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Which Avril Lavigne Song Are You?

Bend it Like Beckham

This is a must watch movie! Damn hilarious. Parminder Nagra, she's a natural along with gorgeus Keira Knightly. Plus their smokey eyes coach Rhys-Meyers. You can feel Bollywood mood in this film but in Irish atmosphere. all blend nicely. At the end of the film, you could catch a glance of Beckham and POsh. Maybe it's them i dunno...Nyehaaaa!

Keira Knighty appeared on the big screen before in Star Wars-Episode 1. She cast as Sábe, the queen Amidala's handmaiden. She portays as Amidala for over half the movie and i don't even notice it before! She's as gorgeus as Natalie Portman. A score to George Lucas....:)
P.e.l.i.t.r.a Coffee

I missed JB! I missed students life! Stayin' in KL is like walkin' into a big net of responsibility i don't wanna be in. Back in JB, i'm just a student. Burn the midnite oil for nothin'....nobody cares. Sleep like nobody business...nobody yells. Kluar meronggeng after midnite...nobody gets heart attack.

When u're not a student don't get students price. Pathetic! And you havta give the best answers when people asks whatta u doin' now so dat they dont get on to the next questions. Should i say nope dah bis or tgh carik kejer or dah kejer dah or tanak kejer. And the list goes on after that anwers...believe me. "Apsal tanak kejer? Keje katne? Kampeni aper? Gaji Baper?" bla bla bla.

Wish i'm sipping Neslo blend at Pelitra rite now. Brother Botak is the best Neslo maker...yeah yaerghhh! Forget Frapuccino...he does better! Blast services, great view and free dessert. Muakakaka! Plus Bersatu Jaya...the place to shop! Pisang goreng kat depan Jalal, cendol kat Petronas, Burger 7-e, Tom yam warung Nor, cendawan goreng kat Pak Ali and comin' up Pasar Ramadhan. Huaaahhh....tsk! tsk!
Autum In My Heart

Lately i'm so into Korean drama, Autumn in my Heart. No Winter Sonata for me, the one aired before, maybe because of the actors aren't cute enuff to catch my glance. Besaler 'roopalistik'! But this...okaylorr. Doesn't autumn sounds romantic? Nyehehe..mushy! mushy!

The heroin Eun Suh is suhweet. And as for hero, i like Won Bin although he looks like yuppies in this series.

The Brand (TV3) did a coverage on Joe Hasham. I've always admire his advertising work. Even i didn't know it was his before. He is one of the wanted person in commercial industry. He said the most satisfaction ad he ever made is the Perodua's Chinese New Year ad. Ya know the ol' lady who waited for his son every CNY and prepare big meal eventhough she knew he's not coming. Very touchy...

But lil know...that ad ekceli has its sequel in real life. The son watched that ad...and he came to see his mother and asked his mom to stay wit him. Now that's called a very effective ad coz he reunite a family!

Joe Hasham is also one of the founder for The Actors Studio along wit Faridah Merican. I'd like to watch some play again...but nobody's willing to go wit me. It's not that boring ya know. Everyone should try it. Yang ya nya i want accompany. Heheheh...

I was a first timer then (thanx to complimentary tix)...but i like it instantly. ;)
Who Moved My Cheese?

I'm currently reading a motivation book entitled 'Who moved my cheese' by Spencer Johnson. It's an expression about changes in life and job. There are 4 imaginary characters depicted in this story, the Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw who represent ourselves in real world.

It's quite motivating with almost every odd pages filled with inspirational quotes. What makes me reading this type of book is becoz it only has 96 pages and it takes less than hour to read. Besides, the title is craving enuff.......

Sometimes we may act like Sniff

Who sniffs out change early,

or Scurry who scurries into action,

or Hem who denies and resists change as he fears

it will lead to something worse, or

Haw who learns to adapt in time when he sees

changing leads to something better!

Whatever parts of us we choose to use, we all share something in common: a need to find our way in the maze and suceed in changing times. ' The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you find new cheese'. The quicker you let go of the past and history, there'll be berra chances to find a berra future. Life has to go on...but somehow, sometimes we still need to cling to the past to make us a stonger person. This is my thoughts but to other people it may bring a different meaning.

Adly Kindy Graduation Day

He did it again...

I went to Adly's graduation day today-Colourful Kids Kinderland. Supposedly he went up the stage and do some dance with his classmates. Tapi ntah hangin aper dia bad mood...maybe becoz of the fever leftovers...he refused to dance! My sista was sooo pissed-off.

Well yeah, the concert is held once a year. It's supposed to be an important day to him and to the parents la of course. Tapik nak wat camno...that 4 year ol kid have mind of his own. I thought he will i just waited near the stage wit a camera. But...naaadaaa. Mokchik dia yang sorang nie penatla dongak carik anak sedara. Cheish tak kluar rupanya! Nak tergelak pon ader....suka ati dia jer!

Managed to watch the first performance before followin my sista stomped off the hall...the kidz dance Hindi song 'Bole Churiya'...ya know the Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham movie. Way kiut! Giler punya gelek...phew!
4 the Cause

Smoke gets in my eyes....heheh! Today the DBKL crew came to fog. I was forced to get outta the bed! Hisshh! The crew asked my neighbour (the one particular neighbour) whether they could fogging inside his house. Guess what he said....oh no! no! nO! I have a imported US cat inside. He then actually turn to me and said naya kang si Joe tuh mati...nangis Faizal (anak dia la yang dah beso bagak...).

Nyeeeehaaaaa! Wish that black cat die suffocate! And all his hamsters, rabbits and fishes! Hah puas ati aku. ;) Or maybe I should spray each of 'em like Zect suggest. heheh....*grin devil*
My dad platelet is decreasing. I'm drop dead worry. From 138 to 118...decreased to 106. Both his arms kena cucuk...sampai bruises. I can't go thru this all over again...I hate hospitals! I hate docs! I hate pills! It suffers to see other people who suffers. Dad is so miserable of having to stay in the hospital for another couple of days.

In addition, the cause of the miserable is rules and regulation of smoking prohibition. He's having trouble in finding spot to smoke. Nak tanak I had to covered for him while he's in the washroom. Aihh...! Kluar jer dari bilik ngan asap skali kluar...kantoi bau gak.
I hate my neighbour

For as long as i live in this neighbourhood this particular family never said nice words about other people. Always brag about themselves.

He sounds so 'shocked' when abg ayie mentioned that bapak was admitted at the hospital because of dengue. And then...then and there he sprayed his whole house with aerosol! He also claimed that the mosquito must've started from dad's mini garden. Tak sedor yang dia dok bela kolam ikan kat porch. Either's nobody's fault, the dengue is not from the house. So i just shut my ears, walked straight to the gate smelling aerosol :P. Hmmm...ignorance is bliss!

p.s: by end of the evening all the neighbours in Jln Jaya 3 knows the news..heheh. Know what i mean?
I'm Tired

Hectic doesn't match what i'm going thru this moment...

My elder sista is having dengue fever the mosquito-borne viral infection. Her platelet is only 28 over 150. She was admitted at Gleneagles last Thursday. I rushed back to KL...cancelled my dad plans from comin to get me and my stuffs. Now my dad is also suspected dengue. Straight from JB to Ampang Putri...check his bloodcount and dang...138 platelet. Because of this lil darn mosquito! And the bad thing is no dengue vaccine is available. He was admitted immediately. Sian Bapak...

spray ém!

This dengue thing happens at the construction site near the cafe. It's not from the house..luckily! This confirms because nana's colleague also occured dengue fever. Besides bapak alway wait for nana at that spot.

My holiday excitement in Melaka is's going down. :P