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Weekend at Aquaria and Eye on Malaysia

And then the next day, accompanied em to Aquaria plak. Their mummy yang bayarkan my ticket so why not kan heheh. After that we went to Eye On Mesia. Finally i rode it! But battery dah kong plak time tuh. Sigh.

@ Aquaria, KLCC

Zoo Negara

A zoo trip after how many years ah? Can't remember, but the last time i went here, there's still a KFC. Skang takde dah :( I became these 8 rugrats's driver since keta tak cukup nak hangkut sumer.

@ Zoo Negara

Farewell at MMSC

One week as penganggur officially started! Last Friday, my colleagues throw a farewell party for me and nurul. Can't thank them enuff! The food, the gifts, the hugs and kisses. Demmm...I'm gonna miss them so much.

Farewell @ MMSC

These are among my close frens in MMSC. Thru thick and thin, gossips and jokes, rant and raving, they'll oways there to listen. Yang blakang skali tuh is Kak Mas, the best tealady ever. Oways fed us with kuih and tea biler petang or potongkan buah and cicah kuah rojak, fuh! Also gonna miss my teh tarik session after work. Sigh.

Farewell @ MMSC

I'm glad sempat amik gambar ngan omost everyone. Thanx for everything!
Me and sis went to a nearby nursery to get some plants. Since we don't know a thing about plant's name so the describing process goes like "nak tinggi ini, kembang macam ni, daun sket lebey kurang camni". Last last dapat lah sebijik pokok nama Monstera ngan few pokok kecik yang tahpape nama. Adly tensen gila kene duduk berimpit ngan Didi demi nak memuatkan beberapa bijik pokok dalam Kenari. As for me lak, tensen sbb tanah dah bersepah2 dalam keta. Grrr!

Monstera in the car

So ini lah dia Monstera (not Monster ya) we just bought.

Monstera in the house

Trip to Bagan Lalang

An impromptu trip to Bagan Lalang on friday. Tetiba diheret untuk makan malam besama2 dengan 8 opismates + 4 budak kecik. First time makan sini was 2 years ago. And i forgot how farrrrrrrr it was! And for the second time, aku still x nampak laut wpon kat tepi tuh jer.

@ Bagan Lalang

So sesi melahap dimulakan.

@ Bagan Lalang

And this is a sms from En. Joe (bukan cikgu joe) to my colleague when he found out about my departure. A short msg from a manager i hardly talk to because he oways in a hurry bak kater orang jalan cam tak cukup tanah, garang, workaholic and surprisingly he knew my, yes i find this msg kinda special. *cough* padahal dia maksud "bagus, finally ko resign". Hahaha argh pedulikan sbb aku admire dia! dia terel nyanyi siot!

@ Bagan Lalang
Another phase of life, another decision to make. It might turn out good or prolly turn my life upside down.

Edit: Decision is made :P I'm moving to a new career, new office, and new environment soon. And more new friends i hope. Yikes! 2 years in M*sc...sayang worr nak tinggalkan because in a way I havta start all over again. But it's time to move on, while the industry still have interest in me. There's a lot to learn!
The Simpsons @ Movie Carnival, One Utama

Movie carnival props at OU is cool especially The Simpsons!

Shrek 3 @ Movie Carnival, One Utama

More than 40 days now.

No one knows how much i miss Bapak, no one knows the bitter pain. I've suffered since i lost has never been the same. I had no chance to tell him goodbye, one minute he was here, and the next he was gone.

A million times i've needed you
A million times i've cried.
If love alone could've saved you
You never would of died
In life i loved you dearly
In death i love you still
In my heart you hold a place
No one can ever fill

His heart was so big, full of love and understanding but most of all he was the best Bapak a daughter could ever have. I thank Allah SWT for that. Al-Fatihah.