Staff Trip to Ipoh - Street Art

While we were searching for any hipster cafe to kill the time, we scored some back alley art street. Yeay! We had one itinerary to concubine lane the next day, but since the team had to stay for performance rehearsal, glad i can strike off this from my checklist. 

Ada banyak lagik art street but banyak puddle since it rained and still drizzling time tuh. Sooo tak dapat laa nak capture semua.

After walking like forever, finally jumpe this Bareesta cafe.

Most of us ordered gula melaka latte.

The washroom cantek gak dia decorate, lol!

Staff Trip to Ipoh - Arrival

There were buses provided, but we went there with ETS instead. It was first time for most of us. We reached KL Sentral and terus beli McD as bekal. Apparently we can bring outside food to eat inside the ETS.

It was a 2 hours ride. Tertido jugak laa dalam train tuh and then woke up for toilet break and selfie before we reached the last station.

Dah sampai dorang nak wat aksi stretching. Sis menggeliat sudaaa.

We took 2 Grab cars and went to Nasi Ganja. Our driver memula dropped us off kat kedai lain claiming that that place was the famous Nasi Ganja. I thought it was a bit odd as there was no queue and the layout pon macam lain jer dalam gambar google. Yang group lagik satu pon tak mmg confirmed lah salah tempat, lol! Luckily the right place was just at the other end of the shop lot.

Since we can only checked in 6pm, so we wanted to explore a bit the town, carik hipster cafe to kill the time. But it was raining so we had to wait for a while sambil carik mana cafe yang nak…

Qeeb's School Trip 2018

This year's school trip Qeeb went to a creative workshop somewhere in Bangi if i'm not mistaken and Pusat Sains Negara. There were 2 buses yang ferry the kiddos.

At Cute in Creative they did a jelly candle.

Group photo with teachers
After they had lunch at mcD, they went straight to Pusat Sains Negara. Around 3.30pm they reached school and we went to pick him up. I heard that next year there was an opening of field trip to Bandung. Pergh bestnyer, but there's some criteria of selection, something like an audition if i'm not mistaken. Memang good exposure lah but see how lah if Qeeb is ready for that.