Wedding Hezry & Wife @ Grand Blue Wave, SA

We attended the bride's side of wedding reception at Grand Blue Wave, SA. Beautiful couple they are and the dais was pretty + glitters.

With aunties and cousin. Somehow i developed this new conscious-ness bila amik gambar and i don't have my lipstick on. I hate how the pics turned out. Dolu tak kesah pon but i think must've have my lips getting more pale these days.


Dell was also there because coincidentally her husband is the bride's cousin.

The pengantins also celebrated the mother's birthday. Nice cake btw.

Lunch @ Amphawa, Mid Valley

Amphawa i miss you! Combo-ed with Thai milk tea. nyumss!

Lunch @ Fuel Shack, BS

I had char koay tiaw walaupon sinonimnyer tempat nie makan burger patotnyer. 

Sempat try new feature of group video call kat WhatsApp

Biler somebody tried to do a screenshot, that person will appear as 'paused'. Kecoh betol time tuh sbb masing2 nak screenshot, posing and trying to figure out what's going on at the same time.

Ada few stalls yang jual snacks. I bought both healthy and unhealthy ones. I cannot resist anything yang ada salted egg! But biasa2 jer that snack takde lah sedap giler cam irvins. Meanwhile the healthy snack turns out good especially yang dah siap mixed. I bought one packet of almond and one packet of mixed macadamia, pecan, green pumpkin seeds, cranberries, raisins and bamboo salt.

Coffee @ Huckleberry, DH

After Heli's birthday hari tuh, we dropped by Huckleberry to get coffee. Just in case we need some boost after all the spice and flour.

The sliding door.

Mouth-watering dessert. I bought a pecan pie tapik lupa nak makan lepas tuh.

The cafe is cosy with lovely lighting. Masing2 nak try snap gambar portrait mode iphoneX and Huawei.

Amy said i should get rid of that 'bottega' bag sometimes. Lol! Kejam betol dia cakap cemtuh. I love my bottega lunch bag that much that i just have to flaunt it.

3 gorgeously lit ladies

Durian Festival @ Office, BS

Durian season is upon us again which means the annual durian partay is onz! This time, the durian are cheaper than previous seasons and they are affordable again due to supply over demand. So it's must've been a good deal of durian XO for RM20/kg.

What's so special about this year's durian party was each of us dapat sepinggan of sebijik durian  Not sebijik satu meja but sebijik sorang! The durian was so good that i can finish it on my own. And repeat. I don't mind this kinda buffet at all! Since semua dapat makan puas takde lah ramai yang bersidai kat tepi lori macam dolu hehe.

Look at thatttttt yellow gebu-ness! On the table siap ada tray to buang the kulit and staff on duty pantas clearkan semua masuk plastic. Yang potong durian and pass around pon efficient. Memang service tip top on that day. 

Stok berbakul2 even majority of the staff dah datang makan. Saper yang rajin stay after 6.30pm can tapau. But i still got work to do and i can't bring it up nor put i…

Dinner @ Food Truck, S9

Everytime lalu sini i've been wanting to try it out but slalu timing tak kena or terlupa. So ada one day tuh after pickup Qeeb from school, we stopped by here to have dinner. 

Only 5 food trucks yang operate here. Then dorang letak few tables and chairs in the middle. We loved it because time tuh tak crowded and tak panas heheh.

We tried nachos cheese, quesadillas, and laksa johor. The laksa wasn't that good, but surprisingly Zafeer suka makan. While Qeeb dia team Jeeb suka makan nachos cheese.

One of the moment i'm gonna store in my colored orbs when eating here is when Zafeer went to another table and layan cat after dia dah kenyang. Gave me sometime to enjoy my food + socmed but also comfortable enough to let him explored around. Qeeb looked content because i picked him up from school and liked the food that we ordered. When they are happy, i'm happy too!

Team's Lunch @ Cotango, Majestic Hotel

We had a lunch hosted by bosses for staff yang involved in the project. Off we went to Majestic Hotel, one of the nearest hotel with good buffet.

With almost everyone yang support the project.

I can't remember when i started to stop liking buffet. Overwhelmed with choices and at the same time gotta control what i eat.


While waiting for Grab ride home

Zafeer's Haircut Drama

Ingatkan dah ok nak potong rambut kat barber, but still drama jugak rupanya. Nampak board tuh jer dia dah teriak, so Jeeb had to duduk riba. He also refused to wear the cover.

Menjejeh2 air mata kluar time tengah potong rambut tuh. Bagi handphone pon dia tak heran dah. the haircut process was just too tormented for him. Bribery tak jalan soooo i don't know if it's a good or bad thing hahaha.

Jenuh jugak nak pujuk dia after that. Muka cebik tapik layan jugak amik gambar dengan muka sour dia tuh.