June Photodump

Random photos in June that don’t have enough collection to be in one post. 

When stucked in a standstill traffic in front one of the condos. How nice if rumah dekat ngan office? Or would it be nicer to work at home and no need to face the traffic.


Birthday celebration for Syahir. YR bought blackout cake from Huckleberry.

Syahir’s Birthday @ Office 

Evening traffic in SA near the roundabouts with a reflection at side mirror

Evening Traffic 

Zafeer took Be*ver test online at home

Zafeer’s Beaver Test 

A change for a day, caffeine to juice

Boost Juice

Biz lunch at Tenmaya. Small group, lots of conversation going on that i can’t snap the salmon i had. 

Lunch @ Tenmaya, BS  Lunch @ Tenmaya, BS 

Starbucks and merchandise sale. Suka Emily in Paris’s collection nie but another tote bag that im not gonna use. Managed to control myself from buying.

Starbucks Merchandise  Starbucks Coffee 

Hani Mokhta’s Tropicola, Meadow and Heirloom collection. My so-called uniform pergi office and weekend outings Hani Mokhta Top Collection 

Change coins for cash

Coins for Cash 

 Work and laundry. The day Zafeer tiber terbocor time tido, so gotta wash the duvet and everything quickly. 

Work & Laundry  Work & Laundry