[Fri-Yeay Link] Part 18

Some interesting reads here:
  • How did the months (Jan, Feb, March....) get their names? Link: Romans calendar
  • My sister recommended Marie Kondo method when i was in the middle of moving in to my own house. I still think it's kinda tough to group/ sort everything and apply the no-excuse elimination method. But mana yang rasa boleh buat tuh, i did...and i feel good! Here's a sort of summary on KonMari method. Link: Illustrated guide of KonMari.
  • I think this is a good mantra to teach myself or the kids to push ourselves on overcoming challenges. Can’t Means Won’t is like a dare, a provocation that said don’t underestimate yourself. If you want to do something badly enough, you’ll do it. I can imagine myself nagging and repeating that mantra already. If i'm in a good mood i'll use more subtle mantra You Can, You Will instead. Link: Mom's Genius Advise.


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