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Qeeb's Random Potraiture

Qeeb shy2 cat look

But not limited to just cars actually. Lori sampah pon dia suka.

He stopped sukahati wherever he went to watch cars and tyres.

Everytime kluar i have to make sure at least there's a car in my handbag.

White Water Rafting @ Kuala Kubu Bharu

Recently i joined my company's outdoor activity - white water rafting. Bertaun jugak tunggu nak dapat this opportunity, because nak pegi sendiri mmg takkan punyer lah plus this was one of my bucket list. So tak pikir panjang i trus signed up. The big question that kept popping on my head was this...
"What if the boat overturned and all of us terjatuh and kene batu?"
Later i cerita this part hehe. So on 23 Feb morning we gathered at office area, most of us car pool so me, Juju and Karen tumpang kereta Syed. Sampai jer Kuala Kubu Bharu we had breakfast at the nearest mamak.

Then Rizal from PieRose led the way naik keta to river side. Here we had a safety briefing and what kind of instructions yang dorang akan guna time dalam boat nanti for example paddle, sit in, hold etc. Below are the gears like helmets, safety jackets and paddles. Anyways baju yang sesuai is jersey type because it can quick-dry. Sandals kalo boleh biar yang crocs tak brapa kuat kot. Me m…

Qeeb says NO to Milk

Hari nih 22 march, maknanya dah 11 hari Qeeb officially stopped minom susu. STOP COMPLETELY. I am soooo sad because he decided to stop too early. He’s just 2+years old how can he cannot drink milk?! Ohh Qeeb you make me so worried, sigh.
It all started few days before 11 March, Qeeb showed symptoms tak suker minom susu yang dah sejuk. But biler buat fresh one, dia minom skettt tak sampai 1oz kot. Then tak sampai 1hr later, he asked for a new one. Biler insisted minom the susu earlier he refused. So sebab kesian, iols pon buat lagik susu baru. Then tak abes jugak lagik. So ada one night tuh jeeb bagi ‘nasehat’ and malam tuh he fell asleep ala2 majuk without drinking any milk. We both felt so guilty. The next day we went to work as usual, and suddenly MIL called tanya why Qeeb tanak minom susu at all this morning? Because it’s so unlike him. I was like alamak? Since MIL cakap dia takde selera nak makan langsung and demam, I rushed back home and brought him to clinic. Doc said his throa…

Google Reader no more!

Jeeb told me this morning that Google Reader is shutting down. Omai terkujat giler okay! Google Reader will be pronounced dead on 1st July 2013. I love the product so much, so this comes as a shock. It feels unjust. Sob! Sob!

Like a Dagger to Bloggers’ Hearts, Google just Killed Google Reader

GLC @ 10 Binjai, Darby Park

It's our monthly GLC and this time we meet up at 10 Binjai, Darby Park. Dari KLCC tetiba tukar last minute ke sini hehe....cozy and isolated.

We ordered some foods. According to D, the price has slightly increased from the last time she went there. Musbi time baru bukak tuh promo price kot. The menu tak banyak sangat options, but the food was quite nice.

Yang berjaya menghadirkan diri were D, Mas, Shara, Kak Fara, Jannah and Dani. Dani left earlier but dapat ler bergambar seround dua.

Macam2 benda diborakkan....sbb boleh joyah mode depan2. 

Anddddd we have a new GLC book for 2013! Yee hawww! Buku lama dah berkhidmat for 2 years and can masuk museum already. Plan nak scan and pdf it so that everyone can keep a copy. But tugas nak menyecan tuh dapat kat sapa tah...mas kot eh? hehe.

Sumer excited nak tulis and mengdoodle! This one was by Mas, how cute is that! hehehe.

We also celebrated D's birthday. Wpon dah belated but amik gambar jugak cukup syarat we celebrated together :)


K.Liza's Birthday Celebration 2013

We went for makan2 at Lai Po Hin, Mandarin Oriental to celebrate K.Liza's birthday last January.

We were so lucky because we got a private space with beautiful view of KLCC park and there was a small room attached where the kids can lepak and adults can eat in peace thehehe.

The small private room i've mentioned earlier. Qeeb and Irina keeping themselves busy.

Syiok part about this room was natural lighting dia sangat lahhh cantek! We only used our phones to capture all the photos. Kitowang asik took turns nak posing poyo tepi tingkap. Me hidong penyet ada hati amik gambar side profile heh, while Jeeb looking so vain lol!

We had loads of dimsum.

Camho lg tepi tingkap...

[Left] Qeeb checking out the view and [Right] I love Irina's dressss! Ombre colour lak tuh! Dalam gambar tak nampak sangat the shades.

♫♪ Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to K.Liza!♫♪

Red velvet cake and durian crepes for dessert.

I like this photo! Bobbi Brown models.

Family photo

Thank you to yang bla…