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Lunch @ Lisette, Bangsar

It was a biz lunch at Lisette, Bangsar. On that day lah ada back to back meeting so before hopped to the next meeting dah tukar baju siap2. Terlambat dalam 15mins camtuh but sampai same time ngan Amanda and Heli. While both of em kene queue and adjust parking kat car park yang sekangkang kera tuh, i was lucky ada keta tepi jalan baru kluar. Sib my car kecik, dapat gak nyelit wpon kene putar banyak kali. Susah hokkay nak dapat parking spot kat situ. 

Lunch @ Lisette, Bangsar

Can't remember the last time i went here, almost a year at least. The interior dah lain and bigger. 
I missed cafe's food and coffee! 

Lunch @ Lisette, Bangsar  Lunch @ Lisette, BangsarLunch @ Lisette, Bangsar Lunch @ Lisette, Bangsar

PN and ADE team. All the while talked over the phone and jumpe in online meetings jer. So it was nice to see a face behind the voice. Kinda scared gak ekceli duduk semeja gini borak2. This was before MCO3.0 and covid case hit 7k per day. Because the current variant is easily spread and according to latest news it's airborne. 

Lunch @ Lisette, Bangsar

Appetizer x dessert and one cup of coffee to go

Lunch @ Lisette, Bangsar Lunch @ Lisette, Bangsar Lunch @ Lisette, Bangsar\\Lunch @ Lisette, Bangsar

Coffee Cup Series V

Zus Coffee x Kupeh-Rod 

Coffee Cup Zus

 Zus Coffee x Emila Yusof 

Coffee Cup Zus

Coffea Coffee

Coffee Cup @ Coffeea Coffee  Coffee Cup @ Coffeea Coffee

Krispy Kreme

Coffee Cup Krispy Kreme

[Left] The Brew Crew [Right] Costa

Coffee Cup @ The Brew Crew  Weekend @ Costa Coffee, BJ

Quick Stop @ Cake Jalan Tiung

After picked up Qeeb from school, singgah food truck jap to tapau lunch for the kids. The singgah CJT because rasa cam nak makan something sweet to get coffee and a slice of cake. The kids was too tempting and the place pon sejuk so we makan situ terus instead of tapau.

Coffee & Cake @ Cake Jalan Tiung Coffee & Cake @ Cake Jalan TiungCoffee @ Cake Jalan Tiung, SA Coffee @ Cake Jalan Tiung, SA 

Alien Swear Words

Yang dah watched The Mandalorian or any Star Wars movie sure noticed the kid-approved vocabulary of notable swear words like among others,

“dank farrik,” “kriffing,” “karabast,” and “e chu ta,” 

Star Wars universe so rich and compelling