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Burping and Smooching

Burping is a tough job. I look like a raccoon with those eyebag >.<

But kissing and smooching is the most wonderful thing in the world!

DEMC delivery package

I had a good experience throughout my 3 days 2 nights stay at DEMC. The service was good, the room is comfortable and the food is not bad at all. I forgot to take picture of the room though. Nak tunggu kemas sampai terlupa trus. And no this is not a sponsored entry hehe just to share some photos for those who plan to deliver at DEMC. Most families and friends who came to visit sumer cakap best jugak the new DEMC nie...mmg bes ler sbb baru lagik hehe. I think the delivery package rate is ok and alhamdulillah dapat bersalin normal so takdelah pengsan tgk bill. But for jaundice treatment mahal gila especially for consultation cost. Sabo jelah dahler company tak cover (T__T). Here's the basic delivery package, for more info can check out their website on extra charges for epidural, vacuum, forceps etc.

Normal Delivery Cost

PACKAGE A (2 Days, 1 Night)
Normal (SVD) – Double Bed : RM2,040.00
Normal (SVD) – Single Bed : RM2,200.00

PACKAGE B (3 Days, 2 Nights)
Normal (SVD) – Double Bed : RM2,42…

My version of Pocoyo

Who likes Pocoyo animation? I do!

And here's my version of Pocoyo. Qeeb in blue romper suit.

Baby Qeeb says Hello World

Believe it or not i'm a mom for 19 days already! I really took a long time to write this entry. So many things to share but dunno how to put it into words. Anyways here's my story, trying as best as i can to document myself with one little bun in the oven and how he came into this world.

25 October - 28 October 2010
For the whole week me and Cheep doa that pumpkin will make his appearance during weekend because Cheep was so busy with work and slalu kene stayback. And then we visualize cengkononnyer contraction will start Friday night so i can be admitted and deliver in the morning. Because for the whole week, i'm having problem to kira my contraction yang kejap ada kejap takde.

29 October 2010
During dinner, i said to my SILs would it be nice if i can deliver on Saturday dapat date 30.10.2010. Dorang gelak jer...haha yeah wishful thinking. Malam tuh me and Cheep watched Desperate Housewives marathon finale until 5.30am. And guess what, no contractions at all. Looks like pump…