DEMC delivery package

I had a good experience throughout my 3 days 2 nights stay at DEMC. The service was good, the room is comfortable and the food is not bad at all. I forgot to take picture of the room though. Nak tunggu kemas sampai terlupa trus. And no this is not a sponsored entry hehe just to share some photos for those who plan to deliver at DEMC. Most families and friends who came to visit sumer cakap best jugak the new DEMC nie...mmg bes ler sbb baru lagik hehe. I think the delivery package rate is ok and alhamdulillah dapat bersalin normal so takdelah pengsan tgk bill. But for jaundice treatment mahal gila especially for consultation cost. Sabo jelah dahler company tak cover (T__T). Here's the basic delivery package, for more info can check out their website on extra charges for epidural, vacuum, forceps etc.

Normal Delivery Cost

PACKAGE A (2 Days, 1 Night)
Normal (SVD) – Double Bed : RM2,040.00
Normal (SVD) – Single Bed : RM2,200.00

PACKAGE B (3 Days, 2 Nights)
Normal (SVD) – Double Bed : RM2,420.00
Normal (SVD) – Single Bed : RM2,580.00

Talk about food, this is my favorite meal - Green curry chicken and mushroom soup. The most sedap food served spanjang 3 days kat sana. Sampai Cheep pon leleh tgk nak makan lebey2 takleh plak hahaha.

Baby Qeeb

A freebie for the new parent before discharged.

Baby Qeeb

A mini backpack with some product samples and informative brochures.

Baby Qeeb

And the nursery which is on the same floor. On the day Qeeb was born, there were 3 other babies in the nursery :)

Baby Qeeb

The package also include a homecare visit by an experienced nurse. The one who paid me a visit named Kak Ita who was very friendly and jawab all my questions and concerns about baby, jaundice, breastfeed, etc. When i said about my bersimpul2 dangling stitches she offered to tgk, cabut and letak ubat. Lega!


  1. murah la babe dari pusrawi. murah 2000+ (with epidural) i tot demc so expensive!

  2. Serious? I tot medical center cam lebey kurang sama the price because my sis yang deliver kat hukm private wing pon around this rate jugak. Sib baik lah rate dia ok sbb demc nih jer yg paling dekat ngan umah and senang nak pegi.

    Baca ur experience kat pusrawi pon bes jugak tempat tuh!

  3. hi,
    i pun bakal deliver di demc..boleh tak you advice on things to bring in mama's bag..i refer byk website and now my bag dah jd penuh..since u ada experience i think u are the best person for me to refer..plz advise on brg i and barang baby ape yg ptt i bawa?

  4. From my experience kat demc mmg banyak gak benda yang dah bawak i tak pakai pon sbb time packing tuh mmg set mind biar lebey jangan kurang hehe. Here's my checklist yang mmg u akan pakai time warded nanti. Hope dapat membantu.

    MOM's BAG
    1. kad appointment demc
    2. socks
    3. slipper
    4. nursing bra + breast pad
    5. baju untuk pakai time balik umah
    6. toiletries (demc bg free toiletry bag yang ada sikat, mini toothbrush, toothpaste)
    7. towel (demc provide bath towel & face if u bawak sehelai bleh bagi husband pakai tok mandi)
    8. maternity pad (demc bg 2 packet but jenis tali. if u tak suke bleh pakai sendiri punye)
    8. panties
    9. plastik/ laundry bag
    10. camera
    11. Baju baby 1 set untuk pakai time balik umah (mitten, booties + cap)
    12. Diapers (pakai demc punye sbb dah charged dlm bill, takyah bawak pon x per)
    13. Receiving blanket/ swaddle blanket

    p.s: if u amik single room and ur husband sleepover, bantal + slimut dah provided bawah cushion panjang.

    good luck bersalin nanti yea :)

  5. Thanks a lot..that's very beg I dah ringan hehehe..kalo x dahmcm beg nak gi holiday..thanks dear..take care..wish me i'm at 37++ weeks.. :)

  6. wow anytime soon dah tuh! smoga dipermudahkan bersalin nanti :)

  7. swaddle yg qeeb pakai masa kat demc you bring your own ke provided by nursery?..i'm a bit confuse..

  8. Swaddle blanket pakai nursery punye. Yang sendiri punye pakai time nak blk jer

  9. td u ada kata yang jaundice treatment expensive lagi2 consultant fee...boleh bgtau saya tak lebih kurang berapa rm dan tu untuk berapa hari kena charge kt wad? sbb dh cari dlm website demc tp tak sertakan utk treatment jaundice tu...

  10. hi ezadiza, i kene more than rm2000 for 5 days. Tak ingat dah the details consultation fees but that one mmg buat menambahkan cost sungguh.


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