were bit mandom. 1km sangat kejap okeh, peluh2 jantan pon tak sempat nak kluar maybe because we literally stop every 2-3mins to take photos =P At this point of shoot, we've walked more than 500m.
Dukethon 2009

The Dukethon bunting along the highway.

Dukethon 2009

View of runners and walkers towards the finishing line. When we reached 1km, the organizer handed us certificates! Yayy!!

Dukethon 2009

Posed with our certs. Poor Cheep and Poji who had to bear taking our photos that day heheh. Then we went to watch a cultural performance for few minutes. The music arrangement was awesome with a combination of 5 types of gendang and gamelan.

Dukethon 2009

Then went to check out the booths for food and some freebies.

Dukethon 2009

We took photos with clowns

Dukethon 2009

And jumped with a clown

Dukethon 2009

At the Road Safety booth and wrote a pledge.

Dukethon 2009

Bought 2 personal pan pizza and share with everyone. Hohhh lapar giler time tuh! Sib 100plus punyer booth dekat ngan queue hot air balloon so senang nak gi minom, free flow plak tuh kalo tak mau tercekik makan hahaha

Dukethon 2009

Eating while waiting for the hot air balloon to set up. We were among the top 15 in the queue tapik tuh pon still kene tunggu lama gak oh before our turn. And it's amazing ada jugak yang nak potong queue dengan muka tak malu. But the couple yang potong queue tuh trick terel because dia borak gelak2 ngan kitowang pehtu nyelit masuk. Nak marah cam tak kuasa and orang blakang pon sure ingat they were our friends. Hurmph!

Dukethon 2009

The black hot air balloon with a smiley face

Dukethon 2009

Me and Cheep inside the wicker basket ready to take off.

Dukethon 2009

After touched down.

Dukethon 2009

Then check out cars on display. Banyak gak keta with Hello Kitty theme. Cute but serabutlah! But i think dorang bukan drive keta nie tiap2 ari kot kan? Time tuh tingat one rude HK car yang potong my queue in the Smart Tunnel. Tah2 that stupid car ada kat situ!

Dukethon 2009

Haaa nih i like! Hello Kitty ekzos. hehehe

Dukethon 2009

Time nak balik tuh merempit kejap ngan Mas. Lama giler tak naik motor, the last time was back in college days tumpang pegi class naik motor ngan Irma. Tapik Mas nie bawak telebey laju and agak gayat jugak lah hahaha. Sempat gak ler mintak Shara betoikan my portable sewing machine. Nak menjahit tapik tak reti nak letak benang, how? Since macam susah sangat and everybody dah start lapar balik, i asked shara to bawak balik and tgk whether the machine can still run or not.

Dukethon 2009

So that was my experience in Dukethon. Now i can say I'm one of the first to set foot on Duke :)

Hari Raya AidilAdha

Would like to wish all Muslims


The day before Raya Haji

The office is half empty. The rest yang ada bukannya in Raya mood but we're just too distracted with 'other' things (read: social media). Besides, usually our HQ will declare half day leave because besok raya so we're just practically wasting our time here. I want to upload some photos on Dukethon but unfortunately my thumbdrive is still in the laptop bag kat rumah. Nak upload photos from my camera tada card reader plak kat sini :( Heeeshh!

Hopefully jadik lah HQ declare cuti half day muehehehe. So that i can go to the Big Bad Wolf book sale later hehe.

Dinner @ Balifeel, The Sphere

Last Friday, the GLC gang meetup at The Sphere, Bangsar South. Cemana bleh di declare as bangsar south tah padahal kat blah Kerinchi. I think it's a strategic place to meetup considering the facts that Kak Fara is from PJ, me and Mas from KL, Shara from Bukit Jalil boleh ikot NPE and D is the nearest kat TM. So it's fair for all of us and nak balik pon senang terus masuk federal highway.

Birthday @ The Sphere

Kat situ ada Carrefour supermarket, San Francisco Coffee, Little Taiwan, Balifeel, The Tappers, Penang Village, Chicken Rice Shop and S'mores. And we chose Balifeel because rasa cam dah lama tak makan ayam penyet huhu.

Birthday @ The Sphere

One of the main reason for this month meetup is to celebrate Shara (19 Nov) and Mas's (25 Nov) birthday. We ordered 16pcs cupcakes from adorablecupcakes.

Birthday @ The Sphere

The two birthday girls, Shara and Mas.

Birthday @ The Sphere

We did 2 themes. For Shara the design was sewing machine, needle + threads and buttons since she loves menjahit.

Birthday @ The Sphere

For Mas plak, kasik design bike and helmet since dia neh suker merempit dengan Shadow dia hehe.

Birthday @ The Sphere

Another cupcakes photo with Kak Fara plak. Time nie, she just arrived because jam gilos.

Birthday @ The Sphere

Gambar stok gedix must have lol! Ohhh bolatnyer muka! (^.~)

Birthday @ The Sphere

Dinner is served. I chose 'Kenangan Bali' meal which was quite good except that the chicken is too small for my tahap lapar :P Macam D punyer meal, ayam dia besar but taste lain plak. Hurmphh! But the most important thing is the sambal penyet was good :)

Birthday @ The Sphere

What else we did ah? Oh I distributed the Dukethon stuff...tshirts, caps, balms and maps because i'm the one collecting it from the organizer. So rasa cam jadik supplier plak haha.

Birthday @ The Sphere

Then we discussed bout the Dukethon route and where to park. Gambar sangat poyo hokey hahaha! Macamlah nak rompak bank gituh.

