Townhall @ Connexion, BS

Announcements and updates by PS during the session i.e merger, KPIs, team building, new football club. Jarang buat townhall kat luar office, but now we have a bigger crowd, nak fit everyone in the meeting rooms dah tak muat. This place dekat jer dengan office, very convenient actually.

Makan time

RY's last day

Watching the traffic starting to build up. Jam yang nak kene hadap every day. 

Unifi Mobile

Retail price is RM10, but they are having a promo where they give away 3-5 sim cards until 31 Mar with perks of complimentary 10GB LTE data when your line is successfully activated, on the top of the standard SIM freebies which consist of 10 min calls, 10 SMSes and 50MB data.

I'll just copy whatever info + features here so i can refer to it later. I haven't activate ALL of it. But gotta do it soon within 90 days.

Our new unifi mobile #BEBAS which offers #pilihapasaja, #kredittakmati, #bayarbilabila, and #iambebas features Customers can register up to three (3) complimentary SIMs SIMs entitle for complimentary 10GB LTE data and enjoy standard freebies of 10 min calls, 10 SMSes and 50MB data. Be #BEBAS with the all new unifi mobile! With hashtag: #pilihapasajaI can now get the perfect plan that is made by me.#kredittakmatiI can say goodbye to expiry dates and data wastage.I can fully utilise my data, calls and SMS the way I want.#bayarbilabilaI can now pay anytime, anywhere.No fi…

[Fri-Yeay Link] Part 29

Salam Jumaat! Random links around the www:
Homg blueberry crumble ice cream. Not that we have it here, hmmmph.Decorate planter pot yourselfToys'rus is closing all their stores in US and UKWhen ski lift lost its brakes and fling skiers off the lift. Another angle here.

Sweet Baby Blue

Sweet baby blue vase

This was taken at Intermark during CNY promo.

Trip to Aquaria, KLCC 2018

I bought the tickets last year for school holidays activity lah kononnyer. But tatau plak punyer lah panjang queue sampai ke food court orang kene bratur. Even though the tickets were pre-purchased, but we still need to go to the counter to redeem it. So after 2 attempts last year, we made sure it was not a long weekend/ school holiday barulah clear jer queue trus masuk. We started off with Evolution Zone and Shipwreck area.

Zafeer pretty nervous at first bila dukung dekat2 the glass. But lepas tuh dah warmed up a bit and curiosity took over.

He did not jump gleefully but he just curiously observed and pointed everywhere with his little finger. While Qeeb excited compared to his previous visits. Lol, sejenis yang lambat warm up to appreciate.

Adorable otters

I miss this big cylinder tank

This area definitely always the highlight of Aquaria trip where we can see the stingray and sharks up close.

Fishy background. Zafeer dah start throw tantrum because it was his nap time.

There was a f…

Morning Drop Off Routine

Other than 'Find a Snail' session, my morning would be easier if there's a few cat hanging out near the garden. We have few other animals too like treeshrew, but they are fast so it's kinda impossible to take any pictures of it. Comel giler treeshrew rasa nak sekeh, if only they are domestic enough to be a pet.

Lagik cool if there are more than one cat. Super duper excited lah Zafeer excited nak tgk and tunjuk.

Lunch @ Udang King & Lion Dance Performance

A week after CNY, Pat Yee invited us for lunch at Udang King near her house area. The location memang strategic with ample parking space.

Karen brought home-made kuih bakul

Lou sang table 1

Lou sang table 2

Some of the many dishes. We were really full perabeskan lauk.

Time nie zafeer was fascinated with the drums even though it was loud. But when the lion started to move around, trus panic tanak diri dekat.

Rasa nak patah tangan dukung dia. So i'm entitled to mintak upah muah ciked!

Tak dapat lah iols tgk dekat2. Mintak jeeb amikkan gambar Qeeb jelah since dia curious enough to stay around. Dolu dia pon pangai sama jer cam Zafeer teriak biler bunyik kuat. 

The end of the lion dance performance

Some photos with Tai Ma, Karen, my sis and the kids.

Dah pueh main peloh2, it's time to go home.