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Burping and Smooching

Burping is a tough job. I look like a raccoon with those eyebag >.<

Baby Qeeb

But kissing and smooching is the most wonderful thing in the world!

Baby Qeeb

DEMC delivery package

I had a good experience throughout my 3 days 2 nights stay at DEMC. The service was good, the room is comfortable and the food is not bad at all. I forgot to take picture of the room though. Nak tunggu kemas sampai terlupa trus. And no this is not a sponsored entry hehe just to share some photos for those who plan to deliver at DEMC. Most families and friends who came to visit sumer cakap best jugak the new DEMC nie...mmg bes ler sbb baru lagik hehe. I think the delivery package rate is ok and alhamdulillah dapat bersalin normal so takdelah pengsan tgk bill. But for jaundice treatment mahal gila especially for consultation cost. Sabo jelah dahler company tak cover (T__T). Here's the basic delivery package, for more info can check out their website on extra charges for epidural, vacuum, forceps etc.

Normal Delivery Cost

PACKAGE A (2 Days, 1 Night)
Normal (SVD) – Double Bed : RM2,040.00
Normal (SVD) – Single Bed : RM2,200.00

PACKAGE B (3 Days, 2 Nights)
Normal (SVD) – Double Bed : RM2,420.00
Normal (SVD) – Single Bed : RM2,580.00

Talk about food, this is my favorite meal - Green curry chicken and mushroom soup. The most sedap food served spanjang 3 days kat sana. Sampai Cheep pon leleh tgk nak makan lebey2 takleh plak hahaha.

Baby Qeeb

A freebie for the new parent before discharged.

Baby Qeeb

A mini backpack with some product samples and informative brochures.

Baby Qeeb

And the nursery which is on the same floor. On the day Qeeb was born, there were 3 other babies in the nursery :)

Baby Qeeb

The package also include a homecare visit by an experienced nurse. The one who paid me a visit named Kak Ita who was very friendly and jawab all my questions and concerns about baby, jaundice, breastfeed, etc. When i said about my bersimpul2 dangling stitches she offered to tgk, cabut and letak ubat. Lega!

My version of Pocoyo

Who likes Pocoyo animation? I do!

And here's my version of Pocoyo. Qeeb in blue romper suit.

Baby Qeeb

Baby Qeeb says Hello World

Believe it or not i'm a mom for 19 days already! I really took a long time to write this entry. So many things to share but dunno how to put it into words. Anyways here's my story, trying as best as i can to document myself with one little bun in the oven and how he came into this world.

25 October - 28 October 2010
For the whole week me and Cheep doa that pumpkin will make his appearance during weekend because Cheep was so busy with work and slalu kene stayback. And then we visualize cengkononnyer contraction will start Friday night so i can be admitted and deliver in the morning. Because for the whole week, i'm having problem to kira my contraction yang kejap ada kejap takde.

29 October 2010
During dinner, i said to my SILs would it be nice if i can deliver on Saturday dapat date 30.10.2010. Dorang gelak jer...haha yeah wishful thinking. Malam tuh me and Cheep watched Desperate Housewives marathon finale until 5.30am. And guess what, no contractions at all. Looks like pumpkin wanted to lepak lagik dalam perot.

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30 October 2010
8.30am: Woke up to shishi. When i was about to go out and sambung tido tetiba ada air lagik turun. I was like uit cemana leh tershishi lagik nie....lap2 ngan tissue kuar lagik. Whoa water broke kah? I waited few seconds lagik dalam toilet to make sure. Aiyakkk non stop and it's a clear water...maka konpemlah! Trus kuar kejut Cheep and pakai ayat pelem gituh "Chayang, my water broke. Its time!!!" Mmg Cheep bangun terkujat2 trus duduk. Then he informed his mom and sisters. I went straight to shower. Nak gi spital kene lah wangey2 sket takot it's gonna be a long day kang tak selesa plak tak mandey. While siap2 tunggu Cheep mandey, selawat to calm myself. It's quite hard to bersiap when air mencurah2 turun and i cannot control it. Pakai pad pon kejap jer dah lencun.

