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Got my book today @ Borders, after 3 hours browsing. Lunch @ KR. Sumernya with discount...hehe thanx wa! Then watched Star Wars @ GSC where everything falls into places, how Leia and Luke separated, why Anakin/Vader turns ugly bla bla bla...end of saga. Its my first movie at Times sq, and i think the cinema is quite awesome.

Guess had too much carbonated drink this couple of days. Perut cam vibrate jer nak tidoq pon susah. Aper pon, malam nih nak layan Summerland. huhu!
Planned to MidV today wit um*. but ff tetiba tunjuk ader perfume sale @ Menara TNT. So we all went for parfum craze!! Reached there around 11.30, but the queue humang aih, dah panjang tak hengat. memula cam nak give-up, seems impossible jer nak masuk, the crowd tak move langsung. but since j dah blah from there with da car, tunggu jelah. 12.15 baru dapat masuk. eksaited siot...haha! in spite of limited space and the aircond cam pasang tak pasang jer. but mac mmg best selling, by the time dapat masuk, tinggal eye shadow jek.

sumer jonah giler. tuh nak nih nak. except k.rin. dia dah pening sbb ramai sangat. ahaha! ff ngan um* ar borong sakan. peh tuh j pick us up, drop kat klcc, gi makan dolu. dah ketaq lutut tahan lapar. so much for book survey! Kinokuniya ke mana, Mph lagik tah kemana². Ekekeke.

Skang baru rasa pening, spray perfume kiri kanan! erghhhh!
It wuz a great friday. During lunch break, dapat kumpul with bunch of gurls @ kiambang and yeah...gossips. Jarang dapat kumpul camtuh everyday coz ader yang bz, skip lunch or just tapau. Guess smalam sumer lapar giler kot. After lunch, folo cdot and ija...and guess wat, dak cdot nih main gitar karan! huhuuh! layan siot! tak pat tgk ariel nyanyi live, dengar dia main semua tentang kita unplugged pon jadik lah.

Later dat night, gi tgk theatre Jula Juli Seven Star @ Panggung B*ndaraya. Thanx to Gman mikkan tiket, peh tuh sediakan parking lak. hahaha. The play was quite hilarious, i had a gud laugh. Not too mention the lead actor ensemmm, wpon pakai baju pagoda jek. During interlude, biler kuar jer penari gelek sumer dak² nih trus dok tegak. Siap record! Niza wuz there too, altho she's a bit late. Sibler dia leh masuk without tickets, aku maleh nak bergesel bontot lagik ngan audience kat stu...sempit.

Dat wud be all. Daaa!
I'ma fa shizzile dizzile ma nizzle fizzle bizzle
These past one whole week have been... indescribable and totally a rollercoaster mood. Have plenty to say, but as usual the words elude me. Unable to express my thoughts/ feelings into words can be quite frustrating. naaah, make dat very frustrating. especially in conversation! *sigh* guess my brains works too fast to put words in order. i end up...silence.
Hepi chillin bday to Bem69! An annoyer who mocks and ridicule everyday. Hou sai lei!

Sham and Yulie

Sham and Yulie
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Attend Sham & Yulie's wedding @ Melaka pulok on Saturday. Sumer excellence driver sampai de yang tertinggal, terlepas simpang. Yulie looked very luvly. This time i think ramai yang make it. Even abg dollah wuz there. Then balik singgah Bandar Melaka, and stopped at Bagan Lalang for dinner. Kenyang yaamatz!

The rest of the pix is here:
Umah Yulie
Umah Sham
Some trivial facts on, How to murder a mosquito in 5 ways - from least to most brutal in order.

Spray - is what most people did when Baygon and Ridsect were popular back in the 90s. And the good thing is, you get to murder a whole host of other 6-legged critters at the same time. Quite efficient too - you spray, mozzies inhale, mozzies get dizzy, and mozzies go kaput with wings and legs still intact. Clean job, eh...
Zap - is when you kill the mosquitos with the zapper aka badminton racket. A genius rip off design of the electric chair that works on 2 AA batteries. It emits tiny amounts of electricity enough to bring down a cow (ok, kidding). So, you prey on unsuspecting mozzies, press the button, zap mozzie with zapper, get ready for some fireworks display, hold button down until you see whiffs of smoke and ta daa! barbecued mozzies. Then feed it to the dustbin.
Crush - is when the mosquito is crushed between two surfaces e.g., palm-to-palm, palm-to-wall, foot-to-floor etc. Eye mozzie carefully and with a quick kung fu move, crush the mozzie in any of the methods mentioned above. If the mozzie has just had it's fill of blood, don't forget to be artistic as well. Try crushing the mozzies with different pressures and see the blood splatter into a work of art. heehee...
Whack - is when you whack the mozzie which is flying in the air with your palm. This sudden move will leave the unsuspecting mozzie dazed but still alive. If you whack it hard enough, mozzie will spiral down to the floor and blood will start to trickle out slowly. You can choose to stomp it to end its misery or let it fly away. Brutal eh? Wait till you read about the last method...
Explode - is the most brutal way to murder a mosquito. You allow target to sip blood from you while you watch. And when the blood transfusion is almost done, you squeeze the particular area with enough pressure so that the blood will shoot up and into the mozzie causing it to explode to smithereens. Yuck...

UTM hangar?

UTM hangar?
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I had so many mixed-feelings on this trip i dunno how to describe it. JB is great. Taman U had quite major changes. So lil time so much places to go. Dinner @ Stulang, strolled Dataran JB and Danga Bay. Oso went to UTM, tapik faculty sendiri takleh nak masuk. Hahaha...nak naik jalan kaki is NOT an option, time consuming! So pusingĂ‚² bawak keta cam loklaq. Sempat jumpa BB even only for few minutes. Heheh...thanx for chasing. Lunch at Jeps house then hit the road again.

Balik jam tak hengat. and starving. Took a bite @ mcD. Balik wawa dropped me off. Almost 1a.m nana slipped into my room and burak. huarghhh!!! aku nak tidoo, but as always i'm smilin like a lil girl when she left the room. But it hit my head tho, when was the last time i had a really gud conversation wit bapak. Last 4 days kot....aihhh!

Pak Ali

Pak Ali
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The same smiley Pak Ali standing by the counter, same menu, same low price but different location. And no cendawan goreng tho! haiyaaa!

The gurls, the coursemate and half housemate

The gurls
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Newly wed couple

Newly wed couple
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Attend Yuli's wedding at Muar then pop-in to JB on sunday-monday
Congratulations to the newly wed Sham and Yulie, two heart and soul finally ties together. Selamat Pengantin Baru! May two of u remain together forever and ever.