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Bubs Art Attack

Qeeb went to his first art class last weekend *thrilled!* I saw the promotion at MilkADeal and very the excited to try...i mean for Qeeb to try! Zaza and Pizet also bought the bait but unfortunately Pizet couldn't make it at last minute. The class was at a kindy called Baby Faculty in Setia Alam and we reached there around 9.30am. I fell in love with this area btw.

Artsy Fartsy Kids

We started with the clay where we can choose either hand print or foot print. We opt for foot print since Qeeb refused to put his hand on the dough. And then we stirred something that looks like bicarbonate soda to me with water and tuang kat dough.

Artsy Fartsy Kids

While waiting for the clay to dry, we moved to the coloring station. There were strings provided as painting tools but dapat kat Qeeb dia campak2 jer sumer tuh. So we use our bare hands and get messy! I thought i was well prepared pakaikan Qeeb this 'uniform' but i forgot lil Picasso wants to 'hug' his mommy biler dah boring. I'm the one who should be wearing the uniform -.-'

  Artsy Fartsy Weekend Artsy Fartsy Weekend
Artsy Fartsy Weekend

Haaaaaa tuh dia clashing colors of pepel, green, yellow and red! It's too abstract so yeah we just leave it at that. 

Artsy Fartsy Weekend

Nak squish ker, splat ker, seret lah lagu mana pon takpa. Nak lap tangan kat my jeans and my white baby-G pon takpaaaaa! I keep reminding myself its washable coloring material. Which is true! Senang gila nak remove all the coloring, pakai wipes jer pon dah ok.

Artsy Fartsy Weekend

Zaza and Ali creating their own masterpiece. Ali tuang colors kat paper and Zaza buat patterns. Good combination kannn hehe.

Artsy Fartsy Weekend

The aftermath of painting session by Picasso jr and Van Gogh jr. And these are their gorgeous painting ever hanging outside to dry out.

Artsy Fartsy Weekend    Artsy Fartsy Weekend

Qeeb now has foot print plaster. The cute size of 13cm feet can be framed for keepsakes :) Lepas nie kaki besar gabak tak de orang sanggup buat clay occay!

Artsy Fartsy Kids

By the end of the art class we got ourselves baby’s footprint in clay and baby’s string art masterpiece. Qeeb and Ali also explored outdoor together (eventhough it's not part of the package) macam playdate gitu which i will share their adventure in the next entry.

The soon to be 1yo boy

The precious 12 months are almost at an end! Qeeb is turning to 1 year old very very soon. 

So what now? It's time to plan the first birthday party lahhh! I know the fact that Qeeb won't remember a thing about this day. But in a way it's like a celebration for me and Cheep for making it through baby's first year! Hu yeahhh!

But i'm in a state of dilemma to do anything now. Qeeb demam since last Tuesday. His temperature time tuh was 38.5 and the doc said his tonsil swollen. By Thursday demam dah macam kebah. But today (Friday) banyak rashes appear kat badan and ada sket kat muka. I really hope it's just a three-day fever and nothing else. Insya Allah. Tomorrow morning i'm going to take him to clinic and mintak2 bukan measles or denggi dan pape yang sewaktu dengannyer.

So the plan to organize a small makan2 gathering with family & friends terbantut sudaaaa. I just want him to fully recover because i already miss the bouncy Qeeb.

Nota kaki: Rupa2nyer ada jugak prasaan tak lalu makan biler rungsing. Because tonite i skip dinner and tak rasa lapaq langsung.