Money Packet 2018

Some of the raya packet that i collected for this year. Mostly from banks and some from retail

Fashion Valet


DBB and Guardian



Nestle and BNM

ABMB/premiere and TouchnGo


Buka Puasa @ Sheraton, PJ

This place was packed sampai ke depan pintu and luar ballroom. The queue kat each food station pon panjang. It was an arabian themed night but the food campor2 laa to cater everyone's tastebud and sedap! Saw some waitresses wearing Belly Dance Skirt Hip Scarf, other than that the stage looked like a wedding dais and the songs selection, ermm i don't know what they were singing actually.

Ate a little bit of this and that

Group photo with the team.

Square squeeze!

One with the gurls. Thanks to Audrey tolong organize and Boss yang tolong bayarkan.

Raya Decor @ The Curve, Damansara

The Curve did a Senandung Syawal theme this year. The word “senandung” refers to the overnight trains popular among families returning to their hometowns for Hari Raya. Meanwhile, the booth semua carry brand2 yang best.

Waiting area

Pejabat eksekutif semboyan jual ayaq botol kaaa?

All aboard

The train interior

Disembark the train after few minutes haha. 

Jalan2 around the mall, dapat laa jumpe kasut raya for Zafeer. Susah jugak carik kasut yang muat kaki dobot dia.

Zafeer insisted to ride on an actual train that moves. Soh Qeeb teman, trus lari tak sanggup. Cisss! Terpaksa lahh naik temankan.

Raya Decor @ Mid Valley, KL

This is the main decor at middle court, a kampung-themed (again). Kinda disappointing because i always look forward to Mid Valley's decor.

The raya look from coffee bean/secret recipe entrance

Too colorful flowers (it's not part of the decor actually)

The usual rendang booth. Last year siap ada tempat makan if i'm not mistaken.

Amy's Birthday 2018

Since it was Ramadhan month, we can't go lunch.

So KY bought her 2 slices of cake instead!

Teacher's Day 2018

This year plan nak bagi pen jer. Nak carik plain plastic bag yang muat the pen tak muat plak. So end up pakai balik the old stock of paper bags that i bought for Qeeb's birthday celebration dulu2.

The labels

The inserts

Siap....well it looks like a party pack. But i love the colors! So hope they'll liked it too (even it's just pens)

Trip to Singapore - The Airport Terminal 4

Terminal 4 is the newest terminal in SG. The checked in was breeze. Semua buat sendiri because it's automated including luggage drop. Compared to other terminals, here the crowd tak ramai and retail shop pon tak banyak.

After checked in, i went to McD to try the salmon burger. Not so bad lah. Sebaik ada rasa kewpie sesame sauce, laju sket makan. Kalo dak cam susah nak abeskan.

Apparently T4 has many art installations. First highlight is the petalclouds which is a kinetic installation inspired by orchid petals spans and siap ada choreography compositions. Oh btw even the carpet and tong sampah also have the same petalclouds shape.

Other sculpture installations to check out is this travelling family by kurt metzler (right pic). The other 2 that i could not find are 'Hey, Ah Chek' and 'Les Oiseaux' (the birds)

Second highlight is the Peranakan Love Story that left me in awe. My boss highly recommended that i stayed there to watch the short video. First impression, you…