@bem69 tweeted Her water broke, its time! Off to DEMC. #fb 9:07 AM Oct

9.00am: Cheep grabbed my hospital bag yang dah tersadai kat tepi pintu. The MIL and SILs dah siap tunggu depan pintu and wish me luck hehe. Dalam keta i called my sis cakap dah otw gi spital. Cheep dropped me depan pintu DEMC so i walked inside sambil update twitter (hehe sempat lg tuh). Then we walked together pegi 2nd floor where the labor room is. Sampai depan counter, i said to the nurse awkwardly, "air ketuban saya pecah" dorang pon ushered me to room 202.

9.20am: The nurse checked, i was only 3cm dilated. Really really disappointed time tuh and looks like its gonna be a long labor because from Monday till Saturday tambah 1cm jer dilation?! Time tuh dah pikir nak kene jalan2 dalam spital lagik nie kasik bukak cepat. But nurse dah pasang CTG, pasang drip and kasik ubat to buang air besar. Hurmmm lain ler plak from banyak tips i've read that i should sit upright, jangan baring jer, gi jenjalan etc. But few mins lepas tuh tetiba dah start contraction and saket pinggang yang amat dasat! Time nih dah tak ingat details sangat dah whats going on. The nurse offered epidural which mmg i don't plan to amik. Then she offered me painkiller, but i turned down oso because i dunno what to think ekceli! Sempat soh Cheep googled cemana breathing technique. I can't think straight already (-_-)

9.40am: Cheep went to register admission. Dr. M arrived with her usual pleasant smile and checked me out. She said by petang tuh insya Allah boleh deliver. Then all i remembered there were few times rasa nak yak yang teramat, air ketuban still kuar lagik and i felt so messy and uncomfortable, and i need something to grip and console me at the same time which is tangan Cheep lah jadik mangsa hahaha. I said to Cheep, i really need to go to toilet kotlah ada remaining yang tak kuar lagik but sumer orang ignored my request. Nurse said my perot still besar wpon waterbag pecah. Hmmm is it something i should be worry about?

11.00am: Nurse check lagik tetiba dah 8cm dilated and when i looked at the wall clock tetiba jer dah kol 11. Hoh mana ilang sejam? I tot baru kol 10 lebey. Time kene seluk tuh dah tak kesah sangat dah....because tak rasa saket cam mula2. Somehow rasa lega jugak sbb ada progress bukaan. One of the nurse kept saying membrane ada lagik (whatever that is). The nurse cakap kalo rasa nak yak, teran jer so i did and the nurse said i was doing a good job eventho i dunno what's going on down there because all i felt was tired. So i must have done something rite somewhere.

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12.00pm: Kat next room tetiba dengar ada baby nanges...waaahh ada baby kuar dolu jealousnyer padahal aku masuk dolu. That also means i have to wait doc settle blah sana then only she can attend me. Rasa saket gila2 and makin rasa something nak terkuar tapik terblocked. Ada one young nurse cakap jangan push tunggu doc. Siap turun kan my leg from the pedal. Wth? I was really annoyed sbb tgh saket main2 angkat turun kaki aku plak. Tapik biler contraction datang, i can't stop from pushing yelah rasa macam nak yak mana boleh tahan2 kan?! Nurse pesan keep my chin down, sbb kalo tak nanti leher bengkak. Tapi kengkadang tuh terdongak gak ke atas biler meneran, but when Cheep reminded me to keep my chin down, i had to asked him through my gritted teeth to help me to hold my head because i can't control it and reminder doesn't help at that time. Cheep was nervous tgk i'm in pain and jadik pissed off biler tgk dorang sumer dok delay2 (or maybe dah tatahan saket ngan my grip kot ehehe). Dia sound the nurse tada orang lain ker yang bleh sambut the baby? We've waited more than 10mins and were really panic takot baby distress since dia dah tunggu lama kat birth canal. Nurse pon muka cuak trus pasang CTG checked heartbeat baby ok ker tak. Dengar bunyik dup dup tuh lega lah sket.

