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Team Building @ Pullman, Putrajaya

I went for a 2 days team building at Pullman, Putrajaya. No bored-to-death motivation talk and hardcore outdoor activities phew! I think everyone enjoyed it plus at the same time we got 2 days break from office work.

This is where we had breakfast, lunch and B's all day dining outlet. I love the hanging alphabets at the island table area, tampak chic. I took a photo of my reflection and i can see my face and even my phone case very clearly. Err well my point is...that's how clean the mirror is!

I totally gained weight kat sana asik kejer makan jer. The food was so-so but the snacks and dessert was good!

We only can checked in around 5pm. Lambat kan! But sib baik the room is worth the wait lah jugak. The shower head is to die for and the bed mmg very empok sesedap rasa. But the next day kene checked out at 1230pm ghhhhrrr...bab nak soh kluar cepat ajer.

My room partner was Ija. This is view from our room facing Maritim and the lake.

I like the interior with so many …

Irina's 3rd Birthday Party

We celebrated Irina's 3rd birthday couple of weeks ago. Here's the birthday girl looking pretty in white dress with butterfly wings.

Birthday setup with tent and food stall in the garden. 

What was the menu? Hawker's style. There were sate, roasted kambing, char koay tiaw, rojak sotong, popia basah, laksa and ABC. I can say ALL OF IT really sedap!

Who came? My sis hehe.

Every year SIL will hire Mike to entertain the kids. He's good and funny.

Highlight of the day, cut the cake session.

Irina was all set in front of the cake to blow the candles :)

p.s: Still teringat kat laksa yang sedap ittiew! *drool*

Creative Pre-wedding Project

Gotta check out this cool & creative pre-wedding project! They were using chalk drawing instead of props and each scenes were drawn then and there.

Joey+Regine Prewedding Project from Boyd See on Vimeo.
I bet the photoshoot outcome turns out awesome and marvelous work of art.

Sampai ke pintu pagar...

Saw Qeeb waved goodbye to a cute girl.

Still waving!

Mau nyer tak bye bye beria....she's like a doll! Thehehe haih lah Naqeeb!

Retro Theme Company Dinner

Attended retro themed company dinner at Royale Bintang, KL last week. It was fun because everybody came fully dressed up according to the theme. However, the location was a mess because of heavy traffic and limited parking. Glad i decided to car pool with colleagues because we bersiap2 earlier kat office. They helped with my hairdo and makeup! Baik sungguh and not too mention can save duit! A pix of me with false eyelashes and  hair pomp still intact hehe. Lipstick lom pakai lg time nie dah beria nak mik gmbr tskk!

The event was smooth but the MC was so-so. Also minus few points because of the lousy food. C'monnnnn chinese food is supposed to be good and they can do much better than that! But nevermind we enjoyed ourselves nevertheless by taking pictures with everyone else.

(Left) The moment ZZA grabbed Anas who just arrived with his Elvis attire was hilarious. (Right) With MSB, nana and ain. Ain was the one who helped me with makeup :)

With IBG team dzofeer, azman and seah.

We had…

The One with Farewell and Birthday

The day after Raya Potluck, we had a lunch date with HST on her last day of service. We makan2 at Ben's General Food Store Bangsar. Almost all IBG team on the table.

Iols dah terjatuh chenta with eggplant salad yang sedap giler that i kept teringat biler lah nak pegi lagik sana. Thanks to the person who ordered it, or else i won't try it at all! Ermm nope the photo below is not the dishes i talked about. I thought i took some photos of the food, but xde aper in my memory card so i guess i musbi busy eating then. But i think we had 2 pizzas, 1 pasta, 2 desserts and 4 plates of salads.

Petang tuh we bg special gifts for HST as kenang2an :) a set of parker pen and cinderella mirror hehe.

On another different random story, I found Adly's birthday photos and i think lom penah post in here. I bought the cake from a colleague - marble cake caramel kot nama dia.

And here is the birthday boy with his sister yang sangat suker bergambar lol!