Plaza GM @ Chow Kit

Last Friday, me and colleagues went to Plaza GM to scout wedding stuff for Kak Hai's brother. In case you wonder, Plaza GM is situated at Lorong Haji Taib. Yesszz the famous red light district filled with prostitutes but only at night lah. I'm not familiar with Chow Kit area but since we're going in a group so i decided to join. When we arrived at the building, Kak Hai stopped her car in front of this entrance. Then baru lah pasan cemana nak masuk building nie or mana nak park? Hehe rupa2nyer kene tunggu lift nih bukak to take us to the parking level. Hoyooo time tuh rasa sangat jakun sbb first time nak naik car lift neh! Hahaha!

Red light means stop and wait. Hehe of courselah pintu pon tak bukak lagik.

Open sesame! Saw this car exit from the lift and now it's our turn to enter the car lift! *jakun mode*
Pintu depan and blakang tutup. Then the lift started to operate. We stopped at Level 8. Not bad! Tak rasa langsung naik lift hehe.
There are buttons on the wall but takyah picit pape pon. Everything is automated. This is Kak Hai by the way :)

The 'How To' signage clearly displayed.

When the lift stopped at Level 8, we drove out amik parking ticket and carik parking macam biasa. At first we were curious kalo keta besar cemana nak naik? Because lift tuh tada lah besar mana. Who knows orang yang drive Lamborghini nak datang shopping kat sini :P But biler kat atas tuh nampak Starex, so our question dah berjawab lah.

This building nampak mandom inside out. But banyak gak barang2 yang bes jual kat dalam. Bes for peniaga especially because sumer benda boleh beli in bulk with a good price. Aper yang kedai kat sini jual, i'll post it in next entry :)


  1. ayoo.. serius i pun jakun.. kalau nak berenti tingkat 5 tapi bukan 8, macamana pulak?

  2. mmg tak boleh benti tingkat 5 because floor 1-7 sumernya kedai. so kene straight pegi level 8.

  3. Actually I tried this car lift in one building once long ago, I panic betul la ... hahaha ...

  4. Spiff, the one you tried is it in KL? my friend told me there's one in JB

  5. Yup, the one is in KL, I just forgot where ... LOL! Tua oredi la ...

  6. wahahaha naik car lift kalau i pon sure jakon babe! (giggle) tp xrase cam naik lift cool lah tuuu! gotta try nnt nih..heheh

  7. Spiff, not that old i'm sure hehe

  8. D, yep yep gotta try it! bukan senang nak carik bangunan yang ada car lift :D

  9. Menara Genesis and Wisma KFC jugak ada car lift but manual. Plaza GM is the only one fully automated

  10. Danny, thanks for the info. kalo terpegi one of those building bole lah try manual car lift :)


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