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Craving for Yee Sang

Biler CNY season, must have yee sang. Even Jeeb yang dolu first time try tak over the years dah suker! Yay! I called KSA tanya whether yee sang available for take away and they said ader! Weeehooo excited! Usually i bought at Madam Kwan but i think their portion siket and price pon slightly lg mahal. Since tau KSA pon ada baik beli kat sini jer. Jeeb blanja just because i was craving for it...suhweet!

Dah siap susun all the ingredients on the plate. The ingredients are mostly thin slices of pickled vegetables and crackers.

Every one in the house malam tuh sporting nak join to toss the yee sang just for the fun of it. All of us gathered around the dining table with a pair of skewers (sbb chopstick x cukup) and ready to attack. Bising sumer shouting good luck phrases and also ridiculous wishes because the higher you toss, the higher your good luck gituh. Hahahah it was fun. But the best part was biler makan laaaa :) Tak sempat nak amik gambar.

K.Liza' Birthday 2016

We celebrated K.Liza's birthday earlier this week time cuti Thaipusam. Had chinese food at the usual spot, KSA.

Cute and fluffy birthday cake

Gojes mommy and daughters.
Random photos of Irina's frizzle little pony.

Tok wan and Tok Mama busy cooing over baby Zafeer.

Lama x posing ngan Cheep. Ganti missing pictures during our anniversary hari tuh, lol.

Tetiba Qeeb pon nak nyelit jugakkk! Time nie laa kacau daun kann hahaha. These 2 pics below cam 'spot the difference' plak.

With all the hawt gals :P

GLC Gathering at Swensen's, Avenue K

GLC lunch gathering at Avenue K. Location dipilih sbb ramai yang bekerja area sini and since i'm on leave bleh laa lari sana kejap. Tapik pegi kejap ponnnn dah stress ngan traffic jam kat jalan tun razak tuh. Dahler smart tunnel toll naik jadik RM3, if i were still working kat tetengah KL mmg lagik terasa pinch nyer. Attendance kali nie dimeriahkan oleh Kak Fara, Shara, Mas, D and Dani. Kak Mauzee tetiba sampai buat seprais. So that makes 7 GLC members including me. Edeline also joined because dah lama x jumpe it was like FDS (project) gathering gittew.

Sesambil borak of course banyak selingan activity lain like copy movie and isik buku baru GLC 2016. Sealed our 2016 resolution and hopefully by end of this year or early next year we can gather again to read it! Or maybe kene jugak buat session mid year review tuh in case we were out of track of our resolution :)

Group photo time tgh tunggu food. Before memasing comot or terluper.

Some of the food we ordered.

Dengan paperbag…

[Instagram of the week] Part 1

Who lurveeee stationeries put up your hands!! Here are 15 signs that prove stationery is your one true love. Omai! I almost scored perfect 15. I have a soft spot for notebooks, pens with different size tip, colored pens, pencil color, sharpie, highlighter, gift tag, cards, pencil case, ribbons and tapes, memo/ sticky notes, wrapping papers, stickers, scrapbook items etc.
Your cupboard is full of untouched untouched diaries, glitter pens and pouches. You have kept them safely in a corner. They remain untouched, nicely packed as if they were bought just yesterday, but you have never used them and you probably never will. Your excuse of not using them is that ‘they are too good to use.’ People think you waste money on buying unnecessary stuff like paper clips and colorful pens.  People collect stamps and fridge magnets, but you collect erasers. At office, your work desk is full of cute stuff like paper clips and sticky notes.  You’re extra cautious when writing in a new notebook. It has t…

7th Anniversary Celebration

On our special date 10 Jan, we went to Cheras to cod barang Jeeb and then singgah umah my sis. Took some of pinggan mangkok arwah mom so i can use it in our own house. The pyrex version yang mom beli dolu2 tuh mmg vintage and all sizes ado. Cuma nak pakai ngan tanak pakai jer because berat2 belaka. Even my sis pon tak pakai hahaha. Excited betoi feeling mak jemah....rasa cam nak amik sumer but masak pon x brapa nak rajin besides i have a very limited space so i can only choose mana yang rasa akan pakai. Qeeb plak dapat spent time kejap with the cousins except Adly because dia tgh explore LRT route nak gi tempat kejer part time dia nanti. Then we went back to SA and had quiet lunch at Macaroni & Coffee. We chose situ because we want to avoid place yang too packed since we brought baby Zafeer too.

We ordered food lebey sket like quesadilla and pizza because feeling festive gituh.

Qeeb wanted pizza. So instead of ordered kids size, we ordered normal size. Sbb kitowang pon nak jugak h…

Qeeb's Orientation Day at Preschool

It's been a while tak update this blog since new year! Qeeb dah settled down in his new preschool. This is the 3rd preschool since he was 4yo. One of the main reason we changed to this school this year was because we wanted him to familiar with real school environment. Hope with this exposure takde laa dia culture shock sangat nanti with big crowd, assembly, school's rule + discipline when dia masuk primary school. Other factors were affordable fees and location pon still dekat.

His neat and organized classroom. Looks interesting and banyak material yang dorang guna. Other corners in the class pon best jugak. Depan class ada playground. So jakun sket laa because before nih sumer dalam shop lot. 

Sumer kasut suci murni lagik on first day of school.

Slamat blajar pakai stoken properly ye Qeeb. Kat rumah mama/ kak sue musti cannot resist to help. Kat Smart Reader dolu dah penah blajar but a year after that at different preschool dah biasa x pakai socks. Here, kene start wearing s…

Happy New Year 2016

Farewell to sweet and sour memories in 2015. May 2016 will be better for all of us. Insya Allah.