Breakfast Nasi Le Marc @ Jaya Grocer, Empire

Breakfast nasi le marc (inside Jaya Grocer) and also pickup zafeer's birthday cake at Le Choutte Macaron.

Somebody is excited to see his Oddbod's theme cake. Check out the birthday post for more pics. 

Zafeer the Paper Boy

I'm collecting pictures of Zafeer morning routine picking up newspaper at the gate. Muka basi tak mandi, buah hati mama. Abam Qeeb mmg lari terus biler cakap nak take pictures.

Some of other time, kene salam hug and kiss twice before i leave for work. Or else, lama laa nak tunggu dia stop nanges tepi pintu kesedihan tak dapat buat 3 steps tuh. 

Qeeb's 8th Birthday

My sweet firstborn turns 8 year old on 30 Oct. Mama doakan yang terbaik for you, jadi anak yg soleh, a caring brother, and may Allah bless you always dan sentiasa di dalam lindunganNya.

We got him a PUBG birthday cake theme. Because he likes to play that game so much that he uses my account sampai my officemate ingat i yang main.

The boys with their Papa. 

Me with the boys


My camera phone (iphone 6s) in low light is really bad compared to latest one. Jauh  beno rasa quality compared to Jeeb's iPhoneX! Nih yang buat rasa cam aaarrr nak tukar, haish!

We celebrated kat rumah makan pizza Dominos. Beli a few boxes of personal pizzas because it's Super Tuesday deal, satu pizza kichik rm3.70. Our original plan was to celebrate at Tok Ma's house but change of plan because Qeeb pon baru nak fully recover from Influenza B and we wanted to avoid from direct expose Tok Ma with the kids for too long. Sebab time siang dorang duduk kat bawah jer/ half quarantine dalam bilik. At the s…

Co. 10th Anniversary @ Four Seasons Hotel, KL

After the kiddos were discharged from the hospital that morning, i went to this co. event sebab rasa cam sempat jer nak bersiap. I was a feeling a bit tired but i thought i'm gonna be ok besides dah planned lama ngan my colleagues. Even though time driving pegi Four Season pon still melayan dilema nak pegi ke tak? should i patah balik? pegi kejap jelah? betol ker larat nie? Redah jelah.

Just outside the hall

Amik gambar asik2 ngan orang yang almost sama >.<

Hi-tea buffet spread

What i had

That moment when one approached for permission to take a photo with Governor, terus semua serbu.

TZ insisted to help to take a picture of us while we were trying to take a selfie with Gov. So i passed my phone to him, segan tapik mahu. Lol!

With team members. I love the tone in these pictures even though it's blue-ish. It looks soothing. 

With TZ before he leaves the event. Sib baik laa takde bodyguard block.

dUCk Grocery Bag

Got ducked big time and every time! 
The handle is soft and sturdy but if pakai lasak confirm bebulu. I like the jute material and typography design.

Zafeer & Qeeb Admitted to Sunway Med

On Tuesday we went to Klinik Mediviron because Qeeb still demam even though the day before dah skipped school to rest at home. Zafeer pon jumpe doctor jugak because of coughing. Qeeb got 2 days mc and we went home with bottles of medicines. Malam tuh Zafeer punyer cough makin teruk. On Wednesday night after balik kejer, Jeeb said Zafeer looked tired and dah start demam. So we went straight to Klinik Mediviron again to check his lung and possibly a neb so he can sleep well. We were the last patient and syukur the nurses allowed us to masuk walaupon dah closed for registration. The doc said his lung ada bunyik wheezing and yeap he needed the neb.

Around 12 midnight, dah crossed over to Thursday, Zafeer susah tido and start batuk teruk balik. Looks like the neb didn't help much. Risau if dia makin semput so we went to Avisena. Mintak kak sue tgk kan Qeeb yang still demam kat rumah because dia dah tido. Zafeer seen here waiting for his turn to see the doctor with runny nose. He kept r…