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Random 2020

2020, Jeeb got his xbox. Sian nengok dia jenuh tunggu pre-order yang tak dapat2. Finally he decided to beli jer lah this Japan version. But.....

The shape is too big to fit into the current shelf. Nak lay flat pon tak boleh nanti panas. Tengok lubang2 tuh pon i dah anticipate banyak habuk. Ishhh, asalkan happy. But tang wayar berselirat blakang tv tuh sis tetap serabut. 


Music on Monday


Italian Music - Background Chill Out
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It's Monday and i'm having a headache after a hot picnic yesterday. I took paracetamols before sleep but tak subside lagi. Also on PMS so semua benda pon tak kena lah. On the bright side, it's year end so ramai yang clearing their leave. So hopefully i can work in peace to complete my assigned task before anything ad hoc comes in. 

Weekend @ Aeon, SA

Lama tak go shopping at any mall. One of the Saturdays when takde wat aper, i went to Aeon kot2 ada boxing day sale. Some things can't be bought online, so tuh yang pegi jugak mall wpon i myself not keen haha. So pegi awal pagi to avoid crowd because still cuak2 to go out. Balik rumah cepat2 mandi before dekat2 ngan the kids. 

I went to H&M, Typo, Cotton On. Bought some baju for the kids and more notebooks for me. Snap some photos while cuci mata. 

Weekend at Mall xWeekend at Mall

[Left] Notebook haul [Right] Will Ferrell on a wrapping paper, lol!

Weekend at Mall Weekend at Mall

[Left] Earring stickers cam zaman dolu2 [Right] Washi tapes RM5 only!

Weekend at Mall Weekend at Mall

This tshirt ada yang kat Deals section. Cheapo but too much sequins so nahh!

Weekend at Mall

Zafeer @ Avisena & School

Zafeer suddenly having fever. On the first day i just monitor with paracetamol every 4 hours. Kejap cam ok, but towards end of 4 hours temperature naik balik. Ubat demam pulak dah nak abes so we brought him to Avisena for further checkup on Xmas public holiday. Jeeb drove us there but he waited in the car. In case takleh ramai2 pon masuk cam biasa. 

The place was empty and ada one patient before us. After check up, doc mentioned his throat ada merah2 so suspect the virus started from there. But to be on the safe side doc advised to do blood test to rule out dengue.

How Zafeer took the news bila found out dia kene cucuk, he bombarded me with questions on the level of pain being poked with needle start from doc's room to the blood lab. Lagik panick lagik kuat suara dia tanya soklan. 

"Saket cemana? Saket banyak mana? Saket sikit cemana? Sikit macam nie? Macam semut? Takpe je? Takde apa? Sakit sikit je?"

Zafeer Zafeer

Time waiting for billing and ubat, Zafeer asked for crispy churros as a treat dia kene buat blood test. Why not, i could use a cup of coffee myself. Alhamdulillah Zafeer recovered from demam on that day itself, so we just continue with antibiotics. 


Earlier that week before demam2, we went to Zafeer's school to drop off some pastries and Oreo. He was so excited that he got to follow me to see his teacher. Before that, i guided him to wrote a thank you note, glad there was no typo at all haha! Kalo dak nanti dia sendiri upset writing dah tak cantik. 


Dah sampai school, kemain PR pandai. "Hi Teacher Yana, lama tak jumpa!" So hopefully the teacher enjoyed the pastries since they were having a training on that day. 


Coffee @ Homebaker Clover, Bukit Jelutong

After pickup barang, we dropped by Radia to have coffee. Ada few options like Costa, Kopi Mesin, Yellow Mello. But saw this cinnamon rolls terus omg let's try! The cafe full house gak, but we managed to get a table for two. 

Coffee @ Cinnamon Bun, Bukit Jelutong  Coffee @ Cinnamon Bun, Bukit Jelutong
Coffee @ Cinnamon Bun, Bukit Jelutong  Coffee @ Cinnamon Bun, Bukit Jelutong

Ada mini and normal size. Time tuh cam banyak dah abes, but suddenly one tray of freshly baed original cinnamon baru kluar. Hoho, terus laa take that one and pandan gula melaka. Sedap and kene makan cecepat while it's still warm. 

Coffee @ Cinnamon Bun, Bukit Jelutong Coffee @ Cinnamon Bun, Bukit Jelutong Coffee @ Cinnamon Bun, Bukit Jelutong

Some cozy spots. I wish the plate is fancier baru lah cantik amik gambar flat lay. Btw they serve illy coffee, so yay!

Coffee @ Cinnamon Bun, Bukit Jelutong Coffee @ Cinnamon Bun, Bukit Jelutong