Craving for Yee Sang

Biler CNY season, must have yee sang. Even Jeeb yang dolu first time try tak over the years dah suker! Yay! I called KSA tanya whether yee sang available for take away and they said ader! Weeehooo excited! Usually i bought at Madam Kwan but i think their portion siket and price pon slightly lg mahal. Since tau KSA pon ada baik beli kat sini jer. Jeeb blanja just because i was craving for it...suhweet!

Lou sang, CNY 2016

Dah siap susun all the ingredients on the plate. The ingredients are mostly thin slices of pickled vegetables and crackers.

Lou sang, CNY 2016

Every one in the house malam tuh sporting nak join to toss the yee sang just for the fun of it. All of us gathered around the dining table with a pair of skewers (sbb chopstick x cukup) and ready to attack. Bising sumer shouting good luck phrases and also ridiculous wishes because the higher you toss, the higher your good luck gituh. Hahahah it was fun. But the best part was biler makan laaaa :) Tak sempat nak amik gambar.

Lou sang, CNY 2016


  1. I wonder how yee sang taste like. Selalu tingin nk try tp xtau kat mana nk g mkn. Soul...housewarming rmh u nnt buat yee sang blh tak?! hahaha

    1. yee sang ada staun skali jer time CNY season. kalo GLC gathering bulan nih sempat ler i beli and sama2 rasa. kalo dak house warming taun depan ler jawabnyer hehe


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