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Lunch @ Khan's, BS

Had lunch at this newly opened restaurant. Sedapppp and pricey. But it's worth it if makan skali skala here.

I ordered this meal, gosh forgot the name lah. Comes with naan and rice. Heavy tak heavy? lol!

Comes with free drinks

The ambience

I noticed banyak table yang in big groups having lunch here. 

Merdeka Outing @ Dataran Kemerdekaan

On Merdeka Day, i went to watson to buy shower gel just because it was last day of promo buy 1 free 1. Then went for a coffee date with Jeeb after dia solat jumaat. Balik rumah jap then kluar balik to go to the park. Skali tuh Qeeb not interested daaaa. Since Zafeer dah overly excited jom jom...soo proceed jelah pegi park hangkut si tecik tuh.

Zafeer insisted to play bubbles. We ignored it at first but he kept approaching anyone with bubbles. So terpaksa lah jugak amik satu set RM5.

The bubble maker and bubble splatter

The weather was fresh and redup. Soooo i really enjoyed our walk and took some pretty pics. If only i really walk to shed some kilos though.

What's not to love about SA?

Instax Roadshow @ Mid Valley

We were heading to Sephora when we saw this roadshow. Terus teruja nak gi tgk what's onz!

Some cute props for you to point and shoot. After you got your photos printed, you can decorate it with stickers. I love the rose gold instax btw, dahler slim and square!

The main reason why we spent more than 10 mins there was because they gave away free shots, lol!

KL Gateway Posters

KL gateway put up cool wallpapers on units with no shops. Here's one with bright colorful windows

Monochrome doodle

[Kids] Hot Wheels Mega Transporter

Bought this Hot Wheels mega transporter from Mattel warehouse sale. 

Banyak gak compartments boleh bukak discovered by Qeeb. I also dunno it can be opened.

Qeeb used to have a lot of hot wheels. Half of it dia sorok and now dah tatau mana. The other suku yang he marked as his favourite and rare also dia sorok because dia tanak Zafeer main. Tinggal lahh balance2 keta yang ada for Zafeer to fill up the truck.

Shopping Haul @ 7Eleven

Ice creammmmm or I-screammmm if i don't geddit! It's a once a week treat where we went to 7e and the kids get to choose which ice cream they like or the usual sundae choc/ strawberry at mcD. But this is the first attempt for Zafeer to experience the queue to pay before he can enjoy his ice cream.

Shaz's Birthday Lunch @ Pie Kingdom, BS

We went to the next door cafe Pie Kingdom to celebrate Shaz's birthday. Her actual birthday was 2 days earlier.

Shaz just ordered toast, sket beno makannyer. Ira and Lyn went to buy a slice of cake in CBTL. There goes our simple celebration :)