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CNY Visit to Karen's House

A backdated entry. Just realized i haven't post this year's CNY pix year. We only went to  Karen's house at KD. Chin, Oh and Pat Yee+Uncle Wim were there. Had a light lunch (a lot) and tossed yee sang,

Kids and lunch.

Well spent afternoon catching up with them. 

Dinner @ Cafe Coffee Day (CCD)

We had a quick dinner and coffee on Friday night at CCD after work. To avoid traffic jam was one of the reason. Besides hungry of course!

We had sandwiches. I love the paper napkins btw!

I also learned that CCD is a cafe chain originated from India. They are pretty famous in India it seems.

Weekend at Macaroni & Coffee, Plaza Masalam

We tried a new joint at Macaroni & Coffee. Located at a new building Plaza Masalam with vintage theme.

The interior with hanging decor

One of the few pages of menu

Here comes the pizzas. We ordered hawaiian and meat lovers. The verdict? The sauce and toppings tak cukup umpph and burnt bottom.

Something for Qeeb, chicken fillet and fries. Kids get plastic set, but Qeeb almostttt being fussy insisted on green color instead of purple. Gahhh!

While we were there, Jeeb drew 2 cars for Qeeb. Too cute!

Window decals of the cafe.

Update: The second time I went to Macaroni & Coffee, I ordered something else and it was good. Read entry here.

Trip to Port Dickson

We went to Port Dickson for a short vacay over the weekend. Raikan cinta gittuh kikiki. It was our 6th years of anniversary, Alhamdulillah. Memula singgah pantai near area kg Rusa...sungguh laa tak ingat nama pantai.

Panas terik but banyak shades and of course gambar terang benderang cantek. Need no filter at all, the skies were blue and kacak! Kitowang lepak sat makan abc buang masa tunggu time nak check in kat hotel.

Because of the bridge over here, ramai yang datang amik gambar kat sini including wedding photographers. But it definitely need some serious repair sebab lubang besar2 and kayu pon cam rapuh. Bahaya for kids.

We stayed at Avillion Admiral Cove Hotel. Subhanallah, i was mesmerized by the view everytime i looked out the window.

The room looked ok but overall i'm not really happy with the room. The curtain and cushions were smelly as if dah lama x cuci. Ada rambut lekat2 summore. Pipe kat sink washroom x pasang betol, air kluar cukup2 kat edge of the sink. So everytime…

Weekend @ One Utama

On that particular day we went to One Utama, we spent hours there! Sampai saket kaki jalan. First carik barang kat Candylicious. Then jumpe ngan Zect kejap depan one of the entrance door for few seconds sebab nak pass barang. After that we went to Starbucks. Terserempak ngan Jeeb's friends there.

Qeeb met a new friend, Shauqi. Sorang main robot, sorang main car, then drawing, and running around the area.

Sampai time nak balik, Shauqi siap escort Qeeb. Hehe cute gila! 

We went to Hamleys kejap to get something. Instead of the usual ToysrUs. Hohoho best betol kedai toys nie. 

Some of the CNY decor in One Utama.

Balik tuh memang flat giler. Dah lewat malam baru sampai rumah huhu!