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10 Things to Learn from Japan Earthquake

My heart goes out to Japan in this intense situation. Especially for those who lost loves ones.

Not a single visual of chest-beating or wild grief. Sorrow itself has been elevated.

Disciplined queues for water and groceries. Not a rough word or a crude gesture.

The incredible architects, for instance. Buildings swayed but didn’t fall.

People bought only what they needed for the present, so everybody could get something.

No looting in shops. No honking and no overtaking on the roads. Just understanding.

Fifty workers stayed back to pump sea water in the N-reactors. How will they ever be repaid?

Restaurants cut prices. An unguarded ATM is left alone. The strong cared for the weak.

The old and the children, everyone knew exactly what to do. And they did just that.

They showed magnificent restraint in the bulletins. No sensationalizing. Only calm reportage.

When the power went off in a store, people put things back on the shelves and left quietly.

The New Work

It's been 2 weeks plus since i started working at this new company. So far so good but mmg bz gilos. Nak sangat lari bidang....haa amik hehehe! Time aku report duty ada lagik sorang yang sama team and she's a senior. Since my boss pon pompuan so we were like charlie's angels lah cengkonon koh koh koh!

My boss is very workaholic. If dia datang awal, and dah nampak both of us duduk kat meja, mmg dia trus assign kejer wpon blom start office hour. Lunch time pon sama! Sometimes kan rasa cam malas nak kuar lunch....u just want to browse the internet or take a nap. but kalo duduk kat stu mmg alamat kene panggil lah. So better kuar makan hahaha!

One of the thing i missed most is food variety. Sini ada lah jugak a few restaurants yang boleh try especially kat Maju Junction nuhhhh but mengah oh nak jalan cepat2, makan tercekik2, balik opis kelam kabut before my boss carik. Pastuh plak my colleague jenis tak gemor makan jauh2. Oh well folo jelah...jimat sket duit :P Wpon sangap gak tak dapat jenjalan cuci mata. Wish i can folo geng ex-MMSC gi makan tempat lain but susah lah if boss expect me to be punctual and buat kejer cepat, nak merayap pon hati tak senang takot tak sempat balik opis on time.

I missed my Darby Park parking space too! Dolu manja jer keta park kat simen rata and covered. Skang kene park kat open space and belobang2! But sib baik quite redup kat situ so takde lah rasa cam abuse keta tahap maksimum. Pastuh i missed PNB lift yang ada 8 bijik tuh. Dahler laju...mmg bes! Kat sini lift ada 3 bijik, medium speed but kene share ngan students! Time lunch lemau tol kene berimpit2!

But on the positive side, i come to work early now ngeehehe (terpaksa sebenonyer). From 9-5.30 mmg non stop buat kejer. Tak sempat buat lagha...browse FB and twitter. Which is bagus lah jugak because tuh sumer distraction time kejer (ker ayat sedapkan hati neh?) but i must say i do miss all the updates. Rasa cam my social life tak balance thehehehe. Malam pon cam tak cukup time. Nak main ngan Qeeb, feed dia, tidokan dia....and then before i know it, it's my bedtime already! Tido lambat kang mau telajak bangun the next day.

Other than that, I learned lots of new things so it's exciting...for now. My colleague tuh very experience bebenda camnie, so i should blajar as much as i can bab organizing and communication skills. There are so many other things i wanted to do jugak but tak nampak jalan lagik. Hope for the best and all is well, insya Allah.

Nota kaki: I haven't receive my salary from the last company by the way! I'm getting so pissed off! I have billsssss to pay...they have no right to hold my salary because i didn't owe them anything! Biler call cakap cheque dah ada tapik tak sign. Duhhh! Baper kali nak bagi the same excuse?

Ferrari Opus

When i first saw this box, i was like what the heck is this thing? Somebody said dalam tuh ada rim keta kot! Tapik takkan lah rim keta Ferrari size camnie...rim keta kancil maybe lah lol! Biler google baru ler tau opus tuh ekceli the largest and most luxurious publication ever. Guna jelah pekataan buku kan senang orang paham. Jenuh dok pikiaq aper kejadah tuh opus.
The classic edition of The Official Ferrari Opus is presented in a silk-cloth covered clamshell case and features a silver-foiled signature sheet, signed by current Ferrari F1 drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa.
So when my BIL nak bukak, of courselah bzbodi nak tgk sama. Once the box was open, trus nampak ada glove attached. Lagik lah tambah jakun and saspen hahaha! There was also a letter on how to jaga this precious thing. Kalo tanak ada cap jari melekat kat the paper sbb tuh lar kene pakai glove! Pastuh takleh dirikan the book to avoid spine rosak. Fehhh ada macam2 lagik pantang larang.

So kitowang pon oooohh aaaahhh tengok gambar...but skip2 lah sbb tebal beno. Gambar mmg dasat oh, high quality and superb!

The Ferrari Opus specs:
* 852 pages
* 50 x 50cm
* 37kg
* 150,000 words
* 2,000 images
* Two spectacular 200 x 50cm gatefolds
* Signed by Ferrari legends
* Presented in a specially designed clamshell box

And finally 2 budak jakun. I learned a new word on that day - opus!

