The soon to be 1yo boy

The precious 12 months are almost at an end! Qeeb is turning to 1 year old very very soon. 

So what now? It's time to plan the first birthday party lahhh! I know the fact that Qeeb won't remember a thing about this day. But in a way it's like a celebration for me and Cheep for making it through baby's first year! Hu yeahhh!

But i'm in a state of dilemma to do anything now. Qeeb demam since last Tuesday. His temperature time tuh was 38.5 and the doc said his tonsil swollen. By Thursday demam dah macam kebah. But today (Friday) banyak rashes appear kat badan and ada sket kat muka. I really hope it's just a three-day fever and nothing else. Insya Allah. Tomorrow morning i'm going to take him to clinic and mintak2 bukan measles or denggi dan pape yang sewaktu dengannyer.

So the plan to organize a small makan2 gathering with family & friends terbantut sudaaaa. I just want him to fully recover because i already miss the bouncy Qeeb.

Nota kaki: Rupa2nyer ada jugak prasaan tak lalu makan biler rungsing. Because tonite i skip dinner and tak rasa lapaq langsung.


  1. Oh my!! Soulie!! Qeeb dah almost 1 year old? Wuaahh cepatnya! :)

    True! It's more of a parents celebration.. and you definitely should!! You both deserve it! :)

    Ala.. cian lah plak Qeeb demam.. Hopefully just demam nak membesar and not measles. Dulu I remember Buddy kena measles almost his 1 yr birthday.. But hopefully tak lah in Qeeb's case. :) Insya-Allah.

  2. I pon cam OMG dah one year dah! but that also means we've known each other about one year lah kan? :)

    Alaaa kesiannyer Buddy kene measles time nak dekat 1st birthday. Macam2 demam nowadays that make me paranoid.

  3. Cepat sungguh si Qeeb grow up... sudah 1yo pulak. Hope he gets better soon to have a blast at this own 1 yo birthday. Even though they might not remember a thing from the birthday.. it would still be nice to have a bash for the parents for a job well done :)
    Happy Birthday si Qeeb!

  4. check if it is roseola. cavan got it and was admitted. his fever shot up to 40 and stayed hovering 38-39. once the rashes broke out, the fever subsides (

    get well soon Qeeb!

  5. Hi Anny, thank you for the well wishes.

    Qeeb dah baik from demam yeay :) so now back to birthday planning hehehe.

  6. Hi Karen, at that time Qeeb already recover from fever then suddenly the rashes broke out. I was expecting another heat wave but nothing except more rashes.

    I added roseola in my dictionary hehe...something to watch out if same symptoms happened to Cavan occur. Thanks!


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