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Trip to Sabah with MMSC friends

Day I

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Sampai KK trus check in kat Ang* Hotel (rm58 per nite). disapointed betol wif the room dahler cam creepy, furniture lama, cermin berkarat, tv takder siaran, tepon takder line. contra giler lah ngan bilik cdot. then we insist on tukar we got the room next to the creepy one. but malam-malam dengar bunyik orang tarik prabot kat bilik asal tuh sampai 2 pagi. panic siot!

Day II

beach boyz
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Kol 8 pagi trus check out from Ang*, jalan kaki gi jetty naik boat gi pulau manukan wohooo! my first time snorkeling! our luck the lifeguards offer bawak kitorang sampai tgh...the one i folo, bawak isi klapa dalam botol mineral. bukak jer botol menderu ikan datang sampai berlaga2 ngan snorkel mask. bes gila kene gigit ngan ikan takper, kene gigit ngan nyamuk laut pon takpe...because its priceless!

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then try naik parasailing! i'm flyinn and tas the skai! balik KK check in…
Off to KK tomoro and will be back on Monday. Make dat tuesday since the flight will touch down @ LCCT at 11.45pm. 15 minutes doesnt make much difference once we got back.

Didi's bday is this comin sunday so my sis packed birthday packs (chocs, candy, biscuits, lollipop and mini jigsaw puzzle) for his kindergarden classmates. He's so excited...he, himself packed one special bday pack for me, same content but extra 1 for each items. hahaha (perli aper aku mkn banyak) i was in the shower when he insist i take a look at it

dd: acu, tgk lar nih dd simpan tok acu
me: aterr nanti yeh!
dd: tayah bukak pintu besar...bukak kecik jer. tgk lar jap!
me: (heeish, no way!)

dat is soo sweet and totful. but when i got out and asked for it...dia dah misplaced pack tuh. ada ker letak kat dalam toys trunk dia. i wont be around this sunday to celebrate skali his bday. adiah pon x beli lagik. bad acu! very bad! sabah jer tau haih!



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Family vacation to Langkawi was fun. tot its gonna be sun, sea, sand. But it turns out better hehe. I made my nephews mandi laut which is 'something' coz they only prefer sand. and my 2 months niece relax jer tido bangun tido kene heret sana sini..not bad for her 1st trip. Its a total relaxation and rejuvenation. Life is so laid back...besnyeh

I'm addicted to Nestle Bliss yogurt drink. haiyoo!

@ klib

@ klib
Originally uploaded by soulie. Yay! the klib is over. no more long hour standing and beatin my own hi score in every game yang ada kat portal tuh.

Anyways...i had a couple of conversations dat i found quite annoying.

someone: nak gi mana cecepat ni
me: jumpe simon, dah lama dia tunggu kat bawah
someone: biarlah, dia kan cina
me: (wtf?)

someone: tau ak pasal mamat kene libas ngan kipas helikopter?
me: ha ah sian kan
someone: ala tapik pon dia cina
me: adei! cina ker india ker nyawa gak tuh

dat is soo bledi racist statement!