Ferrari Opus

Hair Loss

Manyaknyer rambut kegugurannnnn :( I can make a wig huaaaaa! Yang irritatingnyer when i see strand of hair everywhere...on the pillow, on the bed sheet, in the sink, atas meja, on Qeeb's hand! Dahler Qeeb suker pull my hair now....grip baekkk punyer.

Slalu dengar orang cerita biler baby dah start drool/ teething mula lah rambut gugur kaw2. But aper connection postnatal hair loss ngan baby drool? I guess i have to settle with this answer at Baby Center.
After you give birth, your estrogen levels take a tumble and a lot more hair follicles enter the resting stage. Soon you'll have more hair coming out in the shower or on the brush. This unusual shedding will taper off and your hair will be back to its pre-pregnancy thickness about six to 12 months after you give birth.
Ok time preggy was growing stage, estrogen level naik sbb tuh rambut bersinar2. Skang tgh resting stage sebab tuh rambut gugur dengan dasyatnyer. Hmmmm kalo rambut cam ada static caner?

FDS white studio

Hari tuh cam smangat naw nak edit gambar. But now looks like tak brapa rajin ler plak..dapat siap satu jer pffft! This is one of the photos we took berbackgroundkan dinding opis, bersebelahan ngan printer dan pintu....oh well yang penting posinggggg!

My Farewell @ FDS

Pastu pastuh....skeri tak gambar bawah nie? Hahahah nih Haikal punyer kejer lah nie

My Farewell at FDS

After 3 years and 7 months, i ended my service at Pern*c. Even though mmg ada cita2 nak benti lama dah, but tak penah actively carik kejer lain. Honestly it was kinda rush ekceli, tetiba dapat interviews, tetiba dapat good offer, so of course lah dengan otomatiknyer tetiba terus rasa nak benti. Memang macam orang kata rezeki dapat anak, i had 2 offers. One of it was IT firm and the other one is education/ college company which i chose the latter. Konon nak lari bidang, learn new things and buat something that i can turn to my own benefits for my future plan. Susah giler nak buat decision biler pikir pros and cons between these 2 companies. But all i know is i wanted to change job, because when you know you're not looking forward to go to work anymore it's time to jump. Later2 i will citer about my new job environment!

My last day was on the 22nd Feb. My colleagues were uberly nice to organize a farewell party. We had nasi palau, delicious spicy chicken curry and acar. The journey nak bawak the food from the Shahjee Restaurant to the office was a nightmare though! Abes tumpah2 kuah sampai kene seats keta si Delailah. Sian giler, i dunno lah boleh hilang ke tak all the stains.

My Farewell @ FDS

Plus 2 boxes of donuts for desserts.

My Farewell @ FDS

Time food sampai tgh nak susun2. Sumer dah lapar menggigil dah time nie hehe. Aaar tuh the motherly, Kak Wy yang banyak bagi nasehat and tips about hidup bekeluarga hehe.

My Farewell @ FDS

Lepas dera dorang dengan farewell speech yang panjang lebar, baru nak start baca doa makan. Actually it's not me yang cakap panjang kannn?! :P Nih lah the gurls yang slalu buat bising kat opis.

My Farewell @ FDS

Start makannnn!!! Lapaq wohhh.

My Farewell @ FDS

Old team member yang dah pindah gi HQ, Epin, Hamiza, Eddin and Shafie. Sangat thoughtful that they willing to come to bid goodbye.

My Farewell @ FDS

With Sally, back door neighbour Lissa and dai lou Reuben hehehe.

My Farewell @ FDS

Diana, Julie, Lin, me, Iz and Delailah. Time nie feeling2 dalam white studio hahaha. I'll post more of the gedix photos in the next entry.

My Farewell @ FDS

Nih my adek2 Shida, Maya and Sally (tak cukup sorang lagik Iz takde dalam gambar). Slamat cuti panjang to Sally pas nie...giliran dia plak nak meletop haha.

My Farewell @ FDS

Me with Delailah, Lin and Julie. Julie joined the project while i'm on maternity leave.

My Farewell @ FDS

Last but not least, with D herself. Rupanya tak berjaya tahan emosi time nak balik tuh! Fufufufu. Banyak kenangan together ngan dia nie. I was lucky time awal2 masuk FDS dolu ada orang cam dia, Shara, K.Fara, Zaza, Jannah, K.Moji and Mas...sbb senang click. Baper banyak tempat makan dah kitowang explore, baper banyak event dah kitowang pegi and photogediks sesama, buat jahat tidak sekali tapik berkali2 and the phases we went through together from single, to married and now me dah ada kiddo. Sangat sangat priceless. Cakap cenggini macam lah takleh jumpa dah kan...but mana nak sama dah kalo sorang kat sini sorang lagik kat sana. Oh sedey!

My Farewell @ FDS

Petang tuh sempat gak jumpe ngan FDS team member yang lain kat tingkat 10. Mekaceh bebanyak to Mas, Naj, Ali and Jalil atas tunjuk ajar, kerjasama ngan sbarang bantuan kecemasan yang kowang bagi spanjang aku kejer kat situ. Aaarghhh cam tak caye jer aku dah benti huaaaa!!!

Ayat tunggang tebalik citer cam tak abes sbb asik pause jer time pembikinan blog entry. But oh well, skian....there goes my Oscar's speech (T___T)