Birthday @ The Sphere

And also distributed souvenir from Jue who had vacation at Australia. Macehh :)

Birthday @ The Sphere

Sesi membayar plak. Siap kuarkan calculator hehe. Well tgh bulan kan, masing2 bayar sendiri ler.

Birthday @ The Sphere

After dinner, we continued camho outdoor. Macam2 gaya gedix ah hehe. But this time we tayang kasut cukup ler.

Birthday @ The Sphere

Friends forever babes (^.^) Insya Allah =)

Birthday @ The Sphere

Plaza GM @ Chow Kit - Part II

Sambung balik citer Plaza GM. Dari tingkat 1 until 7 ada kedai jual handbags, accessories, shoes, gifts, watches, sunglasses and macam2 lagik lah. All photos are taken with cameraphone, so banyak gambar yang tak jadik sbb main curik snap :P

Rows of couple-tshirts

Rattan tote bags


Pendek kater everything is colorful :) Me likey :D 2 jam jugak lah ronda each level and kedai tapik tak beli aper pon. Balik opis tuh trus tapau food jer because dah tak sempat nak lunch (^.^) Skian citer pasal jalan2 cari pasal last Friday.

Tag dari Spiffy

Got tagged by si Spiffy the angkasaman! Sorry Spiff, can't help to jawab campor macam rojak (sket jer). So hopefully, the one i tag in the list feel free enough to do this BM tag *peace*

1. Adakah anda rasa anda hot?
Oh yeah hot-tempered tapik cepat sejuk.

2.Upload gambar kegemaran anda.

3. Cerita pasal gambar?

The Rugrats (my nephews and niece) pegi begambar di studio buat julung kali yang pertama. Rindu nak gado kacau dorang lagik.

4.Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?
Tak ingat tapi rasa macam baru jer lagi kat Pappa John

5. Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
Yuna-Dan Sebenarnya. Sedap betoi suara dia.

6. Apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini?
Memasak, bercucuk tanam dan menangkap ikan....di Facebook. Effisien kan? Lol!

7. Selain nama sendiri anda dipanggil nama apa?
Chayang choul comey. Hahahah *sila muntah*

8. Tag lagi 6 orang
* Bem
* Mas
* Diana
* Karen
* Yulie
* Jellyna

9. Siapakah orang No.1 pada anda?
Saya punyer lou kong suami. Tatau lah dia sudi buat ke tak tag nie :P

10.Kata sesuatu mengenai orang no 5
Semakin rajin mengexplore dalam bidang membaking kek. Kalo berminat nak rasa bolehlah order kat blog dia espeseli untuk orang Melaka sbb dia tinggal kat sana.

11. No.3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
Dia ada hubungan dengan kekasih gelap (secret love affair). Hanya dia jer yang tau kekasih dia tuh gelap ke tak hahaha

12. Bagaimana pula orang no.4?
Sepupu saya yang rajin bertwitter sekarang

13. Pesanan kepada orang no 6.?
Selamat melahirkan baby yang comel dan selamat berpantang :)

Don't forget to answer it in BM yer murid2! Enjoy and thank you!!!

Nota kaki: Mas, don't worry. nama ko no. 2 tak kene hehe

Birthday Poji

Last Monday, we throw a birthday surprise to incik Poji. The four of us had lunch at McDonald and makan like nothing's gonna happen. Then D who worked in TM appeared with a birthday cake. So that's why lah muka dia sangat tersipu2 malu because he didn't expect that D will join the party :P

Birthday Poji

Hoh muka sukermalu sambil potong cake.

Birthday Poji

Us with birthday boy yang sangat pemalu pada hari itu. Happy birthday ek Poji. Smoga panjang umor, murah rezeki and hepi selalu.

Birthday Poji

Plaza GM @ Chow Kit

Last Friday, me and colleagues went to Plaza GM to scout wedding stuff for Kak Hai's brother. In case you wonder, Plaza GM is situated at Lorong Haji Taib. Yesszz the famous red light district filled with prostitutes but only at night lah. I'm not familiar with Chow Kit area but since we're going in a group so i decided to join. When we arrived at the building, Kak Hai stopped her car in front of this entrance. Then baru lah pasan cemana nak masuk building nie or mana nak park? Hehe rupa2nyer kene tunggu lift nih bukak to take us to the parking level. Hoyooo time tuh rasa sangat jakun sbb first time nak naik car lift neh! Hahaha!

Red light means stop and wait. Hehe of courselah pintu pon tak bukak lagik.

Open sesame! Saw this car exit from the lift and now it's our turn to enter the car lift! *jakun mode*
Pintu depan and blakang tutup. Then the lift started to operate. We stopped at Level 8. Not bad! Tak rasa langsung naik lift hehe.
There are buttons on the wall but takyah picit pape pon. Everything is automated. This is Kak Hai by the way :)

The 'How To' signage clearly displayed.

When the lift stopped at Level 8, we drove out amik parking ticket and carik parking macam biasa. At first we were curious kalo keta besar cemana nak naik? Because lift tuh tada lah besar mana. Who knows orang yang drive Lamborghini nak datang shopping kat sini :P But biler kat atas tuh nampak Starex, so our question dah berjawab lah.

This building nampak mandom inside out. But banyak gak barang2 yang bes jual kat dalam. Bes for peniaga especially because sumer benda boleh beli in bulk with a good price. Aper yang kedai kat sini jual, i'll post it in next entry :)