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Iman's 8yo Birthday Party

First week of May, Kak Liza threw a birthday party for Iman. It was a post-birthday party ekceli because tak sempat nak buat on her actual birthday. This year Iman invited some of her school friends. Qeeb and Irina plak too small to join the crowd...mau kene stampede.

Qeeb had his own good time main atas rumput with Tok Wan.

I'll never get bored amik gambar cupcakes ♥

The kids main game cam sukaneka, danced Hawaii Five-O tunes, sang Justin Bieber's song, limbo competition and so on.

And then potong cake session.

The cake theme was treasure chest. Nih kalo cake orang beso mau kene label gold digger :P

The adults pon excited queued for balloons. Siap demand color and shape hehe.

I asked for pink and blue flower.

Qeeb also got himself a puppy balloon. But dia dapat pegang kejap jer because i took it away before belon tuh meletop sbb dia asik squeeeeeze and masuk mulot. Lomah jantung eden kang kalo belon tuh meletop no matter how small the size is.

Qeeb looked so tiny here sitting on papa&…

Surprise Birthday Party for Zaza

Lama giler tak update blog! So i just korek2 balik gambar yang ada to publish and sengih sorang2 tingat that moment. But yang kurang bestnyer....i forgot the details! That's what happened when lambat update. Last April, Alfian threw a surprise birthday party for his dear wife, Zaza George (i had to use zaza george sbb kang confuse ngan zaza pernec hehe). And it was awesome! The mastermind was Alfian, the party planner was renee, tukang meramaikan majlis were lela, cima, pizet, roha, renee and me. Tukang bayar yang sangat generous was of course, none other than Alfian.

The party took place at Dubrovnik @ Solaris. I was like 5 mins late jer to catch expression zaza tekejot monkey nampak the girlfriends excited tunggu her arrival. Tuh pon sib baik lah the place quite dekat from my office and i didn't lost my bearing.

Beautiful table setting by Renee. She did osem job! Pink and purple are so romantic.

Gosh lama giler tak jumpe dorang nie. Tuh pon ada a few yang couldn't make it c…

Ryan Iszkandar 1yo Birthday Party

Last week, we went to Lisa's son 1 year old birthday party-Ryan Iszkandar in Cheras. Her PILs house happened to be my backdoor neighbour. Biler recall balik how i kenal Lisa, rasa cam kecik jer donia. She is D' schoolmate and ZZ's staff so once in a while she popped in at PNB. Then i found out she's married to my jiran blakang rumah. Her husband jadik photographer during D's engagement and also kawan kepada hasben Dani. Talked about coincidence! Ok back to the party, when we arrived aku luper nombor rumah....yelah depan ngan blakang mana sama. But fret not, i just find umah mana yang banyak orang and banyak balloons :)

Time ni, Delailah, Jules and her doter pon baru sampai! Baru nak duduk, Qeeb dah mengamuk nak susu. Lepas dia kenyang, mak dia plak tak sabo nak makan. It was raining and i was really hungry *blame the weather* Sib baik lah si Delailah was more than happy to babysit Qeeb...but it was more like i suddenly put Qeeb on her lap and dash to get some food :…

Qeeb goes bald

A week after the Aqiqah, we went to cukur Qeeb's hair at the kedai mamak. Risau giler time nak cukur tuh sbb baby's head kan lembut. But i kept remind myself banyak baby pon cukur rambut camnie jugak. Alhamdulillah Qeeb pon relax jer duduk atas Jeeb's lap while the mamak cukur all his hair. Background music ada lagu tamil summore. It was classic! Hehe!

Aqiqah Qeeb

After 5 months baru lah me and Jeeb bebetol plan nak buat aqiqah. I think ada lah dalam 3 kali tukar date :P Sampai lah the final date that we agreed which is on 10th April, minus the drama with a caterer....the date was ekceli dekat ngan PIL's birthday so nice lah we get to celebrate another special event together.

That morning, Qeeb woke up mandi and minom cucu...pakaikan dia jubah and test the buaian (again). Just to get him in the mood and familiarize with the buai *roll eyes*

I was really kelam kabut to setup the candy buffet. Time tuh jemaah surau dah start datang. By 11am dah penoh dah living room. I changed Qeeb's clothes to rompers, placed him in the basket and continue sambung setup my own mini buffet table outside the house. When jemaah surau started to baca doa, i was holding my breath for few secs dengar2 kalo ada bunyik melalak. Skalik tuh kuar jugak bunyik siren daaa! Qeeb terkujat dengar bunyik kuat ler tuh. But biler angkat dia trus senyap so i stayed with him k…