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Pink March Promo @ TedBoy

Dress in pink and head on to TedBoy with this March voucher to redeem free smoothie. There are Berry, Mango and chocolate flavour to choose from.

I chose Berry and i loved it! Normal price is rm15. So dapat lahh rasafor free. Since confirmed sedap, next time can buy.

Lego: Box of Bricks Promo @ Mid Valley

Lego promo at Mid Valley recently sempena school holiday. Buy 2 get 1 free! Price range is from RM24 to 100+ So if share ngan kengkawan pon berbaloiii.

Quite banyak gak options yang dorang offer. Wpon not really the latest one. If lego junior termasuk dalam category lagik laaa mengancam.

The main backdrop and a couple of mini games for kids.

Mommies yang lagik excited! Sampai ada insiden qilah tersalah kira so terpaksa lah tukar balik item yang ketiga kalo dak rugi ohhh! lawak betoi time tuh, memasing kalut. 

Lunch Date @ Bubba Gump, Sunway Pyramid

We went for a Satur-date with my sis's family at Bubba Gump, Sunway Pyramid. Around 12.30 we reached there no other customers yet. Abg ayie chose tempat dalam2 sket so ada space for kids to move around.

One of the waiters were very attentive. Time Zafeer terbumped into meja, we asked for ice cepat jer dia bagi and siap wrapkan with tissue. These are some of the food we ordered, since Jeeb is still on diet he asked for salad and shared my meal. Besides portion sumer besar2 pon memang better share2.

Us, minus my sis (because she's the one who took this picture) and Adly because he has to do part-time. 

Zafeer dah abes makan dia turun dolu. Cheq nak makan pon tarak senang. Luckily as always, the rugrats offer to tolong tengokkan and main sama2 so that me and my sis can membawang (nak jugak pakai this new viral term)

Distract jap bagi main coaster so we can continue to perabeskan makan skettt lagik.

Ekceli Zafeer boleh tahan suka posing jugak even though expression dia straight je…

Panda Fever

Banyak pulak panda packaging kat Watson recently. Shoooo cute! This is a tissue box. Ada 3 boxes, and i bought one senang letak kat keta because of the small size (excuses!)

Panda mask. 

Tissue jugak. Even the duck tuh pon cute

Panda bodywash.

Khairan's SPM Celebration

We had dinner at Chillis to celebrate Khairan's excellent spm result. We are so proud of him sbb score hebat.

Jeeb thinks that Khairan resembles wakanda hero...the black panther. lol!

Haihlahhh budak tecit nie. Sama set ngan makcho biler amik gambar terpejam mata.

After dinner, all shops dah closed. Tak sempat nk jenjalan pon. Keciwa disitu so amik gambar jelah depan kedai. 

Last but not least, with the aunties. Hope he gets to sign up course yang dia nak in his preferred university soon.

Monstera Everywhere

Monstera on shoes and handbags by Vincci

Robinsons window display

When ber-Mimpi

Followed my colleague, Heli to this MimpiKita shop. Because ada sale katanya. Saja lah tanya Dally Box tee navy ada lagik ker because i heard banyak yang dah out of stock. SA said satu jer lagik and my size pulak tuh. Shooot! Biler ada mula laaa berdebar and monolog nak beli! Pape pon pegang dolu takot orang amik. Then pegi tried few pieces of baju kurung dulu kot2 jumpe yang lagik worth it. But tak brapa berkenan with the cutting (masalah orang plus size).

View from their window display.

So i paid (not sale item plak tuh) and watched the SA wrapping up my regret....(lol!)

I do love the design and color. When i told Jeeb the price he was like 'what? seriously?' because the quality doesn't look worth the amount and i'm not the type that spent cemtuh for a tee. Thehehehe but dah beli dah pon kita pakai sampai lunyai okeh! One of the Fridays i wore it to work, skali tersama dengan Ira daaa! She has pink karer hahaaha kene lah ootd sesama.

Townhall @ Connexion, BS

Announcements and updates by PS during the session i.e merger, KPIs, team building, new football club. Jarang buat townhall kat luar office, but now we have a bigger crowd, nak fit everyone in the meeting rooms dah tak muat. This place dekat jer dengan office, very convenient actually.

Makan time

RY's last day

Watching the traffic starting to build up. Jam yang nak kene hadap every day.