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[The N&Z Brothers Series] Monochrome Monday

Good morning and Hello Monday!

Still sleepy

Like a reflection in the mirror

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali to those celebrating! May the light of Diwali fill your home and life, with much joy and happiness.

[Fri-Yeay Link] Part 19

Interesting articles here that i would like to share with you.
Tips from Montessori method that we can apply to our kids. Link: 5 tips from nursery schoolThis boy created a script that made a bogus call to 911 and got arrested. Pandai tapik salah guna ilmu. Apparently it takes 6000 smartphones to flood state's emergency call system. Link: Flooded emergency services with fake callsGenetically modified mosquitos to fight zika/ dengue. It's good but at the same time i'm afraid there'll be a long-term side effect. Link: War against Mosquitos.

Zafeer @ 11 months old

And before we know it Zafeer is now 11 months old. Few weeks away to his 1st birthday *glee* He is at the phase of pulling himself up from a sitting to standing position. The usual spots are the couch and tv cabinet. He has started walking while holding the furniture. What worries me is when he let go, its either he sat on his padded-diaper-bum or lost balance because it's kinda tricky for him to sit down again. He's also trying to climb up if he has 'tools' like pillows, our legs, or even naqeeb's head.

I'm trying to avoid to use the word NO. But sometimes i just can't help it when he wants to lick everything on sight like wires, plastics, toss every thing he can grasp like remote, handphones, hot wheels. NO is the only word i can think of. We are trying our best to be extra careful not to leave small things lying around like lego tyres/coins/papers because unlike Qeeb time baby, Zafeer loves to taste everything. Plus he likes to find stuff under the couch…

YM's Wedding Reception @ Sime Darby CC

Attended Jeeb's friend, YM's wedding reception at Sime Darby CC. We were early! Which is kinda rare! Hahahah. Magrib awal soo kol 7 tuh trus gi surau and kasik settle so that tak terkejar2 nanti.

I love their wedding photos. White and minimal. Their montage pon nice.

We registered ourselves and get table number.

Sempat snacking while waiting to enter the ballroom.

Tetiba nampak the bride and groom jalan2. Yay dapat amik gambar with them.

We were unable to stay for too long because we need to pick up the kids at their grandparents. Best wishes to YM and husband for a fun-filled future together.

[Fri-Yeay Link] Part 18

Some interesting reads here:
How did the months (Jan, Feb, March....) get their names? Link: Romans calendarMy sister recommended Marie Kondo method when i was in the middle of moving in to my own house. I still think it's kinda tough to group/ sort everything and apply the no-excuse elimination method. But mana yang rasa boleh buat tuh, i did...and i feel good! Here's a sort of summary on KonMari method. Link: Illustrated guide of KonMari.I think this is a good mantra to teach myself or the kids to push ourselves on overcoming challenges. Can’t Means Won’t is like a dare, a provocation that said don’t underestimate yourself. If you want to do something badly enough, you’ll do it. I can imagine myself nagging and repeating that mantra already. If i'm in a good mood i'll use more subtle mantra You Can, You Will instead. Link: Mom's Genius Advise.

MSB's Birthday @ Office

We threw a little surprise for our boss, MSB on his birthday. Bala tolong belikan carrot cake from SR.

Malu2 tapik sukeeee lettew

Play this video if you wanna see him trying hard to blow the candles yang bebanyak tuh :P 

'I got a carrot....I got a cake. Ughhh carrot cake!'

Happy birthday Boss!
From all of us

GLC Meetup @ Shah Alam

Nih entry yang agak sukar tok elaborate pepanjang sbb dah peram lama hahaha. Pagi tuh kitowang berkumpul kat aeon. Pastuh hala ke Kueh sek13. Kata operation hour pukul 10am. Tapik time kami sampai, kosi pon tak susun lagik. Keciwa sungguh! Terpaksa tukar plan and carik kedai makan dekat2 area capello.

Nampak kedai Utami Village we gave it a try. I ordered nasik lemak & daging dendeng. Sedap wpon daging agak liat sket.

Amik gambar kat featured wall.

Lepas isik perot barulah kami ke Capello. All of us buat rambut except D, sempat dia berbelog and run business kat situ macam opis sendiri hehe.

The salon
Cantek kannn the colors.

Singgah few kedai yang kat area2 situ jugak.

Nak bergambar punyer pasal, singgah jap lorong belakang sek7 tuh. Dah start rushing because timing dah lari and we had to scrap our initial plan nak ke Cake Jln Tiung.


Singgah solat jap kat surau sek9. Then trus ke kopimeo to have our lunch.

[Fri-Yeay Link] Part 17

Two birthdays coming up soon! Not just one but two! Some birthday tips for parents here:

Party decorations theme. Link: Party Decor.Some good ideas we can start to make it as a special yearly thingy. Link: Birthday rituals

Zafeer @ 10 months old

I almost missed to post Zafeer's 10 months old photos. Besok dah nak 11 months dah. Time flies and i really miss everything about him even though i see him everyday hehe. Suker tgk dia duduk and diri but extra attention needed because he tends to lost balance when he tries to sit down again.

Owhhh that button nose face with 2 teeth face. Memang muka mintak kene kiss sampai idong penyet.

Cute backside with panda face on it. Rasa cam nak tangkap with my pokeball!

Skang nak baring lama2 almost impossible because he likes to rollover.

Happy growing Zafeer. May Allah protect you from any harm.