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Virtual CNY 2021

This year we gathered virtually via Zoom together with the Chin, Oh, Pat Yee and Uncle Wim. It was nice to see everyone in a pink of health. Karen siap connect to her big tv screen so can see everyone and nak screenshot pon clear haha. 

CNY 2021

Sis was outside, memula eksen tanak join. Paksa gak dia install Zoom lol! Nama pon mobile so can join anywhere lah khen. 

CNY 2021

Had yee sang twice this year. First one tossed kat rumah MIL beli from Chinese Muslim restaurant. Second time beli yang pre-packed yee sang and add on pear nak bagi juicy sket. 

CNY 2021 Yee Sang

CNY 2021 Yee Sang CNY 2021 Yee Sang

My super thoughtful lunch gang, Heli and Amy sent over 8 colorful flavours on CNY's eve haha! 

  CNY 2021 Baskin Robbin  CNY 2021 Baskin RobbinCNY 2021 Baskin Robbin

I also bought some donuts because it was KiutKiut's birthday apparently, lol! They had CNY theme. 

CNY 2021 Krispy Kreme