[Instagram of the week] Part 1

Who lurveeee stationeries put up your hands!! Here are 15 signs that prove stationery is your one true love. Omai! I almost scored perfect 15. I have a soft spot for notebooks, pens with different size tip, colored pens, pencil color, sharpie, highlighter, gift tag, cards, pencil case, ribbons and tapes, memo/ sticky notes, wrapping papers, stickers, scrapbook items etc.
  1. Your cupboard is full of untouched untouched diaries, glitter pens and pouches. You have kept them safely in a corner. They remain untouched, nicely packed as if they were bought just yesterday, but you have never used them and you probably never will. Your excuse of not using them is that ‘they are too good to use.’ 
  2. People think you waste money on buying unnecessary stuff like paper clips and colorful pens.  
  3. People collect stamps and fridge magnets, but you collect erasers. 
  4. At office, your work desk is full of cute stuff like paper clips and sticky notes.  
  5. You’re extra cautious when writing in a new notebook. It has to look perfect. Your handwriting needs to look like print! 
  6. You're a regular at the stationery store in the mall and you spent hours browsing because it's difficult to make a choice on which to buy.
  7. As a kid, the only thing you loved about getting promoted to a new class was that you got to buy new books, notebooks, pens and pencils.   
  8. You would cover your notebooks and sharpen your pencils. And you would always keep extra stationery in your school bag for emergencies. 
  9. You love collecting scotch tape/ washi tape with unique patterns and designs. Because the every-day brown ones are so passe.  
  10. You hate it when someone tears a page from your notepad. You want to punch them in the face. You heartless moron! 
  11. You detest people who borrow your pens and never return them. 
  12. In the era of emails, you still like writing personalised notes. 
  13. You love post-its. And stickers, colored pencils, sketch pens and just about everything that is considered 'stationery.' 
  14. You have a special pouch that keeps your favorite pens safe. Actually few pouches. 
  15. When you travel abroad, you get mesmerized by massive stationery stores. You end up spending the whole day buying different things. 
  16. You are always up for buying a new diary or a pencil case. 
  17. And tiny, miniature-sized notebooks make you weak in the knees. 
Here are some of instagram accounts that I find interesting. Stickerrific offers tons of washi tape and stickers that can make you drool. If i were in their physical store mau berjam2 duduk dalam tuh. I just ordered some washi tapes...can't wait for the package to arrive!

I fell in love with Paperdorable pink organizer. It's kinda pricey though. Luckily i worked in an industry where some peeps can gimme few nice organizers and calendars. If takde...i mighttttt splurge on this one.

Ok so from all those stationeries that i collected, i should be able to turn it into something like this IG account owner did. So pretty, siap dgn hand lettering summore! One of the reasons jugak why i collected tickets, tags, receipts, placemat or anything laaa yg related to the place i went to so i can buat camnie. Unfortunately this hobby blom fully executed because it needs time to buat dgn penoh kasih sayang & concentration *cough*. Like my japan's trip scrapbook siap halfway je...and i already forgot all the small details. And that explains why i became a hoarder of these stuff instead.


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