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Ilyas's 1st Birthday Party

Last January, D invited us to her son Ilyas's 1st birthday bash in Melaka. It was an aqiqah cum birthday celebration. Honestly i jarang dapat attend kenduri/ majlis luar KL heheh. But since we're heading Melaka, so dapat lah join this one yeayyy! Check out the colorful candy bouquet yang D ordered from partycandy!

Time sampai jer rumah D kat Alor Gajah, dorang tgh buat doa selamat. Dapat ler borak2 ngan kak fara kejap, then makan2. Lepas tuh we gathered to watch birthday boy potong cake weee! Cousin Ilyas pon ada birthday cake jugak so double celebration.

One happy family

Close up on each candy bouquet

Sponge Bob and Dora birthday cakes + custom water bottle label.

Also gambar kitowang yang datang on that day, me and kak fara. Mas came but a bit later so tak sempat nak jumpe. Kalo dak sure lagik meriah group photo hehe. 

Oh ya, recently Ilyas dah pandai jalan hehe. All the best to D and Poji lepas nie nak kejar Ilyas.

Chinese New Year 2013

Some photos during CNY visit to Pat Yee's house. My sis couldn't join this year because terkena food poisoning quite badly and had to be on standby in front of the toilet, poor thing. When we reached Mont Kiara, the lion dance performance was about to start. This time the lions were very friendly with the kids and i think they performed much better compared to last year.

Free style carrying kids

Surprisingly Qeeb was into lion dance this year. When i gave red packet to the lion, we got an orange in return. And Qeeb was the one who took the orange from the lion's mouth! Berani pulak...because usually dia tak suker benda pelik2. Jeeb almost got a nice shot until this guy suddenly appeared in the frame -.-'

Qeeb was thinking to return the orange to the lion. 

Then we went upstairs. Had light refreshments and took more photos.

With Karen and Caden.

With Tai Ma, my eldest aunt.

And also with Pat Yee and Uncle Wim. 


Kiddos Night Out

Meet up with Ikin, Kusa & Mira last Jan at A&W, PJ before Ikin went back to Japan that week.

First time meeting Hiroki! He's such a cutie!

The three musketeers from left, Hiroki, Hamzah and Qeeb.

Sorang tertonggeng, sorang telentang. 

Hamzah with his shark hehe cute gila

New kids on the block

Here are the mommies

One pix before balik. Insya Allah jumpe lagik sometime in March :)

Anniversary Dinner

Hari tuh entry cukup syarat, today entry with few photos of our anniversary dinner at Ben's Bangsar. Actually tatau nak makan mana, nak avoid traffic jam and what not so we just went to Bangsar which is considered near to my office and chose a cafe.

Took some photos while waiting for our food.

Took more photos when our food were served. (Pakai baju kurung summore!)

I ordered this...chicken aper tah tak ingat with 2 side dishes.

Jeeb's order didn't come too fancy though. Lamb and one side dish.

And that is ALL hehe. Oh Jeeb sent me a bouquet of roses too! Hiks ♥

Nephew & Niece Birthday Celebrations

On 31st Dec, we had the last birthday celebration for 2012. Iman turned 10 years old and we celebrated kat rumah and potong cake. Satu cake strawberry marshmallow cheese from Secret Recipe and the other one is Baskin Robbin Celebration ice cream cake.

The look and colors mmg mengancam. But one thing ice cream cake nih bikin kalut sbb cepat sangat melt.

Irina waiting for the cake.

Cut the cake...nyum nyum.

2 days later on 2nd Jan 2013, we celebrated birthday Khairan plak who turned 13 years old. He also got 2 birthday cakes from Just Heavenly.

This one was chocolate banana, the taste memang sedap gila rich and moist!

This one was Khairan's favourite, Raspberry Gateau.