Tak lama lepas tuh Dr. M masuk. Trus dorang cabut half of the bed. And pasang tah aper benda cam gear for me to tarik dengan tangan and pedal for me to push ngan kaki. Rasa cam duduk dalam go-kart pon ada gak. Dr. M cakap "owhhh dah bleh sangat dah nak bersalin nie". Then start lah the pushing part and the nurses gave support and motivation soh push. Tingat my sis penah pesan dalam tepon "Pusssshhh and pushhhhhhhhhh jerrr sampai abes" and that's what i did. Dah abes napas pon pushhhh jugak sampai terkuar bunyik snort :P I heard Dr. M dok cakap "ok lagik! lagik! push lagik". In between she said something "....guna vacuum". Lepas tuh tetiba ada rasa satu benda besar and warm popped out. That musbi pumpkin's head! Alhamdulillah the rest was easy. Dr. M placed pumpkin on my stomach and soh tgk his birdie lol! It was priceless and i was like OMG dah kuar?!! Then bleh rasa the doctor pulled the umbilical cords and uri with a gush of warm fluid. My legs were shaking time tuh...sbb sejuk kot. I nudged Cheep to amik gambar of our baby. Baru dia tingat nak kuarkan fon hehe.

@bem69 tweeted I'm a dad! me and @isoulde are parents to a baby boy. Alhamdulillah #fb
October 30, 2010 12:27 PM

While the nurse clean the baby, Dr. M asked me to take the gas because she's going to start stitching. Pening and julen dibuatnyer biler inhale gas tuh. Bleh rasa tali tangsi tuh kuar masuk begegar2...oh horror! Cheep took a photo of baby Qeeb to show to me. Aaahh a cute face to distract me from the stitching. He then azan and iqamatkan the baby, aku yang tgh lalok sbb gas plak yang rasa calm :) After seems like forever in the labor room (more than 1 hour), 2 nurses came to clean and change me....barulah selesa sket tak rasa kecah. Then i was brought to maternity room 303.

Meet freshly baked little Qeeb
DOB: 30.10.2010
Time: 12.22 pm
Weight: 3.09kg

Families and friends came to visit Qeeb (thank u! thank u!). We also stayed one day extra because MIL insisted that i should rest where the nurses can keep an eye on me. I love the DEMC's maternity room btw. Single bed, spacious and clean bathroom, couch for hubby to sleepover, blanket and extra pillow provided, food pon sedap. The best part was everything looks clean and brand new because DEMC baru pindah from sec 9 to new building. Selamat dorang dah siap pindah when i'm due after 2 kali dorang postpone to pindah.

Sleeping eskimo

Qeeb and his not-so-beard-papa

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On Monday we were discharged and Qeeb had his first ride home with my car :) Sampai umah, placed him in his crib. I was quite nervous to sleep that nite takot dia susah nak napas ke, slimut tertutup hidong ker, terhempap bantal ker and so on. Silly i know, but mmg takleh tido kalo bleh nak duduk sblah dia jer tgk to make sure he's ok. That nite Qeeb sneezed banyak kali and by Subuh his temperature increased. We were so worried trus gi hospital and Qeeb kene pegi lab amik darah. Menjerit dia biler kene cucuk tuh hadeh kesian! Then biler masuk jumpe doc, he said the jaundice reading was 222 and he suggested the baby to be admitted. Qeeb stayed there for 4 days and discharged on Friday. The first week was really tough for me. I wanted to feel happy but tired taking its toll on me. I got depressed because the stitches were getting so painful but i still have go to hospital back and forth to nurse Qeeb. Mmg dah sampai bentan orang kata.

I'm so thankful to this machine because i can pump milk easily (ada jugaklah rasa cam cow milk production). If not nak dapat 1 oz pon cam impossible. I should rent this thing!

After the quite miserable one week, now i'm getting better. Went to my sis's house and berpantang there for one week. In cheras i did the mengurut session with macik khamsinah, baby crash course from rina and bonding session for Qeeb and his cousins :)