Zafeer @ 10 months old

I almost missed to post Zafeer's 10 months old photos. Besok dah nak 11 months dah. Time flies and i really miss everything about him even though i see him everyday hehe. Suker tgk dia duduk and diri but extra attention needed because he tends to lost balance when he tries to sit down again.

Zafeer @ 10 Months  Zafeer @ 10 Months
Zafeer @ 10 Months  Zafeer @ 10 Months

Owhhh that button nose face with 2 teeth face. Memang muka mintak kene kiss sampai idong penyet.

Zafeer @ 10 Months

Cute backside with panda face on it. Rasa cam nak tangkap with my pokeball!

Zafeer @ 10 Months  Zafeer @ 10 Months

Skang nak baring lama2 almost impossible because he likes to rollover.

Zafeer @ 10 Months  Zafeer @ 10 Months

Happy growing Zafeer. May Allah protect you from any harm.


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